Chapter 4.3

Our bachelorette needs some RNR so she travels with her fellas to the local onsen (Japanese hot springs).

(OOoooo…Burton is looking hot, hot, HOT in his swimsuit!!! 😍)

And things are getting steamy in the springs themselves. Aww…Michael knows how to put the moves on the bachelorette.

The two get cozy on the couch and Ember uses this time to get to know Michael better. “So, what made you want to become a pediatrician?”

He answers, “My mom basically left me when I was a kid and my dad worked a lot. I just want to help kids since that’s what I needed at that time. Children hold a special place in my heart.”

(What a sweet guy! 😍)

“How many kids would you want?” Ember asks.

(Oh my! Such a forward question this early, Ember!)

But Michael answers anyway. “I want at least four. Maybe more!”

Ember frowns. “That’s A LOT of kids.”

(Are you thinking about your preggers father? Well, you never saw him like that since you and Zion were his last birth! 😝 But I don’t blame you, Em. That IS a lot of kids.)

Getting over that kick in the stomach answer, I find Ember with a huge smile on her face.

(What are you looking at, Ember?)

I didn’t have to wait long to find dreamy Drake swooping in for a hug much to Jake’s horror.

“Eat this, sucker!” Drake says to Jake.

(Smug, isn’t he? 👀)

The two sit down and chat. “You wouldn’t want more than four kids, would you?” Ember asks.

Startled, Drake says, “FOUR? Well…

“I’d have as many as you wish, dear Ember. I grew up here on the mountain and this is a great place to raise children.”

Ember bites into her hamburger, thinking. She doesn’t know how many kids she really wants.

After a refreshing day at the hot springs, it’s dinner time and Ember grabs some soup, bumping into Burton. “You look beautiful tonight.”

Arching his eyebrow, he says in a sultry voice, “I’ll never be as beautiful as you, darling.”

(Whew! Is it getting hot in here? These two just smolder whenever they’re around each other!)

But Burton is edged out of the table and has to stand up to eat his dinner.

“What are we doing tonight, Ember?” Mike Eagle asks.

Burton adds, “I do hope it’s a party, darling. I’d love to dance with you.”

“Me, too!” Omari bursts.

Nodding, Ember announces, “I just got off the phone with my dad. You’re all invited to a party at my parents’ house.”

(EEK! Are you sure you want them to meet your father right now? Zolnax is liable to run them off)

But she doesn’t listen to me and they all arrive at Zolnax and June’s mansion.

The dj is bopping, spraying the place in psychedelic lasers. Ember eyes one of her yummy suitors–Shayne.

Unfortunately, it isn’t Jake.

“She doesn’t like me. I knew it. She hates me!”

(Jakey, calm down! She has seven guys and she can’t focus on you 24-7!)

But he can’t hear me. 😭

“What kind of jerks have you brought to my daughter, Creator?” Zollie asks, making a grand entrance.

(***hands on hips*** These are all WONDERFUL men, I’ll have you know. Oh why am I even answering? He can’t hear me anymore. 😩)

Burton bows then says, “It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance, former tyrant, Zolnax Rex. I am Burton Ramirez and I have the great privelege of worshipping the ground your daughter walks on.”

Zollie lifts one side of his mouth. “Okay, this one can stay.”

(Sigh…Ember, tell your father to be nice to EVERYONE! Or else!)

“Daddy, Creator says you need to be nice to all the guys. One of them will be my husband and you have to give everyone a chance.”

(Or ELSE!)

“Or else, she says.”

Smirking, Zolnax retorts, “Creator has no power over me like she thinks she does. But very well, I’ll be nice. For you, sweetheart.”

(This is the thanks I get for all those years of devotion and helping him achieve his life’s goals no matter how awful they were! 😐 Typical.)

Just then Zollie gasps. “My baby girl is making doe eyes at a weirdo!”

(Zolnax, Drake is not a weirdo! He’s a handsome, very put together, very nice guy. Who cares if his head’s a bit inflated? He’s GORGEOUS. 😍)

Drake offers a hand to Ember. “Want to put down those eggs and scramble on the dance floor with me?”

Grinning, Ember answers, “I’d love to!”

This tête-à-tête doesn’t sit well with Burton.

(Oh no! Our first bout of jealousy!!! 😵 )

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4.3

  1. I love the way Drake just swoops in with his smug self and takes over. And poor Burton is so into her that he’s now getting jealous which might be a bad thing in the end. And Mike Eagle is just gorgeous. 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Drake is very smoooooth…I love how he goes around not worried about anything. He’s always smiling or confident. 😉

      And it might be bad for Burton to be jealous now but we’ll see how things go.

      Mike Eagle is BEAUTIFUL!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That Drake – he just moves in on Ember whenever he has a chance, doesn’t he? Uh oh! And poor Burton, who was making great headway, is now jealous. Ugh! Shayne stayed out of the drama, at least. I think Mike Eagle was making a move and Omari chimes right in. Jake…poor Jake…that paranoid trait is gonna get you! And Michael did well in the beginning until he told her he wanted 4 kids…um…maybe Ember doesn’t want a big family. And a party with Zolnax…and Burton knows how to “suck up” to Dad. lol Great chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Drake knows how to move in on his girl…

      But then Burton isn’t happy. Hopefully this doesn’t do him in!

      Shayne is very smart not to get involved in any drama. He is good that way!!!

      Mike Eagle knows what he’s doing…heh…and Michael is still in this. He just kind of caught Ember off guard.

      So glad you liked the chapter!

      Liked by 1 person

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