Chapter 3.30

The two twin teens are about to leave their birthday party when Jax shows Knox a video on Sliktock. “Wow! That’s super cool!” Knox exclaims. Jax offers, “Right? We should do one together since we’re twins and all. I think it’d be funny.” Knox turns on his brother. “Are you kidding? I want to becomeContinue reading “Chapter 3.30”

Chapter 3.29

Tonight is what we’ve all been waiting for! The eldest twins are aging up so I whisk them to a nightclub I’d made years ago. (What’s wrong, Zolnax? Aren’t you happy your boys are finally getting to their teen years?) Zolnax knits his eyebrows. “Creator, I’ve been on my feet all day and I’ve hadContinue reading “Chapter 3.29”

Chapter 3.28

It’s a fine sunny day at the Rex home and Zolnax walks over to Ember. “Honeypie, guess what today is?” “Scoop the kitty’s poop day?” she asks. “No, silly, it’s your birthday!” He grabs her and helps Ember blow out the candles. In a tornado of sparkles she turns into a child! And holy ofContinue reading “Chapter 3.28”

Chapter 3.27

Today, sadness rips through the Rex family home as the little hamster, Hammy, has departed…life that is. Ember is beside herself in tears. (Zolnax! Why are you so happy? Your children are grieving over their dead pet! 😡) “I know, Creator…isn’t it grand?” (That your kids are crying???) “No, that the stinky, biting, good forContinue reading “Chapter 3.27”

Chapter 3.26

The wonderful smell of sausages wafts through the air as the butler makes breakfast for this growing family. But I find Zolnax in a foul mood. (What’s wrong, Zollie?) Marching through the house, Zolnax looks around. “Jax is in BIG trouble. Where is that kid?” (What’s he in trouble for?) Then I see this notification.Continue reading “Chapter 3.26”

Chapter 3.25

The impregnation took and Zolnax is with child. (Are we surprised? 🙄) Aww…little Jax is cleaning up the place! What a kid! He’s already gaining a soft spot in my heart. And Zollie bought him this hamster. Look how cute! “Hammy, don’t run off this time, okay?” Jax says. After he strokes Hammy’s head aContinue reading “Chapter 3.25”

Chapter 3.24

It’s a beautiful day in Evergreen Harbor and Zolnax drags himself home. (I don’t know how he does it–goes to work ALL day, comes home to stinky diapers and marauding evil twins, has to make sure the butler cooks dinner or he has to, AND does his extra duties for his club plus skilling…I reallyContinue reading “Chapter 3.24”

Chapter 3.23

Months pass and Zolnax is ready to give birth to his third child! “Creator, shoot me if I ever do this again. Men were not cut out to be mothers.” Zolnax bites into his BLT sandwich. (You’re a trooper, Zollie. Most men wouldn’t agree to this situation at all! It won’t be me that asksContinue reading “Chapter 3.23”

Chapter 3.22

While Zolnax is at Sixam getting “implanted”, the poor kids are left with a mother who doesn’t take care of them. So I “force” them to hire a nanny. Spying a guy sitting next to her, June looks up from her knitting. “You are a new human. What is it you require? We do notContinue reading “Chapter 3.22”

Chapter 3.21

The little terrors, Jax and Knox, are on the move! (Eek! What are they up to now? 😱) Of course, Mommy is on the computer 24-7, not watching them! Jax lifts up his teddy bear. “I got this from the store!” June smiles not glancing away from the screen. “That is superior, my tiny maleContinue reading “Chapter 3.21”


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