Chapter 3.28

It’s a fine sunny day at the Rex home and Zolnax walks over to Ember. “Honeypie, guess what today is?”

“Scoop the kitty’s poop day?” she asks.

“No, silly, it’s your birthday!” He grabs her and helps Ember blow out the candles.

In a tornado of sparkles she turns into a child!

And holy of holies, she’s NOT EVIL or mean or any of those other horrid qualities! WOOP WOOP!

She’s a green fiend.

(Well…it could be worse. Hugging trash isn’t exactly wonderful, but I’ll take it. At least she’ll help the environment.)

And now it’s her twin brother’s time at the cake and candles.

(What’s wrong, Zolnax?)

“The kid’s gross. I’m so sick of dirty diapers,” he says in his head.

Wincing at June he exclaims, “Your turn!” and runs off.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t protest and picks up the dirty, grimy boy, taking him over to his cake.

And he whirls into an eight year old kid.

(Aw heck…he’s MEAN! Dang it! 🙄)

Next I hear a blaring emergency siren.

(Ugh. Not again. I hate fires. But where is it?)

The nanny (yes, I made Zolnax hire him again) and June freak out!

There’s a fire contained in the fireplace and a burned sofa but no real fire.

(***Shakes head*** Too. Many. Glitches.)

Thankfully, everyone races outside to avoid the invisible flames.

“I hope the smoke doesn’t destroy the ozone layer,” Ember screams.

(Honey, I can assure you a little invisible fire will do nothing to the eco footprint. 🙄 Now I take back my adoration for her trait. The little do-gooder is going to get on my nerves. 😐)

(Quick, Zolnax! Call the fire department or we’ll never get back to our lives!)

“I’m on it right now, Creator.” Zolnax presses the emergency button on his phone.

Knox snaps his fingers. “Don’t call ’em, Dad. I want to see the whole house go up in flames!”

(You would. 🙄)

Messiah adds, “It’s so cool what playing with matches can do. One minute it’s a small flame…the next. Poof! Instant armageddon!”

(There’s just too many evil sims around here! 😭)

Finally, the firefighters arrive but just sit there staring off into space while the children scream with fright.

(Okay, fine. Only two of the five children are scared–Ember and Jax–both of whom aren’t evil or mean and aren’t enjoying watching their house go up in flames like they’re eating popcorn at the movies.)


Invisible fire put out, the children must be exhausted since it’s a school night.

Nope. I find Zion and Messiah outside playing on the swingsets at 3 am. 😐

And now it’s daybreak and they finally decide it’s time for bed.

(Like that’s going to help you when school is in one hour, you dolts! 🤦‍♀️)

Well, I’m not shocked at this report card.

All C’s.

(I’m sad for the stupidity of the next gen. Even Zolnax carried A’s all through school. Huh boy. 😑)

And there are the ignoramuses now. Coming home dirty, stinky and just plain tired and irritated. I can see them all failing on the lawn if they don’t get to bed soon.

Well at least the green fiend cares about personal hygiene. 😊

And oh…Ember’s got a happy smile on her face. She’s doing great at taking care of herself. Could she be THE ONE? The heir in the making???

(I wonder what Ember’s watching on tv? I bet it’s the cooking channel or the cute kid channel.)

Hmmm…I’ve never seen that show before. What’s that woman on tv doing?

Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me…

She’s watching Simder. 😵 The show of rando hook ups and quick woo hoos of strangers.

(I’m dead. The next gen officially sucks. 😭)

I search for Zolnax to plead my case on him having another child when I see him failing in the middle of a park.

(***hits head on desk***)

11 thoughts on “Chapter 3.28

  1. The best part of this was all five kids dragging themselves home from school filthy and miserable. At least they went. Well…also, filthy shirtless Messiah laughing at the house burning. That was funny too. Well. At least you got one kid that’s not mean or evil or a kleptomaniac….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, all of them together as children stinky and tired was hilarious. Didn’t happen again (since they’re different ages.)

      Shirtless Messiah…hee hee! Both him and Knox were laughing at the disaster. I’d never seen that happen before.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ember does look promising as next heir! I’ll be having a vote soon! There’s 32 chapters so the vote will happen after that!!!

      And I was shocked she was watching Simder…heh…

      Poor Zollie. Something has to give for him. He works all day, does his World Order club AND takes care of all the kids. It’s just not working even with a butler and nanny. 😭

      Liked by 1 person

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