Chapter 3.29

Tonight is what we’ve all been waiting for! The eldest twins are aging up so I whisk them to a nightclub I’d made years ago.

(What’s wrong, Zolnax? Aren’t you happy your boys are finally getting to their teen years?)

Zolnax knits his eyebrows. “Creator, I’ve been on my feet all day and I’ve had to survey the nincompoops who work for me on my androids. They messed up the programming and I had to do it myself. So, no…I’m not exactly looking forward to socializing with people I don’t know or care about. Why can’t Jax and Knox have a quiet party at home like usual?”

(Geeze, who put spiders in your Fruit Bloopies? I can assure you that you’ll know everyone at this party so lighten up and have fun!)

The party is already rocking with Ariana using her high skills in dancing that she’d forged as a bachelorette.

And June’s mom is having a blast in the gaming rig. She’s aged up to elder.

My…time hasn’t been good to her nice sized rack she used to have. 👀 Getting old sucks.

Where are the birthday boys?

I find Jax playing by himself in the upstairs game room. But I have no idea where Knox is. 😕

Medusa sits on the couch downstairs and smiles. “I remember it like yesterday. Forty years ago I gave birth to you, my son.”

(***snaps fingers*** That’s RIGHT! Zolnax, it’s your birthday, too. I’d almost forgotten!)

Zollie sits down. “Well, you can forget your cloudy head about it, Creator. I’m not aging up tonight.”

(You can’t fight aging, Zolnax. The circle of life must move along. I’m sorry. But middle age isn’t so bad. I promise.)

Zolnax looks at me like a lost puppy. “Says you. You live for hundreds of generations. What do you know of my sufferings?”

(Okay, I can’t have your moody self ruining everything. Here’s a potion that’s going to put a smile on your face. Go on…drink it!)

The cup makes a loud KABOOM!

“Are you sure I can slurp this? You’re not trying to get rid of me early, are you, Creator?”

(***rolls eyes*** Just drink it…)

Zolnax guzzles it all down then jumps to his feet. “Muahahahaaaa! I’ve never felt better, Creator! Bring me to my cake!”

(That’s the spirit! It’s in the kitchen. 😝)

While the chef is preparing food and Zolnax’s mother-in-law is scarfing down breakfast…Zolnax blows out the candles.

Instantly, he twirls in a rainbow of glitter and sparkles.

Tada! Zolnax is getting wrinkles by the minute.

(Now I feel old. 😭)

A gray haired Hunter sings “Happy Birthday” to his son.

(Dawww…Hunter is becoming a softie in his old age.)

And Zollie’s father-in-law isn’t impressed with his vocals.

(Ngl…he sounds like a sea lion giving birth. 😫)

(So, old man, how do you feel?)

Brushing his hands together, Zolnax mutters, “Old age is so easy. You know what you’re talking about, Creator.”

(Are you calling me old? 😑)

But he doesn’t answer me because we have two more cakes to go!

Jax blows out his candles!

And he morphs into a pink haired cutie!

Welcome to the teen years, Jax.

(Wow. He’s such a good mix of both parents!)

Unfortunately, he rolls the erratic trait. Ugh!

(But I have such a soft spot for erratic sims since they’re so lost half the time. 😦)

Here’s his close up.

And now it’s Knox’s turn.

Medusa calls for him to come to the kitchen.

“But I don’t wanna age up,” Knox whines. “I like being a kid.”

(I feel for you, Knox. Being a child is way easier than those harrowing uncertain teen years. But off you go! We have a generation to get done with and your aging is a part of it.)

I force him to blow out his candles.

And with a sprinkle of confetti (and his alien grandpa getting a little too close), teen Knox appears.

Pumping his fist and taking a selfie, he exclaims, “Dude. If I’d known I’d turn out this flipping hawt, I’d have aged up years ago.”

(Of course you would. 🤦‍♀️)

Aaaand he gets the snob trait on TOP of his lousy mean trait.

Well, at least he’s easy on the eyes (he really does look a lot like June’s father!)

And what is Ember so stoked about?

She gushes to her brother, “Daddy says we can eat all the cake we want, Messiah!”

Hunter is babbling to himself, “Back in my day…we didn’t have money for three birthdays in one night.”

(That’s true, Hunter…when you were a kid, your family was lucky to pay the bills. So glad those days are over! 😅)

Messiah smirks. “Keep eating like that,Em, and you’re gonna get fat.”

(Huh boy…someone needs to slap that cheeky kid! 😡)

Meanwhile, Knox is whispering sweet nothings to his own selfie.

(OMG, he’s taking narcissism to a whole new level!)


When the party is almost over, Hunter asks Zolnax to sit with him.

“What do you want to talk about, Dad?” Zolnax asks.

“I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you, Zolnax. You’ve done what I failed at–world domination. It brings tears to my eyes.”

(It brings tears to my eyes, too, but for different reasons! 😭)

Zolnax sighs. “It took a lot of time and many sleepless nights, but I guess it’s been worth it. Thanks, Dad. It means a lot.”

Hunter goes on, “I just want to apologize for not being with you much when you were growing up. My aspiration led me astray, I’m afraid. At least you have a good marriage, son. You’ve got it all. Kids, a great wife, all the money and power in the world. I wanted to tell you that before I…er…go.”

They both get up from their seats and Zollie lifts the side of his mouth. “You were always there for me, Dad. I learned a lot from you.”

(Yeah…like what NOT to do in a marriage. Heh…)

Hunter raises his arms. “I guess I’d better get going or your mother will have my hide.”

(Ain’t that the truth. 😜)

The two give each other a big hug.

(Aww…that’s so sweet! It’s almost like Hunter was saying his last good byes.)

(Oh wait! Is he about to….???? NOOOOO! Even though he’s a big dummy, I still love the guy! ***Runs over to find one of Hunter’s ho’s who’s a vampire so I can turn him*** He can’t die! 😭😭😭)

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.29

  1. This was a great chapter. So many awesome moments. June’s mother’s saggy boobs🤣🤣🤣. Hunters gray dreads, then the twins aged up. OMG. Gorgeous but erratic blue skin, pink haired Knox. And then reluctant Ajax who is now in love with himself. They’re both sooo handsome. And finally a sweet father son moment! I have to,say, June and Zollie make cute but screwed up kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww…thank you!

      June’s mom’s saggy boobs! I died of laughter when I saw them. Some outfits accentuate that problem. 😉

      The twins are aged up and very handsome. Let’s hope they get a good third trait! But we won’t know until after the vote. June and Zollie DO make cute kids. All of them age up well. Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh gosh…they are all aging. The part I hate about a legacy when the original characters go bye-bye. Egads, and Hunter seems to be wrapping things up for his final demise. My, my, Jax, and Knox aged up nicely…but those traits…blech!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah…they didn’t get good traits. 😦 Ah well…

      And poor Hunter…the life cycle must go around. We never got to say good bye to Divan since I lost my save so this is the first heir death!

      Liked by 1 person

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