Chapter 4.22

Shayne and Ember round out their visits with a trip to her aunt’s house.

(Oh good Lord…do we HAVE to visit Bealzibix? She gives me the creeps!)

“She’s my aunt, Creator. And she requested we stop by.” Ember strolls through the door.

Bealizie still looks pretty even in her middle aged status.

But her son is just as weird. Swimming with glasses on? And his head is perfectly brushed like a Barbie doll. **shudders**

“Hey, Aunt Bealzie. How’s it going?” Ember asks.

Bealzie knits her eyebrows. “I hope you didn’t bring your brats with you. This house is tiny and cannot accomodate more sticky fingers than it has to. This isn’t a summer camp, you know.”

Ember laughs. “You’re so funny!”

(She isn’t kidding. 🙄)

Just then, Shayne snaps to attention and salutes. “At your service, Commander.”

Bealzie smirks. “You don’t really have to do that here.”

(Omg!!! Is Bealzie now the World Dominator!?! And SHAYNE is in the military working for HER???? The world is crumbling right before my eyes. 😱)

“I am a soldier in the army. It is my duty to salute my commander in chief.”

Waving, Bealzie says, “At ease, soldier. I’ll have to make a recommendation to your commanding officer on your protocol. But here, you can be informal.”

“Well, thank you, Aunt Bealzibix.” Shayne grins.

(Smh…this world just got even crazier. I have half a mind to wipe the whole thing. 😭)

Bealzie’s son, Silas, arches an eyebrow. “I’ve learned a few spells. Wanna see my Swimthroughanything bananawamma?”

Ember giggles. “You’re just as funny as your mom. Sure!”

(Uhhh…Ember? I wouldn’t trust ANYTHING that comes out of Bealzie’s demon spawn!)

Drake wanders up to Shayne and glares. “Don’t even THINK about taking my wife. She’s mine. I got the marriage papers to prove it.”

(Seems Drake still has PTSD about Shayne winning Ember! And the boy never had too much upstairs, if you know what I mean. 🙃)

“I’ve got my eye on you,” Drake grumbles and walks away.

I would have had a pithy retort about that BUT then I noticed Silas’ spell worked!

(What the heck are you doing, Ember???? 👀)

“I’m swimming! Through the floor! This is AMAZING!”

Flabberghasted, I watch Ember swim through the ground all the way home.

It was like witnessing a huge earthworm wriggle in the mud. Blecch.

Luckily, the spell wore off as the two got back to their home.

Ember wastes no time and whispers something to Shayne.

“You mean it, sweetheart?” Shayne asks.

Ember basically attacks Shayne.

Seems the swimming spell invigorated her.

And so…

(These two. At least I don’t have to worry about their relationship!)

And all is right with the world.

(Well, at least for these two. With Bealzie in charge, who knows what’s going to happen with the rest of the world! 😱)

8 thoughts on “Chapter 4.22

    1. I’d never seen the swimming glitch before. But it fit here in this cray cray story!

      And Drake is always nice to look at (even tho he’s dumb as a stump.)


  1. Oh my! Drake thinking he got slighted. Hah. If he didn’t think so much of himself he might’ve won. Lol. Nice to see Ember and Shayne still hot for each other. A lot different than when Hunter was the torch holder. I miss Hunter’s antics!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yay! I’m glad. Since this gen is so different, I never know how it’s going. 😉 But it’s crazy, too! 🤣

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh they go and visit Drake, Bealzie and their strange child. Ember just thinks they are all funny. And then we find out that Bealzie is actually Shayne’s boss. Oh gosh! Well, at least she is going to recommend Shayne for a promo. Drake gets a little paranoid over Shayne’s visit. Look Drake, he has Ember, he doesn’t want anyone else. And the swimming glitch is funny as Ember swam all the way home…and it must have done something to her because…wham…she and Shayne had some fun! lol No wonder Shayne is always smiling! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Drake and Bealzies kid used to have dark hair like Drake. I don’t get the hair glitches…

      Shayne did get a promotion after this so yay for Bealzie and nepotism!

      That swimming glitch. Never experienced it before. 🤦🏼‍♀️

      I love Shaynes face when she asks him to woohoo! 😆😆😆

      Liked by 1 person

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