Chapter 4.20

In the morning, Ember wakes up in miserable pain. (I told you not to have another baby. What were you thinking? 😑) “I wasn’t. But it’s too late now,” Ember mumbles. (You can say that again!) In a few pushes, we have a new nooboo. Welcome to the world, Anton Layton! Aww…and it looks likeContinue reading “Chapter 4.20”

Chapter 4.19

Little Samara is now a cute toddler! But egad! She’s… WILD! (Smh…that’s ALL this family needs.) And now she’s whining. (Why? Just why???) Because Daddy is leaving for work. “My little girl loves me,” Shayne says, smiling. (Aww…she really does! Super cute!) And now Tori is a child. (Yay! This house could NOT endure twoContinue reading “Chapter 4.19”

Chapter 4.18

Still on their second honeymoon, the two lovebirds eat their dinner, musing about their wonderful life. After dinner, Shayne gets a twinkle in his eye. “You know, sweetheart, we could always try again for another baby. Hmmm?” (NO, Ember! You’re not ready for another child! Just wait until Tori grows and can take care ofContinue reading “Chapter 4.18”

Chapter 4.17

It’s time for the toddler years! And dawwww…Tori is a little cutie pie charmer! “Peanut butter?” Tori asks. “YUMMY!” (What a living doll!!! 🤗) Ember stares at Tori not knowing what to do. (Tori’s meter is blood red, Em! Put her down for a nap, please!) But instead, Ember leaves and let’s Tori nap inContinue reading “Chapter 4.17”

Chapter 4.16

For hours on end, Shayne practices in the snow. (Wow! He’s so committed to his job! I’d hate to get in his way. Take THAT enemies of the state!) Combat training done, Shayne runs to his job. He’s such a dedicated soldier. (What’s the matter with you, Ember? Shayne is doing so well, he’s risingContinue reading “Chapter 4.16”

Chapter 4.15

Freshly back from the mountain, the two newlyweds arrive at their posh palace made just for them! Shayne walks in not believing his new life far away from the farm he grew up on. And all these fancy things are foreign to him but he can’t wait to spend all his time with his ladyContinue reading “Chapter 4.15”

Chapter 4.14

Burton and Ember never made it to the top peak. Weather struck and the two were too tired so they all went back to the lodge. In the morning, Burton tries his hand at cooking breakfast. That didn’t go so well. Shayne to the rescue! (At least he’s thinking about putting out the fire!) ButContinue reading “Chapter 4.14”

Chapter 4.13

Burton stares at his competitor over a plate of eggs. “Well, it’s down to us now, isn’t it, Burton?” Shayne asks. Face serious, Burton answers, “Yes. And may the best man win.” (Guantlet thrown! It’s ON!) ****** Shayne’s date is first. The challenge is to see which guy can conquer Mt. Komorebi with Ember! It’llContinue reading “Chapter 4.13”

Chapter 4.12

It’s festival time and the last chance these men have to put some moves on our dear bachelorette and secure their spot in the final two. The competition is FIERCE! Any one of them could come out on top at this point. Shayne is thrilled with the setting. “I’m just thinking how cute Ember isContinue reading “Chapter 4.12”

Chapter 4.11

Four handsome men but only one will win the heart of Ember! Who will go home today? All of them seems so sure of themselves! (Sorry, but one is in Delusion City! 😅) (Okay, Em. The time is now. What are you waiting for?) “It’s tough, Creator. I really wanted more time with each ofContinue reading “Chapter 4.11”


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