Chapter 4.16

For hours on end, Shayne practices in the snow.

(Wow! He’s so committed to his job! I’d hate to get in his way. Take THAT enemies of the state!)

Combat training done, Shayne runs to his job. He’s such a dedicated soldier.

(What’s the matter with you, Ember? Shayne is doing so well, he’s rising up the ranks in the military. At this rate, you’ll be able to afford that mansion you’re living in!)

“Don’t you see, Creator?”

(No. I don’t. 🤷‍♀️)

“This baby has turned into a monstrosity. My husband OWES it to me to stay home.”

(Okay, Ember…you’re in the can’t-win-with-a-preggers-person stage. Why don’t you visit your dad? He has somethng to give you.)

So I whisk her to the house her father grew up in.

She’s met with a tiny cutie.

“Uncle? This blue girl is selling somefing. Can I use the twap door on her?”

(OMG! It’s a little horror. Bealzie’s and Omari’s son. Looks like the evil trait is being carried on! 👀)

“No, little Judas, that’s your cousin Ember. Trap doors are only for girl scouts and people holding fruit cakes.” Zolnax turns to Ember. “It’s so nice to see you, sweetheart. Why do we have this pleasure so early in the morning?”

(Tell your father he owes you your inheritance. You can’t keep that mansion at this rate without it!)

So, Zolnax shows her the tree he grew from a tiny simoleon seed way back in the day.

(And sniff…There’s Hunter still resting underneath! 😭)

He not only gifts her the tree but also most of the gold he’d embezzled all those years!

(Welp! You won’t have to worry about funds. Being a World Dictator does have its up sides. 😱)

Frost clinging to the windows, Shayne is in a great mood. “Oh, honey! What a beautiful day outside! I think I’ll have a go at the slopes.”

She grimaces. “Are you going to be gone for days again? I’m about to pop here. Rub my back!”

(Needy much? 😝)

After an attentive backrub, Shayne’s outdoors once again.

(See all that gold glowing in the background? Wow. 🤑)

He skis, snowboards, you name it until he’s so hungry, he gets something from one of the outdoor vendors instead of going home for lunch.

(Shayne! You have a pregnant wife! She needs you, dude!)

But he can’t hear me. 😭

Finally, as the sun sets, spraying the sky pink and purple, Shayne finally heads home.

Only to find Ember miserable.

(What’s wrong, Ember?)

“This monster wants out and it’s going to kill me in the process.”

(Yipes! You better get to the hospital. Quick!)

It takes a while but finally, Shayne catches on to what’s happening.

“Oh my God! What’s that thing in your stomach, honey?” Shayne cries.

“It’s an alien!” he screams.

(Whoo boy. Looks like his Strangerville training is getting to him. And yes, the child will be 1/4 alien thanks to June. 👽)

Ember goes into the operating room to extract her little darling.

And this doctor looks strangely familiar. Like he’s from the boy band The Heartthrobs. Hmm…

(All finished, Ember?)

Panting, she says, “Thank God, it’s out.”

(Ember! It’s not an it! It’s a little girl!!!)

Welcome to the world, Tori Rex!

(Yes, the Rex last name must live on through the generations. Sorry Shayne!)

Back home, Shayne is smitten with his daughter.

“Who’s Daddy’s little girl, hmmm?”

(Oh pee-ew! That diaper is just plain gross! 🤢)

But Shayne doesn’t seem to mind. 🤷‍♀️

“How can you change Tori’s diaper? It’s disgusting,” Ember says, grimacing.

(Wow. You’ve got your mother’s child hating gene, don’t you, Em? 🙃)

Shayne beams. “I adore every poop filled diaper and puked on blanket, my love.”

(Shayne, are you even real???? Well, he gets father of the century!)

In the meantime, Ember is going through post partum depression and she takes it out on the butler.

(Or should we call it post-partum rage? 😜)

“And if you ever ask me to change that child’s diaper, you’ll get worse!”

(Uh oh…Ember! I never thought you’d be a cold mother! 😔)

At least little Tori has Shayne. (And wow. Shayne’s looking mighty fine these days! The years have been kind to him! 😍)

(Awww…are you knitting booties? Does this mean you’re…PREGGERS AGAIN??? 😰)

“No…I’m knitting ear plugs so I don’t have to hear the child cry.”

(Oh my, Ember…we need to have a talk before Tori grows into a toddler. Children need love from their mother!)

Ember shakes her head. “I didn’t and look at me!”

(***hits head on desk***)


Tori wails through the night. But where are her parents? Hmm???


(Ugh. 😑)

Thankfully, they have a butler or child services would have come for Tori a long time ago.


10 thoughts on “Chapter 4.16

  1. I laughed all the way through this. Who would’ve thought it would be Shane that was the more nurturing of the two. And those faces Ember made! That girl is needy, but then Shane seems to pay more attention to the slopes and Tori than her. No wonder she lost it on the butler! And all that gold and the money tree! Get that inheritance girl! RIP Hunter. 😭😭😭. I kinda miss his antics.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hee hee! Glad you laughed!

      Honestly, I was worried this gen would be boring since Ember doesn’t have the evil or mean trait and Shayne seems like the boy next door, but these two are FULL of their own antics.

      I miss Hunter as well…the circle of life is sad. But we do have his ghost so we’ll be seeing him later!

      Shayne is ALWAYS on the slopes…but taking care of children is important to him so Tori will help him stay home more.

      That money tree is a savior. Thankfully, Zolnax earned it with his aspiration points. And every gen will inherit it so they’ll live very nicely from now on 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Judas is GORGEOUS! (I peeked) lol!

      Well…there may be other babies…so…

      And there will be anheir vote too!

      Although we have a reluctant mother, she does want more SOOOO… 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh that Shane…he does love those slopes…but seriously, Shayne, you have a preggers wife at home, you need to attend to her. Well, at least he’s attending to his new baby girl, Tori. But, Ember…not so much. I really would have thought that Ember would love on her new baby. Who knows, maybe she will make Shayne have the baby next time! lol Then he won’t be spending all his time on the slopes, that’s for sure! hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would say that Ember has really changed personality since the wedding. Gone is the happy optimistic young woman 🤨

    Now, one cannot accuse Shayne of giving her too much attention either.
    Maybe Ember should have chosen a male Harem? A little competition seems to sharpen everyone’s attention 😂

    I’m a little sorry for Ember … although I did not like her reacting to the house butler and then neglecting her daughter.

    Oh! I finally see you Ember. You prefer pleasures to duties.
    Perhaps she has inherited more from her father and mother than first assumed 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

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