Chapter 3.25

The impregnation took and Zolnax is with child.

(Are we surprised? 🙄)

Aww…little Jax is cleaning up the place! What a kid! He’s already gaining a soft spot in my heart.

And Zollie bought him this hamster. Look how cute!

“Hammy, don’t run off this time, okay?” Jax says.

After he strokes Hammy’s head a few times, Jax places him back in his home with a smile on his face.

Wow…Jax knows how to give love. Maybe there’s hope for the next gen after all.

But instead of doing his homework, he decides to fling powder and chocolate sauce all over the floor.

(Grrr…what was I saying? Oh yeah. Jax is a MONSTER! 😑)

Speaking of monsters, Knox wants to have a little chat with Zolnax.

“Hey, Dad,” Knox says. “We need to discuss something.”

“Sure, son. What do you want to talk about with your dear old dad? Are you having trouble with babes? Because I used to be a ladies man before your mom put her alien spell on me. In fact, many actually fought over me!”

“Ew, gross.” Knox makes a wretching sound then says, “I need a hundred bucks. I’m paying a goon at school to beat up my arch nemesis, Vincent “Virtue” Greenburg. That goody two shoes squealed on me for the last time.”

(Omg…he’s even WORSE than Zolnax! 😱)

Zolnax scratches his chin. “You mean that goofball politician, Knox Greenburg’s son?”

Knox nods.

“Of course!” He drops a c-note in Knox’s hand.

(***Hits head on desk*** )


My only hope for the next gen is this little tyke! Awww…Messiah is SO CUTE! And he’s learning to walk already!

“Come to Daddy, my little champ!” Zolnax coos.

(Whatever Zolnax’s evil shortcomings, you got to hand it to him. At least he’s a good dad.”

But then later the butler walks in on Zolnax stumbling around nude.

(Ahhhh! Zolnax! Put your clothes on. No one wants to see your butt crack and preggers belly at this time in the morning. 👀)


Thankfully, later, he’s fully clothed and giving lessons to his two brats.

“In order to become a great evil genius, you must work on the genius part. So get cracking on that homework, boys.”

(Who are you kidding, Zollie. Those two are out of control. You’ll never get them to do anything but play around and mess up stuff. 😩)

To my utter shock, Jax takes out his homework and starts it!

And so does Knox!

(***Mouth flies open***)

Zolnax smirks at me. “What were you saying, Creator? Give it up. Tell me what an incredible father I am. Go on…Say it.”

(***sighs*** Okay, fine. You’re a good dad. Now are you happy?)




Days pass and I find Zolnax laughing to himself.

(What’s so funny, Zollie?)

“My son, Jax, is really coming along nicely. I’m so proud of him.”

I’m confused for a moment when I see this pop up.

Zolnax grins dreamily. “He’s going to be a great asset in my World Order. I can see it now. He might even take over.”

(Not if I can help it. I’m going to nuture his soft spot–his love for animals. That might help his other…um…tendencies.)


Time flies along when I notice Zolnax’s burgeoning belly.

(Dang, Zollie. Looks like you’re carrying more than one in there. Doesn’t that make you upset? I think June’s father pulled a fast one on you.)

A huge smile splits Zolnax’s face. “You know, Creator, I love being pregnant. In fact, if I didn’t have all these dastardly plans of taking over the world, I’d quit everything just so I could take care of my kids.”

(Awww…really? I’m not stopping you. Go ahead. Quit! That would make my life easier.)

But he’s not listening to me. I guess the lure of all that money, power, and fame has its clutches on him.


Meanwhile Knox is giving lessons to Messiah.

“Be mean to old people,” Messiah answers. “Put worms in teacher’s desks, give snakes to girls, and never follow the rules.”

“Yusss! You rock, Messiah!” Knox cheers.

(Don’t mind me. I think I’m going to cry in the corner. 😭😭😭)


That night, Messiah’s stomach is ravenous so Zolnax plops a peanut butter sandwich in front of him.

He whines, “Mommy, do I have to eat this glop?”

“Of course not, my tiniest male offspring. You may cease to exist if you do not consume sustenance. It is up to you.”

Messiah quickly gobbles down the sandwich.

(Nice going, June, with the reverse psychology. That’ll teach him to be a picky eater. 😜)


As the bright stars peek out in the midnight sky, Zolnax tucks the little marauder into bed.

And wonders of wonders, Jax actually decides to take a bath!

All is right in the world.

(***sweet soft sigh*** ☺️)

And then I get an alert!

(It’s that time, Zolnax! Get up to the nursery! I can’t wait to see your little brats…I mean…sweet babies!)

“Okay, okay, Creator. But this is the one part I hate about pregnancy.”

(Stop whining and take it like a woman. Get going!)

In front of the bassinet, Zolnax huffs and puffs and groans and howls with pain.

(Will it be twins or triplets???? 😵)

It’s twins!

And June got her wish. Welcome baby Ember!

And a boy! Baby Zion.

(You did it, Zolnax! You birthed FIVE kids! I’ve got to hand it to you–neither your grandfather Divan nor your ignoramous father could do what you’ve done.)

Zolnax gives me a weak smile as the irritating crying of two babies blares through the house.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 3.25

  1. Congratulations! 🎈🎈
    Twins once again but luckily one of them was a girl.
    June got her wish fulfilled. Now I’m curious if it awakens the sleeping motherly feelings in her? 🤔

    Zolnax is really a good father, but unfortunately that probably does not make him drop the idea of world domination.
    Knox seems to have inherited his worst traits 🙄
    His father to son talk about his female admirers was so funny and completely beside the point 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, Zolnax is reminiscing of the good old days when he was a young hot bachelor! Now he’s a fat father of FIVE! 😮

      Knox has inherited his worst traits. I wonder what’s going to happen to Messiah? Ahhh!

      Crossing fingers that Zolnax will be so busy he WON’T be able to keep up his world domination antics.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There may be hope yet for the next gen! I love June’s response to Messiah. Fine don’t eat it. I don’t care if you die!!! But of course she said it in a sweet way. Mwahahaha. And really … twins again! But at least one girl. I wonder if June will give her something different than PB&J if she balks at it. 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The coveted girl arrives! I wonder what’s going to happen with her!

      And yeah…you noticed how alien and callous June’s tactics were? Lol!!! 😈

      You think June will play favorites with the only girl?

      We shall see…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, yes, finally they have a girl, and another set of twins. Maybe June is only good at looking after female sims, not male sims. Maybe her mothering instinct will kick into gear with baby Ember.

    Liked by 1 person

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