Chapter 4.1

Our sassy TH is in a grumpy mood. What’s wrong with this teen?

“Bye, sis,” Jax says as he heads out the door to work at Simbucks. “Oh…and happy birthday.”

(That’s right! We have a generation to get on with! Eek! So soon! 😱)

I rush over to find Zolnax. Last gen, Hunter was so distraught at losing my pithy comments and loving retorts.

But he’s GRINNING!

(Why are you so happy, Zollie? Do you realize you won’t be able to hear me as soon as Ember blows out the candles? ***puts hands on hips***)

“I’m aware, Creator.” He grins even bigger.

(So no “it’s been a great life with you, Creator, and I’ll miss you”? Nothing?)

“I was just thinking about how wonderful the silence will actually be.”

(Fine. I won’t miss you either. ***sticks tongue out*** Evil sims. 😑)

Without fanfare, Ember blows out her candles.

But she misses.

“Woot, Em!” Messiah pumps his fist. “Way to fail!”

(Brotherly love. 🙄)

She tries again and twirls through a sparkle tornado.

Tada! Our beautiful torch holder is ready!

She rolls the bookworm trait! Whew! No more evil sims!!!

Zolnax throws confetti and shouts, “So long, Creator! I’ll miss you!”

(For some reason I don’t believe him. 😐)

“Ember, dear…” Zolnax says, pointing to the couch. “I need to discuss something with you.”

Before Ember can sit down, Zolnax unleashes the truth.

“Remember a while ago when you saw me talking at the air and you thought I was losing my mind? Well, guess what, sweetheart, you’ve been chosen to become the new torch holder and now YOU will be hearing our Creator in your mind from now until your child grows up. Isn’t that wonderful?”

(Zollie, get that maniacal look off your face. You’re going to scare the poor girl! 😡)

Ember’s face droops. “Daddy, there’s a strange voice in my head speaking to you.”

(***Shakes head*** This introduction isn’t going very well. 🤦‍♀️)

“Yes, darling, that’s our Creator. She’s the curse, I mean, the gift that’s given to the one who will carry on our family legacy. Now, honey, she talks incessantly about every move you’ll make to the point you’ll want to hang yourself, but persevere because there IS light at the end of that long, arduous tunnel and I’m here to say that the peace and quiet will come to…”

(Oh for heaven’s sake, Zollie, shut up! Ember, I’m your Creator. Don’t listen to your father. I truly am a gift to you to guide and take care of you and your family. In fact, I have seven dreamy guys waiting to have the chance at becoming your husband. All are gorgeous, funny, and well, amazing! Are you in?)

Ember looks up at me and says, “You bet I am!”

(Well, that was easy! I think I’m going to like this generation! 😝)

I whisk Ember to Mt. Komorebi and she’s stunned.

“Is this…my home?” she asks.

(No…it’s just a temporary lodge. You and your seven guys will be staying here for a few days until your bachelorette mansion is ready. Until then, it’s just cozy enough for you to meet all the guys and get to know them. After you pick your hubby, I’ll then have a home built especially for the two of you. Sound good?)

“What are we waiting for, Creator? Let me at the hunks!”

(Well alright! ***Pumps fist***)

Everyone settles on the couch instantly without even taking off their winter-wear. She’s sitting with Mike Eagle from Mt. Komorebi on her left, and Shayne Layton from Windenburg and Burton Ramirez from San Myshuno to her right.

Ember offers gleefully, “So, guys, tell me about yourselves. I want to know everything!”

Mike jumps in, “I hope you like dogs. I have a siberian husky named Snowflake. She would love to meet you.”

“I adore dogs! Maybe you can bring her when we move to the mansion!” Ember gushes.

“I’d like that very much.”

(Oooohh, she’s getting along with someone already! 😊)

“Hello, Miss Ember!” Burton waves his dainty hand at her. “I’m so pleased to make your acquaintance.”

(Such a proper fella. And beautiful, too! 😍)

Ember waves back and winks at him. “Me, too! Looks like we have a lot in common already! Our hair is almost the same and I even own a hat just like that!”

Burton chuckles. “We’re practically twins!”

Turning to Shayne, she asks, “So, what made you decide to come here?”

Lifting his arms, he explains, “I was raised by my grandparents who loved each other until death do us part. I’m hoping to find that ‘spark’ with someone, too. Maybe that will be with you, lovely Ember.”

(What a schmoozer. But he’s so fine, he could schmooze me any day. ***faints***)

“He’s here for me, Creator,” Ember says in her head.

(Lolz…don’t worry, honey, I’m happily married!)

Just then, two more guys walk in: Jake Wallace from Strangerville and Michael Larson from Brindleton Bay.

When they sit down, Burton says, “Knock knock.”

Ember answers, “Who’s there?”


“Adore who?”

“Adore’s between you and me so please open up.”

Everyone laughs and claps at Burton’s joke.

Everyone except Jake. “What’s so funny? Are they laughing at me?”

(Paranoid much? 👀)

Michael walks over. “Ember, I’m delighted to be here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

(Another mannerly man. Ember is so lucky!)

We’ve met five guys. I wonder where the other two are? 🤔

And just as I’m speaking, in walks a hunk who looks like he’s been using the weight room already. Drake Johansson from Mt. Komorebi. Another local boy!

