Chapter 4.5

It’s a beautiful sunny day! And it’s time for…


This is where the bachelorette goes on a date with each of the men for two sim hours.

First up is the confident and amazingly handsome, Drake Johansson. Here’s a pic from his modeling session. Heh. 😍

I whisk the two of them to a cool bar.

They sit in awkward silence hoping for some alcohol to break the tension.

(Go ahead and ask him a question, Ember! Times a wasting!)

“Okay, Creator, stop making me so nervous!” Ember yells in her head. She then blurts, “What are you looking for in a life partner?”

Drake doesn’t miss a beat and answers, “Someone who loves to hike and have many adventures. I also want to beat the mountain. I’ve never made it to the top.”

“That sounds amazing. I’d love to mountain climb one day.”


Next on the speed dating tour is….


Here’s his GORGEOUS model pic:

Since Michael loves fine dining, Ember decides to visit this posh place in Wakaba.

(Are you excited, Ember?)

“I don’t know, Creator. Michael gives me huge butterflies, so I’m super nervous.”

(I can understand that. He’s a handsome doctor who’s so sweet. He’s a catch. ***points finger*** Don’t mess this up!)

“Now you’ve made me even more nervous!”

(Oops. 😅)

When they arrive, the evil host sends them outside into the cold. (At least the view is amazing!)

Ember nervously stares at the menu and Michael seems a little nervous too.

(Someone, please talk to each other!)

Thankfully, the awkward vibes are broken when the waiter comes to take their order. Michael rattles off a ton of dishes which puts a smile on Ember’s face.

(One way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach. Am I right? 😉 )

Ember wrings her hands. “S-so, Michael…you’re into children and you want four kids. I’m actually happy about that now. Where would you want to live?”

“Brindleton Bay is the best place to raise a family, but I’d go anywhere with the love of my life.”

Ember’s eyelashes flutter as she blushes. “I’d love to go to Brindleton Bay. The ocean is so beautiful.”

After dinner, Ember walks around in a Michael haze.

(Yo, Ember! You have another guy to go out with!)

“Isn’t Michael dreamy, Creator?”

(Yes he is but you have five other he’s-dreamies and another date!)

But by the time she hits the driveway of the mansion, her plumbob is beet red.

“I just…can’t, Creator.”

(Aww…Mike Eagle is going to be disappointed but maybe they wouldn’t get along in her state so sleep is a necessary evil!)

“Hello, sweet lady,” Mike Eagle says. “The moon’s so bright tonight. How about we go for a romantic stroll in the park?”

But instead of answering, Ember starts snoring…and then…


(Yup…you’re not getting any romance from her tonight, bud. Sorry. We’ll get you a better date tomorrow.)


It’s early morning and it’s time for a breakfast date with…










Here’s his sexy pic:

They head over to Senbamachi to a quaint diner.

But before they can go in, Jake squeals. “It’s a festival! That reminds me of my childhood.”

(Okay…date venue change!)

The two grab some food and coffee from the vendors and sit at a picnic table.

Ember starts off, asking him, “So, Jake, if we worked out, how many children would you like to have?”

“Well, kids make me nervous, so I really wouldn’t want more than one.” He grins. “If that’s okay with you.”

(***Jumps up and down*** That’s TOTALLY okay with her. Ember! He’s THE ONE!!!!)

She chomps down her Ikayaki (that’s grilled squid. YUM!). She says in her head, “Um, Creator? I get to choose which one, thank you.”

(***rolls eyes*** Okay, fine. 😑 But look at that cute face eating his ice cream. 🤓 He’s PERFECT!)

Then he gets an ice cream headache and wiggles around. “UGH!”

Ember laughs. “You’re right, Creator. Jake’s adorable.”

(Told ya. 😜)

Stay tuned for the next three guy’s dates and then an elimination where Ember will have to say good bye to one of these hotties. 😔

18 thoughts on “Chapter 4.5

      1. Yeah….playing is the easy part…and I’d forgotten how hard doing all the posing was when I got back into D & K…with that the writing is the easier part. Lol


  1. Ok, all of these buys are posing in the cold and snow half nekkid! lol I love Ember….Umm…Creator…I just can’t. lol She is nice even to the Creator. She certainly likes all of the contestants so far.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Omg…snow is a theme in this gen! And half nekkid isn’t bad is it?? 🙂

      Ember is THE nicest heir we’ll ever have…I mean it! So don’t get used to it. Her next child/TH…oh MY!!!!

      Ember would take all of the contestants if she could. She relates to all of them in a special way. All are really amazing!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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