Chapter 4.11

Four handsome men but only one will win the heart of Ember! Who will go home today?

All of them seems so sure of themselves!

(Sorry, but one is in Delusion City! 😅)

(Okay, Em. The time is now. What are you waiting for?)

“It’s tough, Creator. I really wanted more time with each of them and this one will sting.”

(Well, rip off that bandaid. We don’t have all day!)

The guys are feeling her hesitation, too, (well, except Shayne. He seems to think he’s not going anywhere. 😛 )

Ember walks over to…


“Mike, I know our date wasn’t as spectacular as I’d hoped but it wasn’t your fault that you’re so handsome women flock to you. We need another date asap. Will you accept this rose?”

Grabbing the flower, Mike answers, “Of course, my dearest sweetheart. I cannot wait to spoil you like I wanted to.”

Now Ember offers the rose to Shayne. His eyes twinkle at her.

“Our date was such a treat and I’m excited to spend more time with you, Shayne. Will you accept this rose?”

He gladly nods and we’re down to two men.

Burton and Drake.

Which one will she choose?

Picking up the last rose off the table, Ember steps toward…

















“Burton, we have so much in common and I find you so enchanting all the time. Let’s explore more time together.”

“Of course, darling. I cannot wait!”

Drake is so hurt, he doesn’t allow Ember to say good bye to him. He rushes out into the limo. Ember is stunned. I guess his ego can’t handle the rejection. Sorry Drake! 😳


It’s time for the final three solo dates! Each one gets something special just for their personalities!

Shayne is up first and the two go to this romantic restaurant.

Shayne’s all decked out in his manly military mess dress.

“Order anything you like, Ember. The skies the limit,” Shayne says with confidence.

(You do you know you’re not paying for this dinner, right Shayne? It’s on me. 😑)

Ember believes him and celebrates. “YES! I’m going to try the lobster thermidore!”

Then she gets a sultry look. “Did you know you look hecka sexy in that uniform, Shayne? Rawr!”

He raises his eyebrows. “You know what they say. The bigger the medals the bigger the…”

(OKAY! We’ll pause it right here…these two are getting a little TOO close for my comfort. Geeze! 🤦‍♀️)

After a scrumptious dinner, the couple orders some simsapolitans. Shayne surveys his drink. “Ahhh…haven’t had one of these since I was deployed to Al Simhara back in 2016.”

Ember brightens. “You’ve traveled the world, Shayne. Where would you like to go on vacation next?”

Shayne grins. “I think a romantic trip to the jungles of Selvadorada would be fun. If you don’t mind spiders.”

(Shayne. She HATES spiders! That would be an awful trip for her! But maybe you could do some romantic rescuing? 😍)


Back at the mansion, poor Ember’s stomach is churning.

(What’s wrong?)

“Tell me NEVER to order lobster again. It was undercooked and I’m paying for it now.”

(Well, you better take some stomach medicine because you have a date with Burton next!)

Whisking them to Brindleton Bay, the skies erupt, pouring down rain.

“Dang! I don’t have an umbrella!” Ember cries.

(You DO have an umbrella but you’re just too borked to use one. Sims. 🙄)

Burton and Ember just stare at the pet rescue building, not going inside.

(Do I have to do everything? Get in there before lightning strikes both of you and ends this legacy right here! 😡)

As soon as they cross the doorway, Ember sweeps up Burton’s hands. “Babydoll, I hope you like it here. They have exotic pets that you can snuggle and get to know in every corner.”

Then she kisses his hands, shocking him.

And before the moment flits away, she swoops in for a kiss.

(WOW! First kiss! 👀)

Drawing in a breath, Burton whispers, “My that was…thrilling, darling. Do that again?”

And so she obliges.

(Whew! These two! Would you get a room? There might be kids around! 😑)

After I have to practically hose them apart, Burton sees one of the animals and gasps. “A rare white siberian tiger! I never thought I’d ever see one of these in real life!”

The tiger cocks his head and thinks, “How could you two practically mate in front of me? So rude!”

“Aww…he wants to be friends.” Ember allows the tiger to sniff her hands.

(No, Ember, he’s ashamed of your classless behavior. But whatever makes you happy.)

Back at home, Shayne is doing the potty dance yet again. I tell you, this guy is always on the verge of wetting his pants! (But I will have to say I approve of his attire atm. 😜)

He sees the swooning hearts in Ember’s eyes she has for Burton and he grows worried.

(You should be worried, Shayne! You didn’t kiss your date! I know you’re being respectful but this is a competition, bud!)


Third date and for Mike, they’re going to a gym where the two can work on their mountain climbing skill since Mike wants to conquer Mt. Komorebi!

Yamachan waves a friendly hello as they trot by.

(Isn’t he cute? I love this town!)

Swept up by the magic of the place and being near to sexy Mike, Ember stops him and says, “I’m just so happy to be here with you. Let’s have fun today, okay?”

“Of course, sweetheart. Today, my eyes are only on you.”

With that, she takes him in her arms and plants a swirly kiss on him!

(Wow! Another kiss! Sparks are flying! 💖)

After the two are finished making out in the parking lot (kids today. 🤦‍♀️), they get right onto the rock climbing equiptment. If they want to reach the summit in their lives, they must hit a level 6 rock climbing skill and they have exactly ZERO skill at this point.

But they couldn’t keep themselves apart. I glance away for one second and they’re on a bench kanoodling with each other.

“You know what I want to do after we get out of here?” Ember whispers in his ear.

Her face says it all.

(Hey! It’s WAY too early for that, Ember! Get your mind out of the gutter!!!! 😬)

So sorry about Drake, AudreyFld. I lost the screenshots of his goodbye! 😭 He was in such a bad mood on their two on one date and picked a fight with Burton that it lost him points. Those two were always arguing in the house. Like oil and water. Thank you for submitting him. He’s so GORGEOUS! And we’ll be seeing him in the future, I’m sure!

13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.11

  1. His overconfidence did him in. I don’t think he had the romantic trait either which worked against him as well. It was fun while it lasted. I figured the fight hurt him big time. Good luck to the final three! Sparks are indeed flying!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah…Drake was so into himself and kind of forgot about Ember a bit. Some other men have the same problem, too. But they do better if they’re on a one on one date without other guys to compete with.

      Sorry he had to go. He’s so handsome! He’ll be missed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, man….Shayne…why didn’t you kiss Ember? Geez, they were so into each other, and now this. I am worried, very worried. Maybe it was the food at the restaurant, and Ember was feeling less than romantic at the end of the date. I hate to say it, but Ember really had great dates with both Burton and Mike…and I would say Burton is in the lead! Dang!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek! Shayne! He didn’t kiss her. They didn’t have enough for that on the date but that doesn’t mean he won’t make up for lost time in the future. We shall see!

      But it would seem that Burton and Mike might be ahead. It all depends on how the romance + friendship points lay out. So…you just never know!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It was a big surprise in more ways than one. 😃

    Ember sent Drake home who was guaranteed to give her some beautiful children. That surprised me.
    But the outer beauty is not everything. There are some interesting types left who might be better at fulfilling her dreams 😏

    I’m still pretty worried about Mike even though he seems to have won Ember’s interest. Will he be able to maintain his focus through the final decisive round? 🤨

    NB: I like the building with the climbing walls. Did you build it yourself?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Surprises all around!

      Mike did capture Ember…will that magic last! Let’s hope so!

      I didn’t build the gym. I was lucky to find that! And it suited Mike and Ember’s desire to mountain climb!

      Liked by 1 person

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