Chapter 3.24

It’s a beautiful day in Evergreen Harbor and Zolnax drags himself home.

(I don’t know how he does it–goes to work ALL day, comes home to stinky diapers and marauding evil twins, has to make sure the butler cooks dinner or he has to, AND does his extra duties for his club plus skilling…I really tire out just watching him! 😴)

When Zolnax walks into his bedroom to sleep, he notices June is all dolled up for some reason.

“What is it you desire, sweetheart?” Zolnax asks.

She gives him her sexy kitten smile and it’s over.

Clothes fly off and Zolnax is a new man!

(That’s one way to get invigorated! 😅)

When they’re finished, Zolnax snoozes in his pod while Knox grumbles. “Really, Mother, do you guys have to do it right in front of me? At least get a room for Creator’s sake.”

(This IS their bedroom. YOU’RE the invader! But he can’t hear me and June just lets the kid walk all over her. 😡)

It’s so weird to see Zolnax feed the baby. But at least he’s showing him love and affection which is more than he gets from his alien mother.

After doing his homework (because Zolnax forced him to), Knox marches past his brother.

He lifts his arms evilly and says, “I’m going to be the heir one day and inherit all that you see! Muahahahaaaa!”

Jax rolls his eyes and shakes his head.

(I’m with you, kid. You’re the firstborn. If nothing else, Jax would be heir but…we need to get to know the baby, too! Maybe Messiah will be good! Knox is mean and Jax is a klepto. Hoping for good traits with the next one! 🤞)

After Zolnax wakes up from his nap, he works on some parts for his robot.

(He’s pretty good at mechanical things, I must say!)

Tapping a few buttons and flipping a switch, a loud hum rings out.

Sparks fly!

(What’s going on? Did he break it?)

Suddenly, the robot turns into a humanoid!

(What the….????)

The man looks up and says in a monotone robotic voice, “My…name is…Knox Greenburg…and I am… your local mayor.”

(Zolnax! What’s the meaning of this? First of all, he doesn’t look anything like Knox Greenburg and secondly, is this your plan to take over the world? Replacing all the politicians with these awful knock offs?)

“I’m as surprised as you are, Creator. This was just supposed to be my test subject.”

Putting his hands over his face, he cries, “I’m an even bigger evil genius than I thought. Oh. My. GOD!”

The robot goes on, “My hands are fully functional. I am ready to serve you, Master.”

Zolnax sputters, “Creator, th-this is beyond belief. He actually looks like a human. My plan to take over the world has just catapulted into place. I can do it!”

(***glares*** What are you going to do with the existing politicians then?)

The robot twists its waist in an unnatural way.

Zolnax jumps up and down and claps. “I’ll just bribe them. What else?”

(That’ll work unfortunately. 😭)

Zolnax throws his head back and cries with glee, “I’m UNSTOPPABLE! Muahahahahaaaaa!”

(***Slams head on desk***)

Just then, June pops in with a strange look on her face. “My very favorite human husband, I have a request.”

“Oh, Creator…no. No no no no no…”

(Tee hee! I know that tone…oh Zollie. She IS your wife after all! 😁)

Zolnax sighs. “Tell me you’re not thinking what I’m thinking you’re thinking…”

June answers, “It is my utmost desire for female progeny. My male progenitor promised he would see to it that a female zygote would be implanted this time. It is your duty as the husband to provide.”

(Lol! She has a point, Zollie! 😆)

“Shut up, Creator, you’re not helping,” he says in his head. Hunching over and grimacing, he relents, “This is the last time, June. And tell your dad NOT to put more than one in me, okay?”

Donning his hat and coat, Zolnax makes his way to the transporter for the third time.

(Bahahahahaaaaa! 😝😝😝)

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.24

  1. So the Almighty quickly fell to the ground 🤣🤣
    We have to hope for a girl this time because I do not think June will ever give up 🙄

    NB: I love to see Zolnax’s gentle face when he takes care of his baby. The soft side makes him more beautiful … but he probably will not believe me 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was almighty for a second until he figured out he was going to try for a girl. Ugh for him!

      He does love his kids! We’ll see how he feels about all this family stuff later! 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The look on Zolnax’s face when he was looking at the robot. He was like … huh …. cool. And ANOTHER baby! Oh Lordy. I do hope it’s a girl so June will stop. And maybe if it is, SHE will take care of it. She knew exactly how to get him to say yes. She’s evil! I almost feel sorry for Zolnax. He’s like the energizer bunny. He just keeps on going and going.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zollie was shocked and ecstatic at the same time with his newfound discovery!

      Another nooboo in the house. Pray for a girl!

      June knows exactly how to play her hubby! 😈😈😈

      Yeah…somethings got to give with Zolnax. He can’t keep his pace up!

      Liked by 1 person

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