Chapter 3.21

The little terrors, Jax and Knox, are on the move!

(Eek! What are they up to now? 😱)

Of course, Mommy is on the computer 24-7, not watching them!

Jax lifts up his teddy bear. “I got this from the store!”

June smiles not glancing away from the screen. “That is superior, my tiny male offspring.”

(Except she never bought it. He SWIPED it. Huh boy…and what’s going on behind her back? Hmmm??? 👀)

We’ve got to keep an eye on this one! 😐

(Why oh why can’t the next generation be different? Just WHY? 😭)

Just then Zolnax enters the room.

(Thank GOD you’re back. Zolnax, these toddlers are out of control. You need to quit your job as a robotics inventor and manage them! June does nothing but play on the computer or knit while they terrorize the house. ***Smh*** 😤)

Picking up Jax, Zolnax says, “Aww…were you a bad wittle boy, Jaxxy? That makes me so proud. But time for bed.”

(***hits head on desk***)

He tucks both boys in bed like a loving father.

(Well, at least he does love them. 🤷‍♀️)

Then he kisses June and says, “Got to meet with my clan. I’ll see you later, sweetheart.”

Zipping over to a huge building that looks like it came straight from Sixam, he makes his way to the door.

(Zolnax, you really need to pay attention to your family. You work all day, say hello to your boys for five minutes and leave again. That’s not what a man does with his family. Your priorities need some rearranging or you’re going to regret it!)

“Creator, will you stop worrying? I’m doing this so I won’t have to work as hard. You’ll see.”

As if on cue, shimmering lights flicker overhead.

And a box pops up.

(I don’t like the look of this. And all of the people in this group are either evil, kleptos, or worse…his mother! 😱 I recognize Santino.)

(He’s the crummy dude Zolnax recruited back when he was a kid. Yipes. They stayed in touch all this time.)

Zolnax’s World Order meets together out front.

Then Zolnax gets a call. Seems Hunter referred one of his evil girlfriends, L. Faba, to Zolnax for this. Huh boy.

Zolnax walks over to L. Faba, surveying her work.

“Are you hacking into something, my dear?” Zolnax asks.

“Why, yes. I’ve just found the key codes to five major gambling casinos. Their money will be ours in just a few short minutes.”

“Excellent!” Zolnax exclaims.

(UGH! 😩 I hope they can’t trace it back to you.)

Next, Zolnax ambles over to Vlad.

(I wouldn’t bother him, Zolnax. Vlad has a reputation in other stories of being…well…a curmudgeon. And he might turn on you…😑)

“Creator,” Zolnax says in his head, “you worry way too much when it comes to my life. Have I ever made a mistake?”

(Well…there was the time you picked an alien for a wife and then got preggers with twins…and then there’s this other time when…)

“Okay, you’ve made your point, Creator, but seriously, I’ve got it all under control.”

(Fine. 🙄 I’ll watch and wince.)

“So, Vlad, how’s the hacking coming along?” Zolnax asks.

Vlad’s fingers flit over the keys. “Why are you bothering me, pray tell?”

“Well, as the leader of this evil enigma establishment, I’m just surveying all that is mine. How am I going to take over the world if I don’t watch over my minions?”

Vlad stops what he’s doing and lurches his head back. “Did you say…minion?”

(Oh dear, Zolnax. Vlad has an even BIGGER ego than yours. I’d backpedal otherwise, you might get drained. 😬)

“Minion…comrade in arms…they’re all the same. What matters is that YOU are my key intelligence operator. I believe in you!”

Vlad goes back to clicking on the keyboard and sighs. “I’m ONLY doing this so I won’t have those nefarious vampire hunters breathing down my neck in the future. So, if you don’t mind, I don’t want to be disturbed. FOREVER.”

Zolnax dashes to the next room to make sure he doesn’t irritate the master vampire any more than he already has. He looks up at me. “See, Creator? That went well. I’ve almost got the whole world in my pocket already. I’m a bazillionaire AND have the best evil minds working for me. What more could I want?”

(How about paying attention to your little warlords at home? They need potty training. 😑)

Zolnax comes home to poopie diapers and filled potty chairs.

(How’s that for a welcome home, huh, Zollie? 😝)

“It’s such a great life, Creator, I just can’t believe my luck. I have a beautiful wife, two dastardly evil masters in the making, and all the money and power I could ever want. And I owe it all to you, Creator. I just want to say, thank you.”

(Well…your welcome…I guess…just…when things start crumbling around you, don’t say I didn’t tell you so…because I did. 🙄)

“Oh, Creator, you never change.” With that, Zolnax kisses his boys good night.

“Now…to wrap my arms around my gorgeous wife.” He greets June and gives her a kiss and hug.

He starts slobbering on her neck, cooing, “Oh, baby, I’ve got an idea that you’re going to love. Let’s get cooking in the bedroom, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, cooking,” June says in her warbly voice. “You pledged to provide another offspring. It is time for the ferilization process, my favorite human husband.”

Zolnax grimaces. “Fertilization what?”

“My male progenitor is waiting for you on Sixam, my human adoration. It is the hour and you cannot wait.”

(Bahahahaaaa! She wants another kid, Zollie. Time to pay the piper! 😜)

“You do NOT have to sound so happy about it, Creator. I’m about to die a thousand deaths of torture. I don’t want to go through that again.”

(I know, Zolnax, but it was your life choice. To help you out, I’ll zip you over to the portal to make things easier.)

He walks into it, instantly taking him to Sixam.

We’ll see if he becomes pregnant once again! 😅

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.21

  1. Oh my! Those toddlers are insane! Already swiping things and fighting. Lol. At least he does seem to love them, even as he mostly ignores them. And his evil clan…. so awesome! London is even a part of it! Little thief that she is. And his mother and Vladimir…. And now, perhaps another pregnancy? Yikes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here’s hoping the next child is nice. 😇

      Zolnax ignored them and they’re constantly about to be taken! This has been the hardest isbi ever! June never pays attention to them either. I’m wondering if the game is borked after all the packs.

      Yes! London is a part of the gang! They were bffs and she’s perfect! She’s married and has a daughter who is gorgeous! Hopefully I’ll be able to show them sometime. I might do a rest of the story epilogue to this gen to peek in on former contestants.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I actually have…Levi, Hunter’s brother was good but Hunter was first born and became the heir. This time, I’m going to put it to a community vote! So the first born, Jax (the blondie who really has June’s pink hair) won’t be the automatic heir or torch holder.

        Liked by 2 people

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