Chapter 4.7

Since there are now six bachelors, it’s time to move into the bachelorette mansion made just for Ember by the talented RABOOSKI!

Ember stares at all her gorgeous, hunky suitors.

“I’m a lucky girl, aren’t I, Creator?” Ember beams.

(Yup. And there’s one lucky guy failing behind you. 😑)

Mike Eagle snores in the entryway.

(Was he enraptured by his own modeling prowess and then couldn’t stay awake any longer? 😝)

“He sure is cute. I love watching him sleep.”

(That doesn’t sound creepy at all. 😅 ***whisks Ember to her room to change***)


There are two guys Ember is not sure about. She likes both very much but she’s not as attracted to them as she’d like. And although both have tickled her fancy in many ways, she knows one has to go.

The two are…















Jake and Michael!

So she takes them on a two on one date. At the end of their time, she’ll usher one out the door, sadly.

First, they play Don’t Wake the Llama.

Jake studies every move with intensity.

Peering at the logs, he mutters, “I know all of you are out to get me but fear not! I’m onto you.”

(They’re inanimate objects, Jakey! 🙄)

But he can’t hear me. Lol!

Because of Jake’s meticulous playing power, poor Michael loses.

(Cue the mwap mwap mwap music.)

After that disaster (because no one talked to the bachelorette), Ember tries another angle by taking the two to the onsen bathhouse. This should be romantic. Right?


Unfortunately, the water is disgusting and no one is having a good time.

Well, except Jakey.

“Government officials will NEVER step one flatfooted boot in this soup of microorganisms. I’m safe now. Muahahaahaaaa!”

(Exactly WHY are you worried about the government, Jakey??? 👀)

Hours pass and it’s time for Ember to make her decision. But the boys didn’t make it easy on her. Neither one really talked to her at all.

(What are you going to do, Em?)

Ember shakes her head.

Then she counts on her fingers. “Eeny meeny miny moe…”

(You’re not making an important decision by using a child’s rhyme are you, Ember???? 😳)

“What else can I do, Creator? It’s up to chance at this point since neither one of them wanted to chat.”

(Ugh… 😩)

“….and I pick the very best one and you are not it.” She sees her finger pointing to Jake.

“Sorry, Jake, but fate is against you, dear.”

Jake’s eyes pop out. “What? I can’t believe it.”

Wringing her hands, Ember feels a rock drop in her stomach. “I don’t want anyone to leave but I have deeper feelings with the other men. I’m so sorry.”

Jake bursts into tears.

(Omg, this is so SAD! Are you sure you can’t give him another chance, Ember? 😭)

Ignoring me, she takes Jake by the hand and envelops him in a hug. “It was great getting to know you. I’m sure there’s a professional body guard type of girl that will fit you to a tee!”

(Or an alien… 😏 👽)

And with that, poor Jake scuttles away into the unknown with eyes watching his every move.

(Ah, Jakey. I’m so worried for you with that paranoid trait! I’ll make sure you have a happy life! We’ll miss all your antics! 😭😭😭)


With that somber business out of the way, there are only five guys left! Yikes. We’re getting close!

And so it’s time for a challenge! Whoever wins at snow boarding (which just means whoever doesn’t fall on his face) will win a solo date with our bachelorette!

(Who do you think will win this challenge, Ember?)

Grinning, Ember says, “Well, all of them are very athletic. I think I’ll be surprised.”

(We’ll see. 🤐)

Ember runs alongside the guys to the ski lift.

Drake is first to arrive.

(He doesn’t look very confident, does he?)

Flying down the slope like a pro, he’s got this!

Until he falls hard on his back.

(Oh my! That was hard to watch! 😩)

Next, it’s Mike Eagle’s turn.

He glides down the slope, edging his board into the powder.

And comes to a stop like he knows what he’s doing. (Mike is up for that solo date. But will someone else do as well?)

It’s Michael’s turn!

“I’m gonna show Ember I adore her! I just need this chance.” Michael glides down but he’s a little wobbly.

(Ugh. I can’t watch. 🤦‍♀️)

Surprisingly, he halts in the nick of time without falling!

(What’s with the townie ruining my shot??? 😡)

Well, we have two guys who’ll be in the snow-board offs. Let’s see what Burton can do.

He starts quickly, weaving in and out. Oh…he knows what he’s doing.

But then he trips on a snowboard that was left on the slope and careens into the snow.

(Poor guy! 😵 That looked like it hurt!)

Now it’s our military man, Shayne’s turn. If anyone could conquer the hill, he can!

But no. He can’t.

Sorry, Shayne, you’re out of the solo date running.

So we have a two man challenge. If they both succeed, both will get a solo date!

It’s Michael’s turn.

(Nice pink boots, Michael! 🤓)

He flies in the air like he’s in the Olympics!

(It’s looking like he’s going to knock this out of the ski park!)



Mike Eagle can’t wait to show off.

He spirals into the cold air, leaning on his back foot to make a nice landing.

His arms flail! Will he face plant?

No! He nails the landing and the solo date with his honey pie.

“Congratulations, Mike Eagle,” Michael says reluctantly.

Mike Eagle nods. “There was never any doubt.”

Sorry we have to say good bye to Jake. Thank you, thypie, for submitting him. In the end, his paranoid trait hurt him. He had a lot more time with Ember than the other guys but he’s not that easy to get to know (for Ember). I’ll make sure he has a nice family in game and we’ll check in on him later.

Thank you to the talented RABOOSKI for making the bachelorette mansion just for Ember. Go here if you want to see it: THE BACHELORETTE

25 thoughts on “Chapter 4.7

  1. Sorry to see Jake leave. And Shayne – what the heck were you doing? You’re athletic…I think…anyway, you should have aced that snowboarding. Geez….anyway, congrats to Mike Eagle for winning the date.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ember is very beautiful and she looks really good in all the colorful outfits. 😍
    She almost always looks happy and comfortable, which is a big change from previous generations.
    But a dirty pool can ruin the mood of anyone

    Oh! It was Jake’s time to leave the selection. He has been really entertaining to follow. He is something of a personality.

    Mike looks really handsome in the picture with his dog. Did I put on that set of clothes? I do not remember 🤔

    I know Mike dreams of climbing Mt. Komorebi, but I had not imagined that he was so talented on a snowboard.
    He’s won a date! Jubii! 🤗
    I really hope he pulls himself together and gives Ember a little more attention. I think he mostly looks reasonably inattentive. Only time will tell.😬

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mike does look especially handsome in that picture. I do believe you gave him those clothes. I’ve only had to give him more snow outfits. You did a great job with his wardrobe!!!

      Mike always works out and it showed on the slopes! Let’s see if he can romance the bachelorette on their date!

      He’s a cool character–very self assured. That’s why he looks that way. I assure you they’ll get cozy and he’ll be more attentive. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ember is really pretty!

      Yep. XD Paranoid, Bookworm, and Gloomy, I believe I made him. I can’t help but feel bad for my baby boy.

      He does! His pupper is cute too! I love puppers. ☺

      XD Maybe your boy’s naturally talented?
      Yay! I like Mike.
      XD I hope he does too! He’s pretty interesting.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually, thought about it, probably because this is the first bachelorette/bachelor challenge I took part in, so I didn’t have high hopes. XD He sure is entertaining, though!


      1. I’ve done a TON of these kinds of challenges (subbing for them) and my sim only won once out of like twelve times I’ve subbed. Odds are against your sim getting to the end, BUT I thought Jakey would have gone far. But he would always start getting paranoid and this would make him tense which isn’t good for relationships.


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