Chapter 4.5

It’s a beautiful sunny day! And it’s time for… SPEED DATING! This is where the bachelorette goes on a date with each of the men for two sim hours. First up is the confident and amazingly handsome, Drake Johansson. Here’s a pic from his modeling session. Heh. 😍 I whisk the two of them toContinue reading “Chapter 4.5”

Chapter 4.4

It’s the following morning and I find Ember walking around with a silly smile on her face. (Ember, what’s making you so happy?) “Oh…I just want to pinch myself that I’m so lucky!” (***Scratches head***) Then I see a semi-nude Michael coming up the stairs. (OoooOOOOooo…now I get it. Yes, Ember. You are VERY lucky.Continue reading “Chapter 4.4”

Chapter 4.3

Our bachelorette needs some RNR so she travels with her fellas to the local onsen (Japanese hot springs). (OOoooo…Burton is looking hot, hot, HOT in his swimsuit!!! 😍) And things are getting steamy in the springs themselves. Aww…Michael knows how to put the moves on the bachelorette. The two get cozy on the couch andContinue reading “Chapter 4.3”

Chapter 4.2

It’s day two in the Ember Rex generation and she’s waking up to gummy bear pancakes that her butler (whom she grew up with) made for everyone. (I ADORE that butler. She makes my life easier!) Walking out of the kitchen with a glass of milk, Ember spies Burton who looks as if he’s barelyContinue reading “Chapter 4.2”

Chapter 4.1

Our sassy TH is in a grumpy mood. What’s wrong with this teen? “Bye, sis,” Jax says as he heads out the door to work at Simbucks. “Oh…and happy birthday.” (That’s right! We have a generation to get on with! Eek! So soon! 😱) I rush over to find Zolnax. Last gen, Hunter was soContinue reading “Chapter 4.1”

Chapter 3.32

This is so sad. Since Jax is erratic, he’s always gloomy, not really understanding why and then there’s Mr. Self Assured who’s always smirking. (Two pink haired cuties though! Lol!) Messiah sits next to Knox in the kitchen. “What’s worrying you, brother?” “Dad and this legacy stuff. He’s making me feel guilty about wanting toContinue reading “Chapter 3.32”

Chapter 3.31

The family is home from saying goodbye to Hunter, and Zolnax is woefully depressed. (Cheer up, Zolnax. Your dad lived a good life. Maybe you’ll see him running around as a ghost, hitting on ladies and having a great time!) Zolnax gets up and shoots me a sad look. “Creator, I don’t want to endContinue reading “Chapter 3.31”

Chapter 3.30

The two twin teens are about to leave their birthday party when Jax shows Knox a video on Sliktock. “Wow! That’s super cool!” Knox exclaims. Jax offers, “Right? We should do one together since we’re twins and all. I think it’d be funny.” Knox turns on his brother. “Are you kidding? I want to becomeContinue reading “Chapter 3.30”

Chapter 3.29

Tonight is what we’ve all been waiting for! The eldest twins are aging up so I whisk them to a nightclub I’d made years ago. (What’s wrong, Zolnax? Aren’t you happy your boys are finally getting to their teen years?) Zolnax knits his eyebrows. “Creator, I’ve been on my feet all day and I’ve hadContinue reading “Chapter 3.29”


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