He throws a come hither stare at our bachelorette. “You look so beautiful, sweet Ember. I cannot wait to get to know you better.”

(Aaaand I’m sure she can’t wait to get you alone, I mean, get to know you better either, Drake! 😍)

“Welcome, Drake. I can assure you we’ll all get to know each other in time.”

Burton pops his hand up. “Let’s all change out of these uncomfortable clothes and play some games!”

(Wow. He’s a leader, too. I’m liking him more and more!)

After everyone changes, I find Ember walking downstairs.

(So, what do you think?)

“Well, there’s not a serial killer in the bunch! I approve.”

(That’s one way to look at it! 😆)

When Ember enters the game room, she finds four of the guys playing on the arcade.

(What’s wrong with this picture? GUYS! The bachelorette wants to talk to you! ***Smh*** Guys and video games. 😑)

“Hello, there. I’m Omari Drake. I’ve got something special for you in another room.”

(Well, that’s a bold move. Looks like Omari cut in front of poor Michael.)

What does Omari have cooked up? Oh, he wants to give Ember a foot rub.

(***Scratches chin*** That didn’t go too well in Zolnax’s gen. I wonder if it’ll be better this time.)

Nope. His unskilled hands only make Ember wince with pain.

(Not a good move, Omari!)

But he seems to be satisfied with himself. Time will tell if she liked the attention!


It’s evening and time for our first party.

The guys fly to the dance floor and start putting on the moves.

Ember can’t help herself. She checks out Burton’s ass and likes what she sees.

Burton catches her. “Are you…checking me out?”

Michael is internally kicking himself for being so shy. He’d love to be smooth like Burton or even Shayne.. He can only hope he’ll get some one on one time with Ember.

But he’s doing better than some that didn’t show up for the party.

I find Jake in his room snoring.

And Omari must have wiped himself out with that foot rub. Not good!

At the party, Ember blushes. “I’m sorry if I offended you. I just…love your look.”

“Right back atcha, my goddess. You’re lovelier than a cherry blossom in the springtime.”

(Ahhh! I’m melting inside! 😍)

“I am, too, Creator.”

Our girl is smitten! But there’s a lot of time and dating to go so it’s anyone’s game at this point.

Until next time!

Thank you to Soulgal7, VanPelt81, Aud, thypie, Zachsimsy, MonaSolstraale, and haswh for your gorgeous sims!

24 thoughts on “Chapter 4.1

    1. The competition is ON! Three out of the seven are tied atm…they’re all doing their best at impressing her. Your dude is just so self confident…to a fault…but we’ll see! Nothing is over until it’s over. The speed dating is coming up later where everyone will get their chance at a one on one for a few hours.

      Ember is so pretty! I love the June/Zollie combo in her. And yes! A break from the evil!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yay! Ember!

    Eeee! Jake! Hi, buddy!
    Yep. Paranoia from being from Strangeville. Not that I blame him. XD
    Jaaaakkkkeeee, you’re supposed to be impressing Ember! My god… you’re embarrassing meeee! XD

    … I have no comment on Jake sleeping in his SWIMMING WEAR. JAAAAKKKKKEEEE! (I’m starting to have a feeling I’m going to be saying his name a lot. :/ My god.) Oh well. Not much you can do for a guy being paranoid and gloomy, and a bookworm. I honestly didn’t think he’d be social, due to that, but… we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully he gets up the courage to TALK TO EMBER.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! Jake does talk to her, you’ll see next chapter, so rest easy. But yeah…he was so wiped out for some reason, I caught him sleeping in the spa and then woke him up to head to the party and he disobeyed me and went to bed!!! You need to talk to your boy about obeying the Creator’s wishes! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, thank god. XD
        Oh, my gosh. Probably in a depressive episode, then. Not up to talking with anyone, and just prefer to be alone… sounds like his gloomy trait is in charge… or he’s too paranoid to go out and interact with anyone, because he thinks they’ll make fun of him.
        I probably do need to. My god.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve never played with a paranoid sim before. I actually like it. He’s so funny. He’s always making the most hilarious faces! He hasn’t been gloomy yet, just really paranoid about people making fun of him. It breaks my heart for him!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ve never played with a paranoid sim, but I figured it would be more fun for you if his traits were a mess. Definitely would make him interesting and unique from the other guys. XD
        Awww… my poor baby boy… I wouldn’t make fun of my baby boy. I love him!

        Okay, now going to go properly read the chapter, because I was distracted by Jake. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh! And I love the kinda salty side-eye Jake’s giving in that one picture to the guy with black hair and a nose piercing (Have not put faces to names yet, other than Jake.)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ember is really beautiful 😍

    There are some pretty interesting types between her suitors. I’m excited about which match speaks to her heart 🤔

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wow! Ember is so gorgeous! At least Ember is keen on everyone so far…and Burton seems to be making headway. Look at that look between them. ooh la la! And looks like Shayne is in the swing of things…yeah! And poor Michael being cut off by Omari…some of these contestants mean business! Poor Jake and Drake missed the party. Love this chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ember really gets along with these guys. It took Zollie a long time to warm up!!

      I was shocked that Omari did that. But he totally wanted some alone time with Ember!

      Shayne is so dreamy! I love all his outfits. Lol!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The game was kind to me for some reason. 😉 But Ember has the jealous trait which comes out from time to time…


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