Chapter 4.12

It’s festival time and the last chance these men have to put some moves on our dear bachelorette and secure their spot in the final two. The competition is FIERCE! Any one of them could come out on top at this point.

Shayne is thrilled with the setting. “I’m just thinking how cute Ember is going to look in her festival kimono.”

(Little does he know he’ll have to wear the same kimono since they’re in a group together! 🤣)

Mike’s striking a pose of confidence (as usual).

(Make sure you pay attention to your lady, Mike! Looks like Burton sure is!)

Paper lanterns float along the river creating a glowing ambiance.

(I love the festivals here!)

Burton hops over to the vending machine and picks out a special outfit since he’s the resident fashionista.

“Ahh…lovely yellow. Isn’t it my color?”

(Humble much? 😑 What about Ember? You think yellow goes with blue skin?)

Ember’s happy she doesn’t have to pick out her kimono and is grateful for Burton’s choice.

“What a man, Creator! He thinks of everything!”

(He sure does! 😂)

Then Burton hobbles over to one of the local celebrities and pays him a respectful bow.

(Such a proper boy!)

Burton flutters his eyelashes at Ember. “If we lived here, darling, we could go to these festivals with our children. Wouldn’t that be cute with our matching kimonos?”

“I can picture that right now. I love how you think about us as a family!” Ember coos.

(Aww…they’re so sweet! 😍)

Not to be outdone, Mike marches in between them and brings Ember to the side, telling her how beautiful she looks.

Ember’s insides swoon. “You look handsome yourself just as if that kimono was made for you!”

(Is it me or do these two sizzle whenever they’re around each other? 😏)

“You make me so happy, sweetheart. I’m looking forward to a time when we can go to one of these by ourselves,” Mike says.

Ember kisses his cheek. She can’t help herself!

Knowing this is his last resort to impress Ember, Shayne takes her by the hand and leads her to a secluded spot. “I hope you don’t mind that I haven’t been that forward with you, Ember, but I wanted to tell you how much I’m feeling. I think I’ve already fallen in love with you and I know if you give me a chance, I can show you how much.”

Swept up by the emotion of his thoughts, Ember embraces Shayne. “I know how you feel, Shayne. I feel it, too. Thank you for opening up to me.” They stay that way for a long time.

(Omg…this choice is going to be so hard for her! I can hardly stand it!!!)

With the festival over, it’s time for Ember to pick. Who will stay and who will go home?

(Are you ready?)

Ember nods. “I know exactly who needs to stay now, Creator. The festival helped me make my choices.”

Dressed up and nerves flying, the men ready themselves for either elation or sadness.

There are only two roses left. Who will get them?

Ember beams at one of the men. He’s grabbed her heart in a special way.

She offers the rose to…












“I can already see how our lives will be like as a family. Your thoughtfulness and creativity means a life full of intimacy and interest! Will you accept this rose, my darling?”

“Of course I will, dearest Ember.”

The final two men grind their teeth awaiting the last rose. Both cannot fathom her not choosing him so this will be a huge blow.

Tentatively, Ember snaps up the last rose and walks toward…
















“Your words of love touched my heart in the deepest way. You have such strong moral character, something I admire and I think you’d make an amazing husband. Will you accept this rose?”

Shayne is overcome with love and emotion that he’s speechless. He can only nod and take the rose.

That means…

“I’m so sorry, Mike. We have such a special connection and I love being with you. You’re so attractive to me but I feel that I have deeper bonds with the other men and I have to say good bye to you. I wish it were different.”

Like a knife in the gut, Mike can’t breathe. He starts to implode, crying tears of remorse.

Eyes stinging, she hates that it’s come to this. “I wish I could choose all three of you, Mike, but I can’t. I’m so sorry.”

Lifting his face up, she says, “I know you’ll find your soulmate, Mike. You’re such a catch. There is a lucky woman out there for you.”

With that, Mike heads out to the awaiting limosine.

Farewell, handsome man! We will miss you!

So sorry MonaSolstraale but Mike just didn’t have enough points in the end. I think that earlier date did him in and he was behind at that point and since he’s so confident, he doesn’t pay as much attention to Ember naturally. I loved having him! I’m so sorry we didn’t get to meet his dog, Snowflake, in the story because I would have brought him in on the next date. Ah well…Thanks for submitting him! At least he got to the final three!

I can assure you, we’ll see Mike with his wife and family (plus Snowflake) later on in the story! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.12

  1. Unfortunately it went with Mike as I had expected.
    I laughed at Ember’s apology that she could not choose all three.
    Ember with a male harem … what a dream 😂

    Good luck to the last two participants. They are both very eccentric so it should be fun to watch their solo dates.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’d be an interesting generation with a harem of men! 😀

      Both Shayne and Burton are different guys! Their dates should be fun! And then…the last chapter! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, so sorry to see Mike go. I really liked him, a lot. Burton continues to be funny. And Shayne…oh my gosh! He got a rose! And now the last two standing Burton vs Shayne. Holy Moly! This is kind of tense. I love the festivals in Snowy Escape, and that one, with the lanterns on the water, is so pretty.

    Liked by 1 person

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