Chapter 3.3

Zolnax looks up at me and exclaims, “Today is going to be a great day, Creator! I can feel it!” (Oh, well, I’m happy you’re happy! Maybe today WILL be a great day! 😃) Zolnax is at House 2 to take the girls to their first challenge. But when he enters the main room, fireContinue reading “Chapter 3.3”

Chapter 3.2

We continue this bachelor challenge at dinner with House 2…. “Hey,” Zolnax says as he helps June off the floor, “I really didn’t look at your butt. Honest!” (Sure, Jan. 😒) Then he takes a different tactic. “But if I DID, I’d say your alien ass doesn’t look alien. It looks…awesome.” This doesn’t do theContinue reading “Chapter 3.2”

Chapter 3.1

Hunter drops the meat he’s about to prepare on the counter with a sad look on his face. (Why so glum, Hunter?) He sighs. “It’s Zolnax’s birthday and that means…” (Dawwww…you’re going to miss me, aren’t you, Hunter?) “Well, yes. Who’s going to shepherd me around the world, helping me meet hot chicks so IContinue reading “Chapter 3.1”

Chapter 2.16

Hunter now has a great reputation. (You’re kidding me, right? 😑) Unbeknownst to his lovely wife (okay, fine), his awful wife, he’s collecting babes at the romance festival. Five kisses down, five to go! (***Sigh*** His stupid aspiration is making me queasy.) And now, Hunter’s drinking some romance-inducing punch. (As if he needs any moreContinue reading “Chapter 2.16”

Chapter 2.15

Hallelujah, saints be praised! A new child is born and maybe I’ll be able to choose a decent torch holder. (Sayanara, Zolnax! 👺) Welcome, Bealzabix! (Strange name, but what would I expect Hunter and Medusa to name their kid?) Skelly seems pleased. (Uh oh. Should I be worried? 🤔) Hunter takes a look at hisContinue reading “Chapter 2.15”

Chapter 2.14

Days pass and Zolnax is worrying about the future. (Maybe there’s hope for this next gen after all!) Hunter looks up at me. “See, Creator? My son is a wonderful person after all. I told you I’d have the best life. You just didn’t believe in me.” (Jury is out. Why is he still playingContinue reading “Chapter 2.14”

Chapter 2.13

Hunter chats up one of his beautiful neighbors. (Uh oh. Hunter, your wife might be preggers, do you REALLY have to do this now?) He looks up at me and says, “Why yes, Creator. It’s my life’s aspiration, after all.” (**wipes face** When does Zolnax age up because if I have to keep following you,Continue reading “Chapter 2.13”

Chapter 2.12

Because Hunter’s a millionaire now, he gets a millionaire home (that can sit on that tiny lot. It should make Medusa happy.) Medusa decides to throw Hunter a birthday party and who does she employ as the cook? Grace Anansi, Hunter’s main squeeze. 😰 (Hmm…I wonder what she found on that computer. Eek!) Poor GraceContinue reading “Chapter 2.12”

Chapter 2.11

As Hunter sleeps, Medusa slips home from work with a scowl. (Uh oh…she’s snooping on his computer.) “What has my infernal husband been doing behind my back?” she mutters to herself. (What indeed? Let’s hope he didn’t upload any pics of him and Grace Anansi to his cloud. 😑) But then she exclaims, “One millionContinue reading “Chapter 2.11”

Chapter 2.10

After Hunter takes a nap, I whisk in a new house (with the funds he’s swiped earned.) (Why so grumpy, Hunter? I thought you’d be pleased!) (Look! Medusa is happy! Remember. A happy wife is a happy life!) “Because, Creator, I don’t trust you. This house has weird omens surrounding it. I can feel it.”Continue reading “Chapter 2.10”


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