Chapter 4.10

We’re down to the final four and it’s challenge time!

So I whisk everyone to the fun onsen where we’d had the group date earlier.

The challenge on the docket is video games!

(Drake is going to be so happy about this! He’s the only one with a ton of skills because the dude plays with video games 24-7. 🙃)

The guys talk trash before the game starts.

“Better quit now because I’m going to smash all of you!” Drake brags.

Shayne looks a little scared while Mike laughs. “Are we eight? This’ll be easy.”

Burton doesn’t say anything. (I think Burton doesn’t even know how to work the controller! 😅)

On your mark! Get set!


Basketballs fly as the boys pound buttons.

(Why is Shayne smiling so hard, scaring poor Burton?)

Oh….he won this round! And second place goes to MIKE!

(Drake…LOST???? Like…how? 😳)

Okay…the losers take their seats with the bachelorette while Shayne and Mike duke it out for first place. Both have won a solo date but who will win the grand prize solo date?

Shayne taunts Mike. “So you were saying about being eight years old? I think Ember needs a real man who can conquer anything, including these silly games.”

And voila!

Shayne smashes into first place yet again!

(Wow…I didn’t even know he had any video gaming skills. He’s always watching movies or sleeping! 😲)

“Take THAT! Champion again. Woo hoo!”

(Okay, Shayne. No one likes a poor winner. 🙄)


Since it’s Winterfest, I plop Shayne and Ember into a cute little Christmas town, complete with Santa outfits.

(Are you happy Shayne won, Ember?)

She shrugs. “Actually, I like all the guys the same right now, Creator. Shayne is so cute and I feel like I know him already. We’ll see.”

The two cozy up to the bar and have appetizers with some wine.

Shayne swallows a piece of fruit. “What a cool place, Ember! Did you know Winterfest is my favorite holiday?”

Ember lifts the side of her mouth. “Mine, too!”

Shayne obviously can’t help himself, he blows Ember a kiss. “Seems like we’re a match made in a snow globe, huh?”

(Smooth, Shayne…very smooth…)

Ember giggles. “I guess we are!”

(Wow. Is someone just radiating right now? I have to admit. They look so cute together right now.)

After the date is over, poor Shayne is doing the potty dance. His needs are blood red.

(You better run not walk, Shayne! I don’t want any smelly sims stinking up the mansion!)

Next, it’s Mike’s turn. The two go out on the town at a fancy nightclub.

Mike’s already tearing it up on the dance floor. “Yo. Babe. Over here!”

“Hey, Mike!” Ember waves. “Let’s have a drink together.”

Ember sits down but where is her date?

(Uh oh, Ember…seems Mike is having fun with someone else right now.)

She arches an eyebrow. “I see that…but I know how he feels about me so I’m not jealous.”

(Sure, Jan. 😏)

The woman Mike was dancing with shouts at him, “Hey, baby, where’r you going? We just started having fun!”

(Hey, ho! LEAVE! 😡😡😡)

Mike eventually sits next to Ember but it’s like he’s got fame stars all over him. The women come out of the woodwork to talk to him.

Ember is less than enthusiastic about this “romantic” date.

But for some reason, Mike is all smiles.

(Dude. This will win you no favors. You must PAY ATTENTION to your date! 😤)

After that disasterous date, it’s time for a two on one. This will just be a great time for more interaction with the guys. Ember won’t be sending anyone home until the elimination. They go on a cool trail hike around Wakaba.

“It’s so pretty here!” Ember chimes, smiling up at the red cherry trees. “I forget what color looks like since we’re always in snow on the mountain.”

Drake grumbles. “I still can’t believe I lost to that red headed goon. I should have had that one on one date. Not having to walk around with this turd who’s always stealing my time with Ember.”

Burton retorts in his very proper voice, “I’d advise you not to call me a turd again if you know what’s good for you.”

(Uh oh, Ember. Boys are already fighting! Better get their minds on something else! 👀)

Ember glances at the guys. “I heard there are spirit sprites who slink through the trees. If we find one, we can make a wish!”

Stopping, Drake glares at Burton. “I’d like to see you try to do something, jerk. You’ve done nothing but sabatoge my time with Ember when we’re at the house. You want to fight? I’m ready.”

Burton snarls, “I’ll not sully my fists on the likes of you. You’re a low brow thug who’s not fit to shine the shoes of our lady Ember. Now stop whining and act like a man.”

This outburst surprises Drake. “Okay. Geeze, man, chill.”

(You like them fighting over you like this, Ember? You’re not getting to know them any better! 😐)

“It’s okay, Creator. This date is actually helping me out. All is not lost.”

(Well if you say so!)

Next chapter, we’ll have our next elimination then three solo dates! Should be fun!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 4.10

  1. Go Shane. It’s apparent he’s probably in the lead right now. Awww Drake! I just knew you were gonna get a solo date. But at least he was trying to get Burton out of the way, but of course Burton talks his way out of it. 🙄. I’m surprised Drake lasted this long. And poor Mike! A lost opportunity. Gonna hide my eyes for the next elimination.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was shocked that Shayne won. I’d planned on doing the video game challenge when the final four hit and I knew the guys who liked to do video games would have an advantage. Honestly, that should have been Drake but it wasn’t to be!!! 😮

      Shayne crushed it! And he got more time with Ember…that did help him. But there’s still time for others to shine in the dates ahead.

      Drake has a charm about him that Ember likes. We’ll see what happens!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow! Can’t believe that Shayne won that challenge with no video skills. He must have a lucky trait or something. But, oh Shayne, I am so happy you won! And his Solo Date with Ember…oh la la, I saw a lot of hearts around these two. I can only wish. Now Mike..what the heck? You left Ember at the bar to be with some…townie? Geez…get your priorities straight there Mike. Ember did not look too pleased. And at least Drake and Burton got to go on a hike with Ember, but Drake was trying to start a fight with Burton, and Burton wisely used words to fight and not fists. I think that Ember likes the contestants fighting over her, but would not have liked to see a fist fight happen on that group date. Ugh! And up next is an elimination…I am wondering who it will be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shayne won the challenge! So he got a sexy date with Ember and she liked everything about it! I adore Shayne’s smile. He’s always throwing these gorgeous looks her way. VERY easy on the eyes. 😉

      Wow. That date with Mike was such a DOWNER! The townies would NOT leave him alone. It was like he was this big ladies man and he was loving it although Ember didn’t. She does have the jealous trait and it showed.

      Burton has the proper trait so he’d avoid fighting as much as possible but he’d throw a punch if he had to. Thankfully, Drake backed down. I guess he didn’t want to really fight in front of Ember.

      Yep! Elimination time next chapter!!! And then we’ll be down to the final three! YIPES!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Shayne looks pretty smug but at least he gives Ember his full flattering attention 😄

    You disappoint me Mike! 😠
    These annoying townies have no inhibitions to ruin an intimate moment and you should be too clever to let it distract your attention. I’m afraid you just sent yourself out of the game.😟

    Drake and Burton use their date to fight cockfights against each other.
    Hm! Wonder how it clarifies anything?😕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shayne does look smug but he at least gives attention to Ember!

      And MIKE! Will she forgive him???

      Drake and Burton’s fight does clarify things but how? We shall see soon! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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