Chapter 4.18

Still on their second honeymoon, the two lovebirds eat their dinner, musing about their wonderful life.

After dinner, Shayne gets a twinkle in his eye. “You know, sweetheart, we could always try again for another baby. Hmmm?”

(NO, Ember! You’re not ready for another child! Just wait until Tori grows and can take care of herself. PLEASE?)

But she doesn’t listen to me.

(***slams head on desk*** 🙄🙄🙄)

And the fireworks fly!

(As usual. 🙃)

“Wee! I’m pregnant,” Ember cries.

(Oh joy. 😐 Now we’ll have MORE babies that you won’t take care of. I’m going to have to hire a nanny AND another butler to cover this child. You better be glad you have enough money because this won’t be cheap. ***crosses arms***)

At breakfast, Ember shares her good news. “And Creator says we have to hire a nanny and another butler. Do you think that’ll be enough?”

“Sweetheart, I don’t know who this Creator is, but tell them to mind their own business. We can take care of our children ourselves.”

(***looks into the future*** NO YOU CAN’T!!!!)


Weeks pass and Ember wants to visit her brother, Messiah, and her brother-in-law, Burton. They have a cute little daughter, Tempest.

They just bought an old house in the middle of Senbamachi.

Isn’t their family picture cute?

The couple sits down with Messiah and some green ghosty flies by.

Ember looks up. “Ehhhh, darling, did you see that? Are we…glowing?”

Messiah gets up and says, “Don’t mind them. They’re Tempest’s pets. Aren’t they, my little witchling?”

Tempest scowls. “Yuck.”

(Omg! She could be cast as the lead in Chucky’s Bride remake! AHHHH! And what’s she “yucking” about?)

I find Shayne and Ember doing their usual.

(Guys! Get a room! There’s a child present. 😡 She might be a demon, but she’s still a child!)

Breaking apart, Ember whispers, “I think Creator is right, we shouldn’t be kissing in front of everyone like this.”

Shayne responds, “Who’s this Creator? Do I need to take care of them for you? They seem to be invading our lives.”

(***shakes fist*** You better believe I invade your life. In fact, buddy, just for that blasphemous speech, you can shovel the snow outside!)

I watch in satisfaction as Shayne slaves, breaking a sweat.

(Heh heh…😈)

But he doesn’t shovel for long since he’s outside, what do you think Shayne’s going to do with his free time?

Check on Tori?

Clean the dishes?

Make dinner?







You guessed it.

He’s trying to buy MORE ski equipment from the broken vending machine.

Shaking it, Shayne cries, “Give me my snowboard, you dirty rotten thief!”

Months pass and poor Ember looks as if she’s about to burst.

She stares at me pitifully. “Why, Creator? Just WHY?”

(Hey, I told you not to have another kid so…🤷‍♀️)

At least Tori isn’t covered in green fumes and her stomach is full for once.

She talks to her stuff unicorn,”You’re bwave and I wuv you.”

(Awww…well, that’s the ONLY way she’s going to learn to talk around here. Kids gotta be resourceful because her parents certainly aren’t going to do it.)

Finally, Shayne comes home with this banner!


But that just means he has to work longer hours.

He comes off the slopes without resting first and he’s exhausted.

But there’s no time to sleep because he has to read a bedtime story to Tori.

(Good Daddy! Your wife is about to pop and could use the help!)

In fact, I hear Ember cry out.

“Ugh…Creator. Kill me if I say I want another child.”

(I’ll remind you of this moment. Don’t worry. 😑)

She groans and moans until…

A cute little girl is born!

Shayne is thrilled.

“Awww…you have red hair just like your good old Pops.”

Yeah…but Shayne? You do have another child over here who has FAILED!

