Chapter 3.19

June’s parents “gift” the newlyweds with this cosmic luxury home.

(Uh oh, Zollie. I don’t know if you should accept this gift.)

Zolnax looks at me. “Why not, Creator? We get it for free. Isn’t that amazing?”

(Nothing in life is free. Trust me. I’ll get you a better house with no strings attached! 😅)

Zolnax goes to his own room and answers, “Nonsense. I like this house. It even has my own private bedroom quarters with a woohoo vibration unit.”

(Okay…I didn’t need to know that! 🙄)

June has her own bedroom, too.

(How does this work, Zollie? Do June’s parents not want you to sleep together?)

The bed unit hisses as it opens its door and let’s Zolnax out. “You’re right, Creator. I need to sleep with my lady love.”

Zolnax joins his wife in her room.

He hops in and gives her a cheesy Divan Rex™ grin.

June puts her hands on her hips. “What is the significance of this visit, my favorite human husband?”

He arches an eyebrow and says, “You’ll see.”

Wasting no time, she plops in with him and the unit bumps and grinds and…

(You get the idea. 😎)


The following day, I find Zolnax in the observation tower.

(I wonder what he’s up to.)

Of course he’s spying on his neighbors. 🤦‍♀️

Next, Zolnax zips over to the neighborhood board to vote on a NAP (Neighborhood Action Plan).

(Why don’t you clean up the place, Zollie? It’s a pigsty!)

“I’ve got a better idea, Creator!” Zolnax chooses to repeal a NAP.

(YES! Get rid of that nasty roughhousing encouraged crap. It’s so dumb to see rando townies fighting all the time!)

“And miss the delectable whining and crying that sends shivers through my jimmies? Never!”

He instantly clicks to repeal the Sharing is Caring plan.

(Well, what did I expect? 🤷‍♀️)

When he arrives back home, he’s met by his in-laws.

June’s mother puts on an over-done smile. “Greetings, my favorite human male incubator.”

(Is she always going to call you that from now on? You’re not even incubating any babies! Ugh. 👶)

June arches an eyebrow. “Human husband, the chronological instance is upon us.”

Zolnax lifts the side of his mouth. “What does that mean, sweetheart?”

Without answering, June takes Zolnax by the hand and leads him outside.

(Uh…Zollie? Why do June’s parents have that scary look on their faces! 😵)

“We are here for the transport,” Zarina, June’s mother, says in her robotic voice.

A glowing portal seems to beckon Zolnax.

“Eh…Creator? What’s going to happen to me?” Zolnax asks in his head.

(Look, you asked for this. Just go through the glowy thingie and I think you’re going to be jetted to Sixam–June’s home planet.)

With a gulp, Zolnax walks through the green light.

Following, June and her parents join Zolnax as the large Sixam moon rises in the dark heavens.

(Creepy…yet beautiful.)

It seems as if they’ve taken him to some sort of liquid light palace.

Maxim, June’s father, smirks. “To our incredulity, your protactsis is quite large. It is time for your fertilization procedure.”

(EEPS! This is it, Zollie!)

Leading Zolnax to his doom…I mean downstairs, Zolnax obediently follows.

Then Maxim sits at the computer, typing in what appears to be code. “Incubator, meet me in the large chamber full of sleeping units. I will be in shortly.”

“Creator…talk me out of this, please!” Zolnax says, feeling like he wants to throw up.

(Sorry, sweetie! We need heirs and you agreed to it. Remember way back in chapter 12 when June announced this little quandary? You could have backed out then!)

Zolnax winces. “Don’t remind me.”

Slumping all the way to a room full of sterilized hospital beds, Zolnax chooses a place to rest.

Swirling smoke settles on Zolnax as he breathes in the substance, putting him instantly asleep.

(Eek! I hope he’s okay! 😳)

It seems as if June is a little worried, too.

Hours pass. Finally, the Sixam sun seems to be rising on the horizon.

Will this procedure take hold? Will Zollie become pregnant? We’ll find out next chapter!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.19

  1. Well Zolnax … I wonder if you will ever understand that what comes easily and for free often has a very expensive payment 🤔

    By the way, I just have to remember to say congratulations on the wedding. It was very romantic and beautiful and it went almost without a hitch 💕

    The new house looks very futuristic and it exudes high technical quality 🤩
    Sleeping cribs with high comfort and neon bling, bling…. The sleeping crib quickly became a lonely experience 😞
    Now that Zolnax has changed the neighborhood’s action plan to “Sharing is Caring”, he should consider acquiring a very large and biting watchdog. It could very well happen that their future guests will take care of the house’s furniture 🤣

    Now Zolnax has reached the payment 🤨
    The fertilization procedure looks anything but romantic.
    Sleep well and sweet dreams Zolnax 😴😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee hee! Zolnax is going to have to pay…

      And pay and pay and pay! 😜

      I love that house! It’s a bit small for a growing family but they’ll make it work for a little bit.

      Zollie didn’t want the Sharing is Caring…he kept the Roughhousing Encouraged NAP. He likes violence. Go figure.

      We shall see if a nooboo is in the oven!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I see! … I’ve got swaps around between the action plans 😕
        It makes sense that Zolnax will opt for quarrels and strife between the neighbors 🙄

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Zolnax will pay for this freebie. I promise! 😉

      If it doesn’t take this time, I bet June’s parents will make sure of it in time…

      I love that house. Too bad it’s way too small for a growing family.

      Liked by 1 person

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