Chapter 4.15

Freshly back from the mountain, the two newlyweds arrive at their posh palace made just for them!

Shayne walks in not believing his new life far away from the farm he grew up on. And all these fancy things are foreign to him but he can’t wait to spend all his time with his lady love.

Ember asks, “Do you like the asian style, babe?”

“It’s amazing! And we’re just a block away from the ski slopes.”

Not wasting time, Ember whips up some food and they share their first meal as a couple.

(They haven’t even changed out of their ski clothing and they still have their hiking gear! Guys! Settle in, won’t you?)

Without missing a beat, they dash to the bedroom.

(Okay…I guess they have to christen the bed, huh? I get the feeling these two are going to be very busy EVERYWHERE! 👀)

And before I can blink, pregnancy confetti flies overhead!

(WOOT! Nooboo number one on the way! Congrats, Ember!)

Now where’s the new father-to-be? I can’t find him anywhere (since now I can’t control him! Ugh.)

Ahhh…he’s running around the ski slopes with a silly look on his face.

He snowboard’s throughout the night.

Ember on the other hand is tired from the burgeoning baby.

(Where’s your hubby, Ember? Hmmm???)

“I don’t know, Creator. I’m beginning to think living on the mountain isn’t such a good idea. I never see much of Shayne anymore.”

(Don’t worry. He’ll come home. Men have…um…needs. 😏)

Having to bartend for her job, Ember shakes up a few cocktails. Maybe Shayne would like a drink when he gets home?

Hours pass and STILL no husband around the homestead.

As the sun rises in the east, I find Shayne tromping around in the snow.

(DUDE! You DO have a home. A pregnant wife. Duties to take care of. And you’re about to go to work. Are you INSANE???)

Hopefully, he’s on his way home.

But no. He hops on a toboggan.

(***hits head on desk***)

(Ember, you need to have a talk with Shayne. He shouldn’t neglect you in your state and go off to have the time of his life doing winter sports! 😡 And why do you have that goofy smile on your face? ***crosses arms***)

“I can’t help myself, Creator. Look!”

She points at Shayne who’s half naked, dancing in the middle of their house.

(Well, if he continues with this, he’ll get away with everything. The guy IS easy on the eyes. Way to rock it in front of your wife there Shayne AND get yourself out of the dogsled house.)

Next, he cleans up all the plates in every room.

(Ah ha…your strategy–distract and act like you’re hubby of the year even though you took off for days at the ski slopes. I see. Pretty smart, Shayne!)


It’s time for Shayne to meet Ember’s family and she throws a huge party inviting everyone they know.

Ember walks up to her erratic brother, Jax and scoops him up in a hug. “It’s great to see you, bro.”

Just then June interjects, “It would have been adequate if we had received invitations to your nuptial ceremonies, dearest daughter. Where is the abomination you joined yourself to? If your father doesn’t like him, I’ve authorized the disintegration ray.”

Shayne hears Ember’s mother’s words and laughs. “Disintegration ray? Oh, Mrs. Rex you’re too funny.”

He bows formally and says, “I’m Ember’s husband, Shayne Layton-Rex. It’s so lovely to meet you. You’re even more beautiful than Ember described.”

June smiles. “I believe disintegration won’t be necessary. This human has intelligence as well as charisma. You are quite lucky, Ember’s human husband. Disintegration is very painful.”

Zolnax comes up to Ember arching his eyebrow. “Looks like you did well, sweetheart. Congratulations. He’s the least atrocious of that rag tag group you brought over to the house.”

Wrapping her arms around him, she whispers, “Thanks, Daddy.”

(Smh…what Ember has to suffer at the hands of her weird family. ***shudders***)

Next, her twin, Zion gives her a hearty hug.

After they chat for a while, Zion waves his arms and says, “Duuuuude, why does your husband have that weird mustache? Please make him shave it off.”

Ember shakes her head. “Shayne’s mustache is the best thing on his cute face. Deal.”

(Looks like Zolnax agrees. Or maybe he’s happy to see the twins argue over mustaches. 😐)

The party’s rocking with tons of people dancing, drinking and having a great time.

In the center, I find Messiah smiling dreamily to himself.

(I wonder what’s making him so happy?)

No time to figure it out, Mike is formally introducing himself to Knox and June.

