Chapter 4.9

As the sun goes down and the winter wind howls through the window panes, Ember is all dressed up for an elimination ceremony.

(Are you sure about your choice, Ember?)

“Yes, Creator. These dates made it very clear whom I should say good bye to. I hope he takes it well.”

(It depends on the guy, but we’ll see! 😕)

All five guys stand awaiting her judgement.

(Aren’t they all so handsome?)

She surveys each one with a smile.

Then she moves toward Burton.

“I love how you make me feel, Burton. Like I’m a diamond on your hand. Will you accept this rose?”

“Of course, darling. I’ll always accept your roses.”

Next, she walks toward Shayne.

“Shayne, I feel like I’ve known you for a long time and feel so comfortable with you. I want to get to know you better.”

“I’d like that, too, sweet Ember.” Shayne takes the rose from Ember’s fingers.

The next bachelor to receive the rose is Mike Eagle.

“I feel all giddy inside when I’m next to you, Mike. Please accept this rose!”

Sniffing deeply, he says, “My heart awaits more time with you, Ember.”

The last two guys know they have a fifty fifty chance of staying. Who will she choose?

Drake or Michael?

She grabs another rose off the table then steps toward….

















“Drake, I love how fun you are and I like your confidence. Will you accept this rose?”

Shocked, Drake grins. “I’d love to.”

As he takes the rose, he says, “I hope we can have a one on one date very soon.”

(Whoa, dude…you’re going to have to earn that spot! But maybe you can in the next challenge! 😝)

And now the tough part. Saying good bye.

“I’m so sorry, Michael, but it seems we’re just too different. I’m very adventurous, I love the outdoors, and I don’t really want that many children. We’re just not a match. I know you’ll find someone who’ll love all the things you do one day.”

Gut twisting, Michael answers, “I felt we would compliment each other in time, Ember. I’m sorry you feel that way. But I understand.”

(Awww…he’s so sweet! I’m bawling they didn’t work out! 😭)

With that, he grabs onto her and gives her a heartfelt hug.

Good bye, dear Michael! You were a shiny heart amongst all the brawn (and high heels!)


And now there’s the final four.

Burton, Shayne, Mike Eagle, and Drake!

It’s time to celebrate so Ember takes the guys to a posh club.

Mike Eagle wastes no time and pumps the keg. “WHOOPIE! Ember likes me! I know I’ll be able to win this!”

(Okay…I love his confidence! Let’s see if he will pull it off. 😜)

Ember automatically draws near to him. “I love that cowboy hat. Would you want to live in the country one day, Mike? Maybe on a ranch?”

Mike answers, “Of course, if you’d like to. But I love it on the mountain where we can go hiking, fishing and climbing. Would you like to settle in Mt. Komorebi?”

Music to her ears, Ember tosses him a loving stare. “That’s exactly where I’d want to live.”

Ember is thirsty so she heads toward the bar area and settles next to Shayne.

Shayne asks, “What’s the next challenge going to be, Ember? Make sure it’s something athletic so I can win. I’m terrible at anything else.”

Ember laughs at his forwardness. “The challenges are already set, Shayne. I’m sorry but you’ll just have to do your best. Let’s not think about that now and enjoy our time together!”

(Shayne is VERY competitive, I see! Let’s hope that doesn’t do him in! 👀)

Drake overhears them and cuts in, “Lucky for me, I’m good at everything. But I hope the next challenge is a video game since that’s my specialty.”

Keisha McCartney from last generation overhears the nonsense and smirks. “Video game challenges are for cottoncandyninnymongers. You should go for a real challenge.”

Interested, Drake sits next to her and asks, “What would you suggest?”

Arching an eyebrow, she answers, “Who can wrestle with their imaginary best friend the best.”

Ember takes a swallow of her drink and says in her head, “Creator, I’m so glad Dad didn’t pick her…I’d be nothing but a figment of their imagination.”

(You got that. But Ember, dear, you wouldn’t exist. I actually think Keisha has a certain flair about her but yeah, your mother’s insanity was hard enough. 🙃 At least you survived! 👽)

Tired of all the competitive talk, Ember spies Burton all alone. She notices how great he looks in every outfit–especially those tight pants.

(You naughty girl! Get your mind out of the gutter!)

“But Creator, I can’t help it!”

(Hormones. 😐)

“Hello, darling,” Burton says smiling. “Want a drink from the keg?”


But instead of handing her a cup, he lifts her up and tries to do a keg stand.

But he’s not that strong and lets her fall.

(Oh no! Are you okay, Ember?)

Rubbing her back, Ember laughs. “That’s surprised me!”

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises,” Burton says smugly.

“I bet you are…”

I see all kinds of wicked things swirling in her mind and I back out of that pit quickly.

(UGH! Ember! Behave yourself!)

Looking up at me she says, “Creator, you’re only young once!”

(That’s true indeed, Ember…because I can see into the future and you will be an old lady one day, so yes. Why not enjoy your youth?)

Sorry we have to say good bye to Michael! He was such a sweet guy! He will be missed. Unfortunately, they just weren’t a match. Thank you to haswh for submitting him!

Next chapter we’ll have a solo date challenge where one lucky bachelor will get the chance for a fancy one on one, second place will get another one on one and the two losers will go one a two on one date!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.9

    1. That really all depends on the next challenge. Drake might be at the end atm, but if he wins the challenge, it’ll be a game changer.

      So, let’s hope he does well! ❤

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  1. Oh Michael. He looks pretty disappointed even though Ember is apparently not quite his type 💔

    Only four participants left. It’s hard to interpret who Ember prefers at the moment. She seems to enjoy everyone’s company.

    Mike looks very serious and determined but is that how you win Ember’s heart? Fingers crossed 🤞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So…all four guys are very competitive…and that might help them in the long run.

      Ember likes all of these guys. It’s very close. Anything can happen to swing the points in their favor!

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