Chapter 4.23

Doing the duties of Torch Holder, Ember goes to the cemetary where all her relatives will reside. (eventually)

(You seem chipper for this task, Ember!)

“I think it’s wonderful to have all my family in one spot, Creator!”

Ember places Hunter’s grave in its area. She lights a candle.

“Oh, Creator, why couldn’t Grandpa live for a little while longer? I miss his silly comments and his way with people.”

(You mean his way with women. 😑)

No sooner does Ember mention Hunter’s name, he rises from the grave.

“Grandpa…why can’t people live longer than they do? It’s not fair!” Ember shudders with grief.

“I’m sorry, child. But that’s the way of the world. Too bad Creator didn’t make good on her promise to me and let me have a few more…delights.”

(**bristles** Tell your grandfather he had way TOO MANY delights. 😡)

Dropping to her knees, Ember asks, “Will you come back with me and live in our home? We have a lot of space. This cemetary is too dark and dismal for you.”

Hunter’s voice echoes, “Go back to your father’s house. He has sad news.”

Then Hunter floats away.

“What did Grandpa mean about sad news, Creator?” Ember says to me as she walks up to her front door.

(Baby Anton is crying. Take care of him first then I’ll whisk you to Zolnax.)

Cradling Anton in her arms, Ember’s heart squeezes.

“Isn’t he the most beautiful boy?”

(**looking into the future** He certainly got ALL the manly qualities of the Rex family–plus his dad’s gene’s didn’t hurt. 😜)

With Anton’s needs met, I whirl Ember to Zolnax’s home.

He’s juiced just like he wanted his community to be. 🙄🙄🙄

“Dad,” Ember whispers as she clings to her father.

“Hi ya, pumpkin.”

Without words, Zolnax shows Ember to June’s grave.

“Mother…you’re…” but she couldn’t finish her sentence.

(I guess since your father had all those babies, he got a little boost in longevity which means…it was your mother’s time, unfortunately.)

“I never got to say goodbye.” Ember’s lip quivers.

(Oh…this is sad, Ember. I’m so sorry! Why don’t you let your father live with you so you can spend more time with him in his last years.)

“Welcome home,” Shayne greets his father-in-law cheerfully.

Unfortunately, Zolnax is still plastered and can barely sit down. “My…who is that cutie pie over there?”

Mouth full of food, Shayne mumbles, “You mean the babysitter?”

“She reminds me of my old ball and chain.” He grins evilly.

(Zolnax! June just passed. It’s not time for you to move on yet! 😡 Ugh. He can’t hear me. 😑)

(***scratches chin*** She does give off a June vibe…I guess Zolnax has a type? 🤷‍♀️)

“Well, hello there,” Zolnax flirts. “You wouldn’t by any chance be searching for the man of your dreams who just so happens to be a retired World Dominator, would you?”

(Smooth, Zolnax…very smooth… 🙄)

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    1. Yeah…the alien tombstones are so pretty! Fitting for June. 😢

      Zolnax…he can’t help his evil self! But I’ll sidetrack him. 😉

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