June’s mouth lifts. “It is best for you to have lost. I hate four legged hairy creatures who bark incessantly. But I would have liked your white canine.”

(Did she just call Mike a hairy four legged creature? 👀)

Jake wanders around the large house. “There’s security cameras in every area. I can’t hide anywhere!”

For some reason Jake’s paranoia makes Omari grin.

(What’s up with Omari? Does he have a hidden evil trait? Oh yeah! He’s married to Bealzibix, Zolnax’s sister! That makes total sense now. 😁)

It’s actually Messiah’s adult birthday and he’s sitting in front of his cake.

But there’s somethng weird going on between him and…Burton!

(What the heck?)

Drake joins in the fun talking with Ember’s twin. “So you said you know a girl you’d like to set me up with? Awesome!”

(Looks like he’s made a friend!)

Hours have flown by and I haven’t seen the groom.

Oh, of course. Shayne’s always dirty, peeing himself constantly. Well thankfully, he does know how to use a bathtub. 🤦‍♀️

Party’s over and all the guests have left.

Well…almost all.

Messiah is making coy noises at Burton.

Fury in his face, Burton says, “Sir! I’ll have you know my heart is still broken from your sibling. I’m not about to do whatever disgusting things you are suggesting.”

(Ohhhhhh!!! What is Messiah doing? He is an evil sim…lol. I’m sure that won’t sit well with Burton, Mr. Proper Boy.)

“I’ve found this for you, my love. I hope it meets with your approval.”

Burton opens it and finds a red lacy neglige that’s all tricked out in fur and feathers.

The look of smitten riddles Burton’s face. He whispers, “How did you know?”

Looks like it’s a match made in heaven (or hell, to whomever is looking. Messiah is the devil himself and Burton is an angel! This should be good!)

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.15

  1. This is already shaping up to be great fun! Shayne! He wooed her to the limit then disappears once he caught her?! Shame on him but should be interesting nevertheless. I wonder if he’ll help with the nooboo? It was hysterical to see the fam and the other bachelors. I hope we may be seeing more of them since a couple of them made connections with her family.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shayne loves the outdoors and sports so he does disappear like this from time to time. We’ll see if he shirks other duties when nooboos arrive.

      Meeting the weird family is over! But there’s some connections! Omari is married to Bealzie and it looks like we have a love connection with Messiah and Burton!

      We’ll be checking in with all the bachelors later on and see what’s happening with them. If Burton and Messiah become a thing, Burton and Ember will be inlaws! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shayne – what the heck are you doing? Woohoo with your loved one, get her preggers and then leave for days on end to go snowboarding? Oh my gosh, Shayne…that is horrible. I’m sorry, but I about peed myself laughing at his antics on the slope. But I guess it’s okay with Ember as Shayne comes back and becomes her private dancer. Shayne, all I can say is be attentive to Ember. She is so beautiful and loving. Love her more than you love the outdoors…please! So, then Shayne meets the in-laws and things aren’t as bad as I thought they would be. Her mother and father both approved! Bu her brother, Zion, suggesting that Shayne shave off that mustache? Geez…do you know long it took for him to grow that? Never! lol And what’s this? Messiah gives Burton a rather romantic gift…oh…maybe a match made here indeed. And then all the other contestants. The house that Ember and Shayne are living in is HUGE! Gosh…they might have to use walkie talkies to keep in touch! hehehe. Loved this chapter 🙂


    1. LOL! Shayne seems like a regular guy but he knows what he likes! And that’s the slopes! We might see him there A LOT! 😉

      The two of them do get lost in that lot but they’re going to fill it with nooboos soon. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. All these couples are nuts! Messiah and Burton… interesting… and I accidently mistook Zion for his grandfather. XD

    Omari, don’t grin about my baby’s paranoia! At least he lasted longer than you! 😤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zion looks A LOT like his grandfather. Unfortunately, both of June’s parents have passed. I think the game doesn’t give enough time to the elderly. 😦

      All Omari has is his wife and kid and his pretty face. 😉 Jake will be happily married and doing well soon! 😀 And his wife is WAY better than Bealzie! 😀


      1. He does! It’s his hair that threw me off. Awww…

        XD Yay! Ha! Yeah, Bealzie is… interesting… and terrifying… wait… Omari and Bealzie’s kids are going to be cousins to Ember… weeeeiiiirrrd…!

        Liked by 1 person

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