Chapter 3.16

It’s time for the first overnight date so I whisk June and Zolnax to Sulani for a fun filled, sun filled day at a beach resort. Unfortunately, thunder rumbles and rain pours over them.

“Creator, can’t you make the rain stop? This is supposed to be our day on the beach!”

(I COULD turn it off, but I haven’t for anyone else’s dates, so no. 😑)

Both of them rush inside so they don’t get drenched.

And Zolnax wastes no time in flirting with his lovely lady. “You are the adoration of my eye, sweetheart.”

(Aww…that’s so sweet! 😍)

But instead of smiling with gratitude, June yells in her electronic voice, “Do not speak such niceties when you will spin the same adulation on another female.”

(Ouch. He hit a nerve. Guess June isn’t over her jealousy! 😖)

Zolnax smirks. “Sweetheart, there aren’t any other women in my mind at the moment. Let’s just think about us, okay?”

With that, he grasps her hands and gives her their first kiss!

Pulling back, he says, “Now does that make you feel better?”

I guess it did because she attacks him in the bathroom!

Finally, it’s clear outside so the two lovebirds can play in the sand.

“Thank you for making those clouds go away, Creator.”

(Your welcome. I couldn’t allow you to be on Sulani when it’s constantly raining. )

And since Zolnax liked to make sand sculptures before, they start one together.

“By Quantum quasars! I cannot fathom the frontal aspect of this sculpture!”

Zolnax eyes their sand art. “Um…it’s just a turtle.”

“It is the likeness of my great great great grand progenitor, Notlim Neer. I cannot wait to share this with my male and female progenitors.”

(Errr…her ancestors looked like turtles? 👀)

After they finish playing in the sand, Zolnax says, “Come with me, sweetheart.”

“Where is your intended destination, my favorite human admirer?”

Rushing water roars ahead of them in a cozy rock walled area.

They both splash in the water and June pounces again!

(June’s been horny since the beginning and now she can finally do what she’s been whimming all this time! 😜)

“It is the hour we allow our bodies to copulate, my woohoo worthy human companion.”

(For some reason, that doesn’t sound sexy at all. 🤔)

But Zolnax is in her spell and gives over to their desires.

(This is a first. Sparks flying out from under water! Lol!)

After an exhausting day, they both come back to the hotel with satisfied looks on their faces.

(What are you thinking about, Zollie?)

“That June is the most amazing woman I’ve ever spent time with.”

(Well, I know she probably mesmerized you in that waterfall but don’t forget you do have another girl coming up.)

Both June and Zolnax collapse in the bed, dreaming about what a great time they had with each other.


The following day, it was time for Zolnax’s date with Jena.

The sky grows a beautiful shade of pink.

“This is a perfect place to take Jena. I hope she likes it.”

(I do, too! After all this time, Jena’s grown on me. I think she’d make a great wife for you, Zollie!)

Zolnax flexes. “I’ve been working out. Does it make your heart flutter?”

“You always make my heart flutter, babe,” Jena answers.

A smile slithers on Zolnax’s face. “Good.”

He grasps Jena’s hand and looks deeply into her eyes.

Then he gives her their first kiss.

The sky opens and shines rays on them.

(Could this be a sign?)

Zolnax arches an eyebrow. “Let’s get…cozy.”

(Ohhh…this could get steamy. Fast!)

The two watch movies but I can tell Zolnax wants to do something else.

He drapes his arm over Jena. “Wanna…get out of here and go someplace…darker?”

Jena giggles. “Dark is my middle name, big boy.”

They waste no time and find a room…ANY room…and instead of using the bed, they find a closet!

Not able to control themselves, they passionately devour one another until Jena finally closes the door.

Omg! I’ve never seen so many sparks fly off the closet doors. Wow.

Then the two are left breathless as they clamber out.

(Lol! I’ve never seen a woohoo session last that long!!! 👀)

Tired from all their…activities, they flop down on the bed in THEIR bedroom. But poor Zollie looks like he’s sick! I hope he gets over that.

The following morning, Jena is all smiles. “I”ve got him in the palm of my hand now. It’s not even close.”

(What did you think about Jena, Zolnax?)

“That was by far the hottest date I’ve had. “



And now it’s the time we’ve all been waiting for. The final rose ceremony.

Who will Zolnax choose? The horny alien or the clingy girlfriend?

A woman appears on the sand and walks up to the platform.












“Oh, this is the happiest day of my life!”

When she approaches, Zolnax starts, “Jena, from the very beginning, you surprised me on how similar we both really are. At every turn, you tried to do your best to impress me and show me that you’d make the best wife. From your insidious world domination plans to your constantly starting catfights, not to mention how hot you are, I’ve been so impressed and think you’re such a wonderfully dastardly person….


