Chapter 3.23

Months pass and Zolnax is ready to give birth to his third child!

“Creator, shoot me if I ever do this again. Men were not cut out to be mothers.” Zolnax bites into his BLT sandwich.

(You’re a trooper, Zollie. Most men wouldn’t agree to this situation at all! It won’t be me that asks you to do this again. You can’t even take care of the two toddling mauraders that you already have. I’m praying they grow up fast so you’re not dealing with three at a time! 😟)

The moment of truth has arrived and Zolnax spurts out another kid.

“Oh, Creator! Why did I ever say yes to an alien? This SUCKS!”

(It does indeed. 😰)

Zolnax gives birth to another boy!

(At least it’s not twins again!)

Cuddling baby Messiah, Zolnax says to June, “Isn’t he sweet, honey? He even looks like me!”

Stomping her foot, June growls, “You promised a female version this time.”

“But sweetheart, take that up with your father. He did the implantation. And besides, boys are fun.”

“This is unconscionable. You will put him back into your probsthesis and change his sex right now!”

Zolnax grins. “Honey, what are you talking about? You know I can’t do that. He’s wonderful. Look at his demonic face. He’ll make a wonderful heir if Jax or Knox don’t wish to be the torch holder, don’t you think?”

Swallowing down her disappointment, she says, “He does have a trecherous look about him. He’s perfect.”

(Sigh… 😑)

Messiah kicks and screams at his parents who don’t even remember that they have yet another child to take care of.

(***pulls hair out***)

Since the family is growing exponentially, June’s parents gift them with a mansion.

(WOW! It definitely oozes the Sixam vibe! I hope Zolnax can afford the bills. YEEP!)

Zolnax surveys his new home. “Aren’t June’s parents the greatest, Creator? I think we’ll get lost in this palace.”

(Remember, you have to earn enough money to pay the bills. That means TONS of extra work on your part. I’m not sure you can handle this.)

“Nonsense. I’ve already taken over most of Newcrest, Windenburg, and Britechester. Money is dropping in like rain from the sky.”

(Yeah, yeah…we’ll see about that. 🙄)

Suddenly, Zolnax gets a phone call.

That Ariana never gives up!

But Zolnax can’t hang out. He has neverending mouths to feed.


The day has come when the toddlers are aging up! And just in the nick of time.

Bealzie walks in and it looks like she’s drunk!

Knox isn’t sure why all these strangers have invaded his new home.

Thankfully, Zolnax hired a butler to tend to the new parental duties. Hopefully with a nanny AND a butler, they won’t have child services always pestering them.

The butler greets all the guests (who happen to be stinking out of their minds drunk. Sigh…)

Looks like Medusa and Jena are getting along.

(Why does this not surprise me?)

The home is filled with Zolnax’s ex girlfriends who chat nicely–not even ONE catfight! 😳

(I wonder if that has to do with everyone being juiced. 🤷‍♀️ )

London explains, “So, I still am one of Zolnax’s besties. I make sure everyone is supplied with ample amount of juice.”

“I like jooooouse,” Jada slurs with her eyes crossed.

(This one is PLOWED! 🙃)

Zolnax lifts a chocolate cake and walks to the counter. “I can’t believe my baby boys are growing up, Creator. I’m shocked I’m saying this but having kids is amazing.”

(Yeah, but this is your limit. Once they’re children and are easier to take care of, don’t even THINK about having more.)

“Don’t worry. Three is enough.” Zolnax grabs Jax and tells him to blow out the candles.

He pops out looking like this.

(Cute kid!)

(Aack! He’s got the klepto trait! 😩)

“My turn! My turn!” Knox whines.

Surprisingly, June notices and takes him to his cake.

(I see you there, Ariana. No, this is not your family. But something tells me she may have been a more attentive mother? 🤷‍♀️)

Knox looks a lot like his grandfather–June’s father.

And of course, he gets that blasted mean trait. 🙄

Making himself a drink, Zolnax says, “Thank you, Creator, for this wonderful life. I have three amazing sons, two of which already I’m so proud of–a thief and a mobster-wannabe? What more could I ask for?”

(What more indeed, Zolnax? 😭)

I want to say a HUGE thank you to award winning designer, RABOOSKI, for designing this ROBO HOME just for Zolnax and June! It suits them so well. Check it out! You’ll be amazed!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.23

  1. June amazes me. Her outburst of anger over Zolex giving birth to another son 😮
    Luckily, he seems to have an easy time appeasing her again. His charming appearance must have some influence on her, which may help to increase his high thoughts about his own ego 🙄

    It was fun to see all the women again for the birthday party and it seemed to go smoothly.
    I hope the butler will be a help to the family (Not all butlers take their task seriously)

    Jax and Knox have grown up to be some handsome boys 😍
    It is sad they are quite so beautiful when it comes to their qualities. On the other hand … everything else would probably have caused major problems in the family.
    Zolnax is satisfied so I am probably not allowed to judge 😏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I was shocked at June’s outburst! She was so upset but Zolnax calmed her down.

      The butler was a godsend. The kids didn’t have as much trouble since moving to the bigger house and added help.

      I loved seeing the women again! I grew so attached to all of them!

      Jax and Knox are beautiful. I peeked at what they’ll look like as men. In fact June and Zolnax produced all beautiful children! As for their traits…I let the game decide for them so…,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LMAO at their traits! Why are we not surprised given their upbringing thus far? But at least they are stood looking kids! Jax and Knox are the best. And another soon to be mischievous boy. 😆. No doubt little Messiah’s name will probably be shortened to just Mess. Because I bet he will be one big hot mess just like the other two, unless the butler/nanny combo works because apparently June isn’t so happy with another dumb boy. I hope she doesn’t convince Zolnax to keep trying until they get a girl! 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think June may still want that daughter…she was mad at Zollie, though. Does she have the hates children trait? A party for his sons and all Zollie’s ex girfriends who up. lol And the traits…I knew it…it’s the evil legacy for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

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