(UGH! ***rips hair out***)

11 thoughts on “Chapter 4.18

  1. I actually love Ember and Shayne together. They are crazy! lol So, after one time and not being pregnant, they keep at it, and then Ember is preggers, and Shayne has come down with some type of sickness. That’s what too much woohoo’ing will do to you. Well, at least Ember is happy about being preggers, and, of course, so is Shayne. The visit to Messiah and Burton’s haunted house is so cute, and they called their child Tempest! I actually have a real life story about this name, and, yes, for those doubters, it does exist in baby name books. Oh that Shayne just can’t get enough of his wife…and I laughed when I saw that the Creator ‘punished’ Shayne for talking about the Creator invading their lives. lol And then Shayne heads to buy more ski equipment…geez! Tori is a sweet angel and keeps herself occupied. Yeah for Shayne getting a promo and being a great Dad reading a bedtime story to Tori. Ahhh….and another little girl – Samara with red hair! lol And Shayne is the doting Dad for his new daughter. Okay, now be a good Dad and put your other daughter to bed! lol So, let’s see, two butlers, two nannies, two maids, the former nanny. It takes a lot to run this household.

    (A little true story about the name Tempest – When I was preggers with my daughter, everyone told me I was going to have a boy; well, when she was born, obviously she was a girl, so we had picked out a name for a boy, but no name for a girl. My best friend had a little spoon and fork set engraved with the initials TJ, and so we kept the initials to find a name for my daughter. Well, wouldn’t you know it, when we were looking through the “T’s, in the baby name book, there is Tempest, and it certainly sounded like a great name Tempest Smith! lol However, we went with another name instead, Tamara.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your daughter’s name is beautiful! I’m glad you went with it but I do love the name Tempest. I scrolled in the baby directories online to get it.

      Shayne and Ember are their own kind of crazy. I’m so glad for Shayne’s ability to parent. He’s the first of his kind since I’ve only had ISBI mothers. And they didn’t pay the kids much mind. The fathers were the ones who had to step up. But Ember doesn’t have much to do with them so Shayne is her perfect match!

      He’s such a family man and a hard worker AND he likes to have playtime on the mountain. He reminds me of my hubby!!! LOL! There’s no downtime for those military men!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shayne is amazing. He always knows how to soften Ember and now he has promised her to beat the Creator … you better go in cover 🤣

    Tori is really cute ❤
    Her cousin seems somewhat more intimidating. Tempest has specters as pets !? 😮
    What does Burton think about living in a haunted house?

    Shayne looks completely in love when he looks at his new daughter in the crib 🥰
    Does that mean that Tori is out of the picture from now on?
    I hope not 🤨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tori is about to age up to child (thankfully). But we’ll see if Shayne has time to dote on her as well.

      Burton loves the house and picked it out with Messiah. He has eccentric tastes and loves black (it’s his favorite color) so he was happy with it. And Messiah is evil SOOO…

      Shayne doesn’t like the thought of me interfering but I think I’m fine. Thankfully, he can’t get me but I can task him with chores (I get one thing I can control him on during each age group. So when he becomes an adult and elder, I can do something sneaky. Hee hee!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Tori is such a cutie and now she has a little sister! I bet she likes her, at least I hope she does. She’ll soon have a playmate of sorts other than 75629 nannies, butlers and maids. Poor thing and she’s such a sweetheart.

    Shane is so funny promising to take care of the creator. Lol. Shovel that snow and see who takes care of who! Better watch out Shayne. It was fun seeing Burton and his little family and their little witchy daughter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’d be so cool if they became great friends. Them against their clueless parents! 😀

      Yeah…they have too many caregivers and it does become a problem but…we were desperate! I never asked the old nanny to come back but he must have gotten word and he started taking care of the kids! Lol!

      Shayne doesn’t understand about this weird entity foisting their way into his life. Shayne? GET USED TO IT!!!

      That witchy daughter looked so spooky in that screenshot! OMG!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re SOOOO right! Especially with a spouse that works!

      But they have two nannies and two butlers. I mean…no one has that much help normally!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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