When she hears the hesitation in Zolnax’s voice, Jena’s heart crushes. “But…what?”

“In the end, it wasn’t enough. My heart is with another. I’m very sorry.”

The crushing feelings turn to rage. Jena spits, “How can you say that insignificant blue alien is a better lover, better wife material than me? Do you realize what you’re giving up by not choosing me? Think of all of our planetary dictatorship plans! They’re all going to waste. I can’t believe you could be so stupid!”

She storms off the platform spewing glares at anyone who’d dare look at her.

“I’ll show him,” she grumbles. “I’ll find someone else who shares the same views as me and WE’LL conquer the world, making sure he’ll never succeed.”

(Hoo boy, Zol, you’ve made a nasty enemy! Maybe that wasn’t such a great decision after all! 😬)

“No, Creator, it was the right decision. Jena will get over it once she finds someone else.”

(Well, for your sake let’s hope so! 😖)

And then his face melts as he looks at June walking toward him. “Isn’t she a vision?”

(She is beautiful! Let’s hope she accepts your offer of marriage. You never know with her! 🤷‍♀️)

Once she meets with Zolnax, he sweeps up her hands and says, “You looks so gorgeous, sweetheart.”

He gulps then starts, “From the first time I saw you, I was instantly attracted.

(You were looking at her alien ass, Zolnax. 😑)

“And when you talked about taking over more than one world, I knew you could potentially be the one.

“But then you threw me by saying it’s against your customs for a woman to bear the children and I thought we were lost.

“But darling, I’ve decided I’ll do anything if it means I can be with you.”

Zolnax drops down on one knee and says, “Sweetheart, I love you so much. Make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?”

June’s head pulls back as her lip quivers.

(Oh no! Is she going to say no? 😱)

She whips her hand up, wiggling her fingers. “This rock reminds me of the shards on Planet Iridium, my most loved human fiance. My joy is without ceasing. My hearts might burst from delectation!”

(That’s good…right? 🤔)

Zolnax kisses her and breathes, “I’ll take that as a yes.”


May your happiness be out of this world!

(Oh who am I kidding? Of course it’ll be zany madness but I’m really looking forward to it!😈😍👽)

Congratulations Skeilah! Your girl did it! It was so close. In the end, Jena and June were tied but since Jena was at the bottom three times and June was at the top mostly, I felt that won the tie breaker.

Sorry, haswh! Jena went the distance (and was almost eliminated sometimes) but she stuck it out. She’s going to get with the hunky butler who flirted with her off camera. They should have gorgeous children and fun cameos!

Here are the scores for every elimination:

The scores highlighted in pink are the romantic score. Yellow is the eliminated score. I totaled friendship and romantic together to get an overall score.

Thank you everyone for participating! I’ve learned a lot on how to make this an even better story/challenge for next time. I felt it really went well and jealousy didn’t really hurt anyone’s chances. June got jealous but her relationship was so strong with Zolnax throughout that it wasn’t enough to do her in. No one else got jealous! I think we had the right amount of romantic relationship so I was really happy with it!

11 thoughts on “Chapter 3.16

  1. It was some really steamy juicy dates 😜 💞💥
    …. and I was allowed to see some very evil eyes in the end 😡😱

    Good luck to the happily married couple conquering power in all universes. On earth as in space.🛸💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were steamy! Just how Zolnax likes it. 😏

      And yes, we got the last evil eyes from Jena. Sorry your fav didn’t win but she,l be happy soon with a hunky guy. I had to put in my own butler that I could control because the house butler sucked. And he’s hot hot HOT! He flirted with Jena so…it’s a match!

      And they have an uphill battle to the top to climb but I bet they make it. We’ll see!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was amazing! Zolanx really went all out with both girls, huh (including going all the way with them 😉 )? And that twist at the end where Jena thought she had won was hilarious (sorry Jena!) I love Jena but I am so glad that June won, she’s such a fun sim 🙂 also wowzas June looks hot in that blue dress!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well…I thought Zolnax needed the time with both for it to be fair. But he certainly didn’t mind. In real life, I wouldn’t condone MOST of his behaviors! 😝

      June sure knows how to fill out a dress, huh?

      This gen is already so much fun!


    1. Yeah, the things I figured out was to ask the submitters more questions about their goals in life, their wants and dreams, etc.

      Lol! Zolnax and June really kind of fight then make up…but it only hurts their romance…and not for long since June is a romantic sim.

      And Jena is mad but she’s going to be happy soon! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, thank god… Nobody wants ANOTHER Medusa. Not after last time. Anyway… congrats to June! I love you! You’re adorable and stuff… plus you’re an occult, so that’s points from me! And pink hair is interesting too, unique.


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