Chapter 4.6

As snow swirls in the middle of the evening, Ember takes another bachelor out for a speed date.

She finds this cozy ice cream shop that’s perfect for….

Burton, of course!

“Ah…the aroma of cupcakes, darling. You know me well,” Burton says, sniffing deeply.

Arching an eyebrow, Ember nods. “I think I’ll make you one then.”

“You will?” Burton grabs onto Ember and gives her a hug.

(Way to go, Burton. You know this game. 😏)

As Ember fiddles with the cupcake controls on the weird contraption, Burton tries his hand at the violin.

(My ears are literally bleeding. 😑)

(Hurry, Ember! Make the #%$&# cupcakes! I can’t take any more of Burton’s so called minuet!)

“I can’t speed up time, Creator. That’s your department.”

(Oh yeah. It is. ***Puts game at FULL SPEED***)

And instantly, Ember displays a scrumtious plate of donut holes.

(YUM! I’m pretty hungry. Too bad I can’t eat those…sigh…)

Both of them sit at a pink table munching and chewing without saying anything.

(Ember…you need to at least converse with him. You’re running out of time! 🙄)

Awkwardly, Ember starts, “So…Burton…what are you looking for in a life partner?”

Swallowing the delicious donut, he answers, “I’ve been made fun of my whole life for being rather…odd. I need someone who accepts all of me whether I’m in rugged hiking boots or fancy high heels. I also adore pets so if you choose me, we’ll have to share our home with our special four legged friends as well.”

“What do you think, darling?” Burton adds.

Ember grins. “I think you’re amazing, Burton. I love how different you are AND that you can rock high heels better than I can.”

(Awww…how sweet!)


Next up is poor Mike Eagle’s turn since Ember had postponed his date earlier. We don’t want to make the guy wait any longer!

They trot to the nearest pub.

There’s a festival going on, so they both grab some strange Japanese dishes (that I really don’t know the names of. Is that squid or sea cucumber? ***Scratches head***)

Diving right in, Ember asks, “So, Mike, what qualities do you hope to find in your life partner?”

“I need someone who would love to go hiking with me. I especially want to climb Mt. Komorebi.” He gives her a look. “Would you want to do that?”

Just then as if in answer, fireworks scream through the sky.

Ember talks over the noise. “I can’t wait to climb the mountain, Mike. In fact, I’d love to work out with you some time.”

(Well, well…that might be a good date! ***Writes in notebook***)

But Mike’s all out of time. It’s the next morning and it’s STILL SNOWING.

That’s perfect for this snow globe cafe!

“Wow, sweetheart,” Shayne says, looking Ember up and down. “You look amazing in that outfit.”

(Smooth, Shayne…very smooth. 😆)

“This kind of reminds me of my grandma’s kitchen with all the homespun decorations. Would you like to live on a farm, sweetie?” Shayne asks.

Ember throws a come hither stare at beautiful Shayne. “As long as you’re there, Shayne, I’d go anywhere.”

(Wow, Ember! It seems you’re in love! With SIX men! Whew…you’ve got a lot to think about for the elimination!)

14 thoughts on “Chapter 4.6

      1. Ironically, they’re dates are both on this chapter. One guy, because he was smelly and… yuck. Other guy, because threatening to punch my baby boy. Do not like.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. XD Yep! Poor baby boy Jakey doesn’t deserve any of it. It still breaks my heart to go back and look at his sad face holding the cupcake when Drake is hugging Ember. I feel like he was thinking; “But… but I have a cupcake…”

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh Ember, you are indeed a woman who knows her own heart…six times over. lol Wonderful dates. I love how the Creator speeded things up not to hear Burton’s minuet rendition. Oh, and she wants to “work out” with Mike Eagle. Oh Ember! Way to see his muscles! lol And that Shayne, already thinking about where they might live, and Ember certainly has no problem living anywhere that Shayne would be living. Ahhh…sweet 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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