Chapter 3.17

The two lovebirds head over to Evergreen Harbor to meet June’s parents. When they arrive at her parent’s apartment, Junes explains, “This is not their accurate place of residence, my favorite human fiance. They acquired it by exterminating the residences.” Zolnax rolls his eyes. “We’ll have to put a stop to that. If your parentsContinue reading “Chapter 3.17”

Chapter 3.16

It’s time for the first overnight date so I whisk June and Zolnax to Sulani for a fun filled, sun filled day at a beach resort. Unfortunately, thunder rumbles and rain pours over them. “Creator, can’t you make the rain stop? This is supposed to be our day on the beach!” (I COULD turn itContinue reading “Chapter 3.16”

Chapter 3.15

It’s time for Tonya’s date and they meet up at this love nightclub in the middle of Del Sol Valley. (Isn’t it adorable? The romance trait is ON at this establishment so I bet they have a good time. 😜) When they arrive, Tonya asks, “Do you like my shirt? I figured you’d like skullsContinue reading “Chapter 3.15”

Chapter 3.14

Only three girls left in the bachelor mansion: Jena, June, and Tonya. (WOW! 👀) I’ve launched the black and white party–it’s time for these ladies to meet Zolnax’s family! (Er…this might backfire once they find out WHO he comes from… thank GOD Medusa is working. 💆) Zolnax tries to prepare June. “Now, sweetheart, if myContinue reading “Chapter 3.14”

Chapter 3.13

It’s time for Tonya’s solo date with our humble bachelor. “Did I do good or what, babydoll?” Zolnax throws his head back. “I think you should give me a kiss for my ultimate, extremely intelligent ingenuity.” Tonya arches her eyebrow. “Oh, honey, you’ll have to do more than this to impress me.” (Whoa. Tough crowd.Continue reading “Chapter 3.13”

Chapter 3.12

The following day, Jena is up to something. (Omg…Zolnax. You need to do something about Jena. She’s stealing from the bachelor mansion! 😡) “She is? Don’t worry, Creator. I’ll handle this.” When he sees Jena, he envelops her in his arms. “Oh, my snugglebunny, I’m so PROUD of you! And you didn’t even draw anyContinue reading “Chapter 3.12”

Chapter 3.11

(Good morning, Zolnax. You look happy today!) Zolnax swirls his coffee with a serene smile on his face. “I’m not happy, Creator…just…clear on who I need to send home.” (Really? Then you better tell her now. You know you don’t have to wait for the rose ceremony.) With a sigh and a quick nod, ZollieContinue reading “Chapter 3.11”

Chapter 3.10

It’s the following day and Zolnax meets up with his next solo date. “Are you ready, darling?” he asks, grinning. June giggles in her warbly voice, “Hee hee! My nanonads are quivering with ebullience, my favorite human admirer. I must change into alluring accoutraments.” (Better not be too alluring, June. This IS a PG-13 story.Continue reading “Chapter 3.10”

Chapter 3.9

Now we’re down to only six ladies! Ariana, June, Tonya, Jena, Keisha and London! (GOOD LUCK! 😝) We’re about to start the competition for two solo dates up in the challenge room. “Are you SURE I can’t marry them all, Creator?” Zolnax asks. “Think of the babies we’d have!” (No, Zolnax. This is not BiblicalContinue reading “Chapter 3.9”

Chapter 3.8

It’s almost dinner time on the night before the rose ceremony, and Zolnax is chatting with Ariana. “What do you think the name of our first child should be?” Zolnax asks. Ariana answers, “If it’s a boy, Vlad, after the famous evil vampire. And if it’s a girl, Ariana Jr., of course.” Zolnax’s face looksContinue reading “Chapter 3.8”


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