Chapter 3.30

The two twin teens are about to leave their birthday party when Jax shows Knox a video on Sliktock.

“Wow! That’s super cool!” Knox exclaims.

Jax offers, “Right? We should do one together since we’re twins and all. I think it’d be funny.”

Knox turns on his brother. “Are you kidding? I want to become a world superstar! Do you realize how damaging a crappy Slictoc video would be to my image?”

Jax lurches back. “Whoa dude. I’m sorry. I-I didn’t think about that.”

With a satisfied smirk, Knox says, “Well, now you know. I’m serious about this. Babes are going to come from miles around just to throw their panties at me. You watch.”

Just then, June walks up. “What is this conversation about female undergarments, my eldest male offsprings?”

Both boys say, “Nothing!” and rush away.

(I don’t blame them. I couldn’t imagine what June would say to Knox and his dream of girls throwing their underwear at him. 👀 )


In the basement of the nightclub, I find Zolnax watching tv with his two youngest twins.

“Daddy, I want to be a bug when I grow up,” Ember says, gazing at the tv.

Obviously not listening to her, Zolnax answers, “That’s nice dear.”

(Where did that idea come from? 😵 Does Ember have the erratic trait, too?)

(Oh…I see. She wants to be a star of a kid’s tv show. Whew.)


The following day, Zolnax comes home from work early and gazes up at me with a strange look on his face.

(What’s wrong, Zollie?)

“It’s Dad…he’s…” Zolnax gulps.

(Oh noooooo! I wasn’t fast enough with the vampire idea. 😭)

Zolnax changes into funeral clothing.

“I can’t believe it, Creator. I was just talking to him yesterday.”

(I know…it’s way too soon. I’m so sorry, Zolnax.)

Tears spring to Zolnax’s eyes. “I always thought he’d be there, you know? And now…”

(I can’t believe I was too late. I’m really sorry, Zolnax. But your mom and sister need you at their home right now.)

I whisk Zolnax and his family (minus the youngest, Zion, who decided to go to school.)

Bealzie grabs onto Zolnax.

(Wow. For the first time ever, Bealzibix seems…normal! 😱)

“The human was a lecherous soul but he was a good male progenitor to my human husband,” June says in her warbly voice.

“I liked that about him,” Knox laments.

(Aww…he likes how Hunter was a good dad.)

He adds, “He sure had a way with the babes.”

(***hits head on desk***)

Ember sniffles. “I liked Grandpa’s dreads. He was so funny.”

Messiah nods sadly.

(Goodness, let’s wrap this up, Zolnax. I can hardly take watching all these droopy faces. 😭😭😭)

Covering his eyes, Zolnax says, “Okay, Creator. I’ll just take his urn and give him a proper burial.”

Next, I see Medusa outside looking forlorn.

What???? Medusa is actually sad about Hunter’s passing?

“Hunter was the worst of husbands, but he was mine. How dare he leave this world before me?”

(Ah, well that makes more sense. 🙄)

“Aww…don’t cry, Mom. We’ll get through this.” Zolnax wraps his arms around Medusa.

(I won’t let him know that she’ll get over it in a heartbeat. 😑)

(Zolnax, your father wanted to gift you this money tree as an inheritance.)

Zolnax gazes far beyond the house, his lip quivering. “Thanks, Creator.”

Bending down next to Hunter’s tombstone, Zolnax says some words that strengthen Hunter’s spirit.

And then he silently cries.


RIP Hunter Rex! You had a fun (funny) life and you and your antics will be missed!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.30

    1. Hunter is walking around the world as a ghost so he might show up at the bachelor/bachelorette parties. He loves to dance at the nightclubs! I had Zolnax fortify his spirit so he doesn’t drift away.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. ‘minus the youngest, Zion, who decided to go to school’ – sorry before the sad stuff, this had me cracking up.

    Hunter! Bye sweet insane womanizer. And Medusa was sad! She loved him in her own screwed up way I suppose. He did summon her after all.

    RIP Hunter. I liked his dreads too Ember.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zion just up and left before I could get him to go to the funeral. Ah well…hee hee!

      Sweet insane womanizer…that sums up Hunter succinctly! 😉

      And yeah, Medusa did love/hate him…she loved him even though she couldn’t stand him so a part of her mourned.

      Those gray dreads were so funny…they just fit his craziness. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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