Chapter 4.8

Ember is so excited to go on her date with Mike Eagle!

She waves at him. “Hey, handsome. Ready to head to the slopes today?”

“Most definitely. I’d like to spend every moment with you.”

These two can’t stop looking at each other!

(I’m getting hot just by watching. Whew, guys! You’d never know it was snowing outside! 🤣)

Mike Eagle suggests, “Let’s get cozy on the sleds. What do you think?”

“First one there is a yellow snowman!” Ember takes off, STILL taking in that gorgeous face of Mike’s.

The two jump into the sled.

“Hang onto me!” Mike says.

(Whoa, Mike! It’s early in your relationship and she has four other guys to “hang onto”! 😑)

They both slide down the mountain.

“Wee!” Ember cries, cold wind whipping through her curls.

When they finish, Ember asks, “Want to go again?”

Locking his eyes with hers, Mike Eagle answers, “How about we get warm and comfortable by the fire at the coffee shop.”

(Wow…how can she pass up an offer like that?)

Well, I’d say that date went well.

It was so wonderful that it pooped out our bachelorette and she fails on one of the benches.

Rested up and ready to go, Ember wants to give Michael a solo date, too, since he won the first round of snowboarding as well.

She takes him to a cozy bar with its own hot springs.

“Have I ever told you that you have the most gorgeous eyes, Michael?” Ember coos as they walk over to the establishment.

“Thank you. I get them from my mother. I’m so glad to be here with you, Ember!” Michael says, beaming.

After they have a few drinks, Michael looks around the place and sniffs. “It’s kind of dirty in here, isn’t it?”

“That’s the beauty of it, Michael. We’re out here in the rugged outdoors. My favorite!”

Just then a local guy spies our bachelorette. “Is that you, Ember? It’s me! Kado Akiyama. Remember I gave you that ski lesson a few weeks ago?”

“Oh yeah…omg, you’re such an amazing skier, Kado. How could I forget?”

Michael droops, feeling left out.

(Wow. Does Michael have a hidden jealous trait?)

Afterwards, Ember decides to leave since Michael wasn’t feeling the surroundings. She wants him in a better mood.

(How do you think the date is going, Em?)

“I adore Michael, but he’s kind of grumpy. I think some park food will help.”

(Ah, Ember…ever the bright cheerful sunny disposition!)

But Michael isn’t pleased. I think he wants to go back to the nice cozy mansion. The boy likes the finer things!

But Michael doesn’t tell Ember this and they get some maki rolls anyway. Ember can feel Michael’s mood.

He drinks some coffee and that seems to allieviate his bad spirits.

“Michael, where would you want to live and settle down? It seems you don’t like it here all that much. But I’m up to move anywhere.”

“I love the seashore and woods. Have you ever been to Brindleton Bay?”

Ember loves Brindleton Bay! Then the two talked all about walking on the seashore together, eating crabs, and drifting through the trails of Deadgrass Isle.


It’s the next day and it’s time for the group date with Drake, Shayne and Burton. They go to a Japanese resort and spa!

Shayne helps himself to the pastries at the coffee bar while Burton tells Ember stories about his homelife.

“Why don’t we go somewhere where we can talk privately, Burton?” Ember suggests.

After they settle in another part of the resort, Ember asks ,”So, Burton, where would you want to live if we settled down together?”

“I’ll go wherever you wish, darling. As long as there’s animals around for me to take care of.” He wiggles his fingers. “And I especially want to take care of you and our children.”

(Oh, man. Burton sure does amp up the charm, doesn’t he? I think the bachelorette is smitten!)

Next, Ember watches Diamonds are for Sims with Drake.

“So, I’m going to be a chef one day. What’s your favorite dish you’d like me to prepare for you? I’ll make anything!”

Drake blushes. “Seriously, Ember, any dish you prepare will be my favorite. I’m not a picky eater but I would love to hug and distract you while you make it.”

(Oh my! Drake is putting on the smooth moves with his love language. Good job, Drake. I think that won points with our bachelorette! 😉 )

Now I find Shayne and Ember sizzling in the hot springs.

Ember blows a kiss at him (autonomously!!!)

Shayne can feel the love. “Do you know that I adore you already, Ember darling?”

“You do?” Ember puts her hand over her heart. “That means so much to me, Shayne. It’s been so easy to get to know you. I love that about you.”

Sun bursts from Shayne’s face.

(Aww…these two are so cute!)


All of the dates went very well! Next up…an elimination and a party! Who will go home?

13 thoughts on “Chapter 4.8

    1. You got that right!!! The solo dates got much more time but the group dates actually had some one on one time plus whatever they did to talk to her in the group!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh wow! Nice dates. I love that Ember blew Shayne an autonomous kiss, and he was just beaming in the Onsen with her. I think that Shayne is smitten with her. And Drake wanting to give her a hug while she is cooking…oh la la…I can see that there would be more than cooking going on in the kitchen! And Burton being the older charmer…reminds me of the movie Coming to America…”whatever you like”. I think that Michael had a bit of a hard time on this date but did perk up when they talked about Brindleton Bay. And Mike Eagle! Oh….what a smooth operator he is, “hang onto me”, I think he definitely scored some points with Ember on that date. Gorgeous scenery, and builds. Love it!


    1. I was shocked when she blew that kiss. Usually I have to do the romance with them at this stage. At this point she only did one flirt and the rest was up to Shayne got a little special treatment there! Lol!
      All the guys did what they could. Michael had a disadvantage at the bar because it has a dirty hot spring and he couldn’t take it. Once he got out of there, he perked up! 😁


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