Chapter 4.13

Burton stares at his competitor over a plate of eggs.

“Well, it’s down to us now, isn’t it, Burton?” Shayne asks.

Face serious, Burton answers, “Yes. And may the best man win.”

(Guantlet thrown! It’s ON!)


Shayne’s date is first. The challenge is to see which guy can conquer Mt. Komorebi with Ember! It’ll be a long journey over a few days and they must prepare!

So first, they ready themselves by working out in the rock climbing gym.

Of course, Shayne has to take a few breaks now and then.

(Way to go, Shayne! That’s how you keep her in your clutches! 😏)

Muscles sore, Ember gets some needed r n r in a mud bath.

And Shayne takes a shower (since the dude is stinky not kidding 75% of the time! 🤢)

A trip to the vending machines to buy up supplies and the couple is ready for their adventure!

Ember sidles up to Shayne and whispers, “No matter if we conquer the mountain or not, I’m glad to be with you, sweetie.”


First climb is rigorous!

But they make it!

With the sun shining, their hopes swell as they march toward the next cliff.

(What do you think about the hike so far, Ember?)

“Piece of cake, Creator! I didn’t think it’d be this easy!”

(I’ve got to say, I’m shocked as well!)

The next climb is a little slippery, but with a lot of strength, Ember finally reaches the top.

The snow sparkles and the two need to rest before they can make the last climb.

(We don’t need anyone falling from being tired! 😵)

As darkness descends, a light powder falls on the couple and swirling emotions light their insides.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, babe?” Shayne asks.

Ember nods emphatically.

Diving into the tent, heart emojis explode and the two have a hot time inside. 😏

But when they wake up the next morning, the conditions are too bad for them to continue and they can’t make the last peak.

“Argh!” Ember shouts. “Why do we have to have a blizzard now?”

(Boy that’s a tough break. But maybe when you go up with Burton, it’ll be different! 🤷‍♀️)


Burton’s all dressed up and ready to go with our bachelorette.

“You’re looking pretty sexy there, Mister. Wanna go on a climb with me?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world, darling. Let’s do this!”

Scaling the first climb, Burton is making this look easy!

Taking a break, Ember is feeling the soreness from the other climb.

“Are you okay, darling?” Burton asks. “Maybe we should rest and eat.”

Scratching her chin, she answers, “Yeah…I’m so tired.”

“Luckily, I prepared these hot dogs for us.” Burton gives one to his lady love.

(He’s so strong right now! I think he might make this climb…and right into Ember’s heart! 😍)

Break over, the two survey the next cliff. Burton cheers. “Honey, we can do this. Let’s go!”

Burton scales the cliff effortlessly, but poor Ember has trouble and falls!

(Oh no!)

Eventually, they make it up that climb but night drifts over them and it’s time to rest.

Burton’s mood falters.

“Babydoll, I think I know something that might put a smile on your face,” Ember coos.

You guessed it. The two love birds make snow angels of steam to pass the time.

Whew! They sure don’t need a heater!

Hopefully, they’ll get some rest, too. 😉

So, will they make the last climb? We’ll find out next chapter!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.13

  1. I love that both Shayne and Burton are going on the mountain excursion with Ember. And, of course, Ember has to keep her fun up with the both of them! lol I think that they both did very well, but I do believe I know who will win Ember’s heart. I really do love Ember.

    Liked by 1 person

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