Chapter 3.32

This is so sad. Since Jax is erratic, he’s always gloomy, not really understanding why and then there’s Mr. Self Assured who’s always smirking.

(Two pink haired cuties though! Lol!)

Messiah sits next to Knox in the kitchen. “What’s worrying you, brother?”

“Dad and this legacy stuff. He’s making me feel guilty about wanting to become a movie star.”

Jax joins them and Messiah says to both of his brothers, “I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we see the fortune teller at the romance festival. She’ll be able to see into our futures and let us know if we’re going to be the heir.”

(That actually sounds like a decent idea, Messiah.)

I pop them over to the festival.

Knox throws a fit. “You didn’t let me change into some decent clothes!”

Messiah explains, “Bro, no one knows who you are so keep your panties on.”

(He’s the only reasonable kid in the whole family!)

Taking a sip of the punch, Jax coos, “I feel all tingly inside!”

Stomping his foot, Knox roars, “Dammit! I wanted to drink first!”

(What a brat! Poor guy has that mean trait though.)

After he takes a sip, his demeanor instantly changes. “Well, well, well…where are all the babes? Their star has arrived.”


Messiah is first up in front of the fortune teller.

She looks him over then pronounces, “You will have your pick of ladies but first, you must conquer your ego and overcome your evil qualities.”

Stars in his eyes, Messiah says, “Sweet! I can overcome anything as long as I have access to a weight room and a couch to sleep on.”

(Such a basic boy. 😝)

Knox asks, “What about me? Will I become a famous movie star?”

“You can do anything and accomplish it with ease but in order for you to be successful, you must suppress your anger and treat others with respect.”

(Good luck with that! 😜)

And now for Jax.

The lady stares him in the eyes. “You are as crazy as a betsy bug on a hot summer day, but do not fear, this makes you endearing to all who will come to know you. You will meet the man of your dreams.”

(Man? So that means…Jax is gay? I had no idea! 😮)

Understanding this great pronouncement, Jax only smiles happily.


And now it’s birthday time!

Ember ages up first.

My GOODNESS! She’s a babe. What a great combo of her parents!

She rolls the jealous trait, unfortunately. That could make things interesting…

And now it’s Zion’s turn!

Ohhh…his hair is actually BLUE! Just like June’s father’s! And of course, he’s dashingly handsome as well.

He rolls the green fiend trait. And I must say, unlike Knox, he rarely gets mad. I’ve never seen his mean trait come out. He’s actually sweet and love pets.

I find June in the kitchen frowning. “I am as old as the methuselah tree on Quinon Seven. My life flees before my dark orbs.”

(Cheer up, June. Sure you’re older than Zollie, but you’ve got lots of years ahead of you!)

Speaking of Zollie, he orders up a dj. It’s time to party and celebrate the ending of this generation!

June gets out of her funk and starts dancing.

(Oh…maybe that’s one of her family members flashing up on the screen there! 😜)

The teens join her, hopeful about their future.

Unlike his trait, Zion is smooth and cool, rocking on the dance floor.

Even the butler joins them, shaking her caboose! Ha!

(Zollie, I must say, you’ve really nailed your generation. I wasn’t sure at first but you’ve somehow pulled it off and made me proud!)

“Of course, Creator, what’d you expect from the most intelligent, handsome human on the planet.”

(Ugh. I spoke too soon. I forgot about your narcissism. 😐)

And so the moon rises over the happy home of Zolnax Rex, ending his generation.

And all is right in the world.

(Except now Vlad is the world’s dicatator. UGH! 😩)

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