Chapter 3.31

The family is home from saying goodbye to Hunter, and Zolnax is woefully depressed.

(Cheer up, Zolnax. Your dad lived a good life. Maybe you’ll see him running around as a ghost, hitting on ladies and having a great time!)

Zolnax gets up and shoots me a sad look. “Creator, I don’t want to end up like him.”

(What do you mean?)

“I never saw him almost my whole life. And now that he’s gone, it’s too late. I won’t do that to my kids or my wife.”

(I don’t get how you can change that.)

“You’ll see.” Zolnax picks up the phone. “Hello, Rachel? This is Zolnax Rex. Tell my boss I quit.”

(***eyes pop*** Whaaaa???)

I’m so shocked, I’m not sure what Zolnax is doing next until I see him meeting with his World Order club.

Ariana gasps. “You’re WHAT??”

Zolnax flips up his hands. “I’ve already accomplished being a world dictator. It’s boring. I’m ready to have adventures with my family.”

Ariana glares. “But what about us, Zolnax? Your minions. We’ve worked hard gathering intelligence, outwitting stupid politicians and extorting money. Don’t you feel bad just leaving us in a lurch like this?”

Zolnax crosses his arms. “I’ve made up my mind. Get someone else to take over. I quit.”

“Good Lord, what is that buffoon babbling about?” Vlad mutters.

“So, it’s true? You’re going to leave world domination?” Vlad asks Zolnax.

Zollie nods, not saying anything.

Smirking like a cat who’s about to pounce on a mouse, Vlad asks, “Can I take your place as dictator then?”


After Zolnax quits his club and his job, I find him on the computer.

(***arches eyebrow*** I thought you wanted to spend more time with your family. Lollygagging on the computer isn’t much different than working.)

Typing a bit more, he says, “I’m not lollygagging, Creator. Look.”

I see a notification that Zolnax is officially disbanding his club.

(Wow. I’m so shocked, Zollie! But I must say I’m proud of you!)

“Thanks, Creator! It’s like the whole world is lifted off my shoulders. Being a dictator isn’t that much fun anyway.”

(I guess…funny how so many people want to do it. ***thinking about all the dirty politicians in MY world*** 😡)


After all the drama dies down, I find the family doing the most typical things.

The butler is creating a firey dish.

And it almost burns Jax’s face off.

Ember is playing vet with her dolls. “I’m so worried Teddy isn’t going to make it.”

(He’s a stuffed animal, sweetie. I think he’ll be fine. 😜)


Next, Zolnax is having a heart to heart with his oldest son. “So, if you’re chosen to take over the legacy, Jax, make sure to do something that will allow you to spend more time with your family.”

“Family? Ew, Dad…I’m not ready for that kind of committment. Can’t I be a kid for a while?”

(He’s not meaning right now. Poor Jax. So confused in his own world all the time.)

Zolnax finds Knox and tells him the same thing.

“Dad, I’m going to be a mega superstar. My kids are going to have to wait in line to see me. Life sucks and they better start learning that early.”

(***slams head on desk***)

Finding her mother, Little Ember says, “Mommy, Daddy said if I take over the legacy, I need to pay attention to my family. Do you think being a chef is a good idea? I can stay home and cook and be a WooTube star.”

June beams. “You are very intelligent for a human, my favorite female offspring. I believe your larvae will be very well served with that conclusion.”

(Does June play favorites? YES! 😝)

And another kid ages up. This generation is almost over!

Messiah gets the self assured trait. So, he’s an evil, self assured athlete.


But he’s definitely the prettiest of the bunch!

Zolnax finds Messiah and dishes out the same advice about being a family man first.

“Of course, Dad. I mean…if I must, I’ll stay home with the kids and my wife can bring home the bacon.”

“Really, son? Wow. You’re the best.” Zolnax gives Messiah a hug.

(Well, that would work best for this crazy ISBI family. 👍)

Will Messiah be the next heir? Hmm…

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.31

  1. Wow! It was a surprising chapter! 😮

    Things are going really fast here and it seems that Zolnax has finally realized that the kids are growing up before he discovers it.
    Think he voluntarily gives up world domination !? Cool! 😎
    It is the fewest rulers who would make that choice … if any at all?
    Vlad as a dictator !? I hope he does not succeed 🙄

    There is nothing as awkward for children as when their parents try to teach them truths they are not mature enough to understand and Zolnax’s children are no exception.
    I do not know if any fruit comes out of the gold grains Zolnax?
    I assume we get wiser with time 🤔

    Messiah is truly a beautiful boy 😍 He looks a lot like his father.
    It’s a shame that the majority of the children have inherited Zolnax’s vicious trait … but who knows? … Zolnax has just shown that there is hope for the worst 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are going fast. I’m hoping to get to the bachelor/bachelorette challenge soon!

      And yes, Zolnax chose well so there is hope for the next gen after all!

      Messiah is a blue Zollie, I think. Lol! Make sure to vote in the poll!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my. Knox is self absorbed and and Jax is clueless. Messiah is gorgeous. As they all are. But what happened to his black hair? Oh well. Pink works. He is half alien. And seems to be the only one willing to be a stay at home dad. But I’m still waiting on the last two. Hmmmm. Can’t wait for the heir vote!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All are gorgeous. I couldn’t believe it! But June and Zolnax are gorgeous in their own right so…but usually one of the kids is an uggo.

      Messiah just came out like that. I was as shocked as you! I thought Zion would have pink hair since he had red hair as a kid but I was wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

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