Chapter 4.19

Little Samara is now a cute toddler!

But egad! She’s…


(Smh…that’s ALL this family needs.)

And now she’s whining.

(Why? Just why???)

Because Daddy is leaving for work.

“My little girl loves me,” Shayne says, smiling.

(Aww…she really does! Super cute!)

And now Tori is a child.

(Yay! This house could NOT endure two toddlers at once.)

But Tori is a HOTHEAD! Ugh!

(From charmer to hothead? How does that work?)

And to top it off, she spills paint on the beautifully polished floors.

“Tori. Why would you do that?” Shayne scolds.

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” Tori winces.

(No she’s not…)

Then while the old babysitter who just happens to be stalking present is cleaning things up, she schmoozes her father by sitting in the middle of the mess and does her homework.

(Clever girl. Watch out for that mop!)

But now the little tyke is tired from all that manipulation of her father.

She stares at her doll. “You wouldn’t yell at your innocent daughter for doing absolutely nothing at all, would you, Sally?”

(***Slaps head*** If she’s the next TH we’re in trouble. 😣)



(Why don’t the kids like their beds? I just don’t get it.)

Totally out of touch with her family, at least Ember is doing well at her catering job!

(What’s the matter now, Ember?)

“There are noises coming from the kids’ room. I have two butlers, two nannies, and a husband. Why do I have to do everything?”

(Because…that’s how this world works. Sorry, sweetie! I didn’t create THIS WORLD. If I had, it’d work MUCH better…so…suck it up buttercup! 🤓)

Sure enough, Ember finds all the butlers, nannies, and husband in the room as all children are a stinking mess.

“Is Samara sitting on that chair with dirty diapers? Someone do something!” Ember cries.

(Seriously? Why can’t YOU do something, Ember?)

And is that a bun in her oven that I see? When did THAT happen????

(UGH!!!! No more babies. 😭😭😭😭)

Thankfully, the borrowed nanny decides to help out.

(Heaven forbid that one of her parents would lift a finger…😐)

Ember winces. “Creator…I just CAN’T adult anymore. This family is a mess. Tori is acting up. Samara dumps in her diapers constantly, and my husband pees himself or is missing half the time. I’m done.”

(Okay…well, I do have a remedy for that in emergencies. Here.)

Ember gags as she watches the potion explode. “This tastes awful. Why did you make this crap?”

(I didn’t. But QUICK! Drink it before you…)



Dirty and stinky, I send Ember to bed for a nap.

Once she wakes up, I FORCE her to drink the reviving tonic.

(As her belly grows! NOOOOOO!!!)

Clean as a whistle, this family needs some bonding time.

So I send them to a kids’ festival in town.

(Don’t everyone celebrate at once! 😑)

At least Tori seems pleased.

“Look at how fast I can run, Mommy!” Samara bounces away.

(That little girl can run away so fast, but Ember doesn’t seem to mind.)

“Honey…I think you better get a shower,” Shayne says to Ember.

Too late. Ember pees herself.

(Seriously? That tonic doesn’t last long. 😅)

And now Samara is pooped.

(Why are toddlers so cute??? I love them even though they’re a mess to keep up with.)

Home from that exhausting outing, Shayne puts both children to bed.

(Shayne, you win spouse award of the century. I doubt there will be any spouse that will take care of the family as great as you!)

But even he doesn’t look too happy. Parenting is hard work!

Whew…all are sleeping. YAY!

And preggers Ember looks like she’s going to drown herself in the bathtub.

(Ember? YO! EMBER!!!)

She finally wakes up before she drowns herself and climbs into bed with her hubby.

She’s not looking all that well.

(I told her NOT to get pregnant again. These two…well, I’m going to have SOMEONE’S tubes tied after this next nooboo.)

4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.19

    1. Really, the butlers and nannies jus5 stand around and get in the way of Ember trying to do my bidding. It’s frustrating. ISBI’s are soooo silly because sims really can’t function on their own. I think it’s gotten worse too.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The kids are so cute. But the traits! Holy! Poor Ember, hard at work all day, and it looks like she had a bad day at work, too, then comes home, and none of her butlers, or nannies are doing anything. lol Why does she have to do everything? lol Samara is a wild beast of energy. Luckily Shayne is in the military and can keep up with her. And that Tori knows how to wrap her Daddy around her little finger. Oh these two! They are Daddy’s little girls for sure. And, yep, Ember is preggers again. Pregnancy just does not agree with her. lol Maybe Ember thinks that Shayne isn’t there all the time because they work different shifts. He seemed to be there a lot as far as I could tell. And he still loves Ember even though she is moody, stinky and not a very good mother. Ahhh…this family…lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shayne is so good with the kids. If he’s home usually they’re taken care of. He got better as the kids grew up on attending them and not going to the slopes all the time.

      Ember is exhausted all the time. No more babies! Hope it’s not twins!

      Liked by 1 person

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