Chapter 3.15

It’s time for Tonya’s date and they meet up at this love nightclub in the middle of Del Sol Valley.

(Isn’t it adorable? The romance trait is ON at this establishment so I bet they have a good time. 😜)

When they arrive, Tonya asks, “Do you like my shirt? I figured you’d like skulls and hatchets and bats.”

(You know Zollie well! Although he’s more like a mad scientist robotics guy… 😈)

The two sit at the bar and order their favorite drinks.

“How would you like living in Evergreen Harbor?” Zolnax asks. “I’m thinking about starting there. Property is cheap and it’s small. Gotta start somewhere.”

Tonya smiles and nods like she’ll follow him anywhere!

Then she gulps down her martini!

(Boy, Tonya is shy. But then, that’s all Zolnax needs. Someone to follow his every whim!)

Next, Zolnax takes Tonya’s hand and leads her out on the dance floor.

After a while, Zolnax is so lost in his own thoughts about how he’s going to conquer Evergreen Harbor that he misses Tonya completely.

Noticing her absence, he strolls over to some people and asks, “Have you seen a pretty girl with a long braided ponytail and bats all over her chest?”

The guy looks him over and says, “Dude. Did you misplace your date?”

(OMG! Zollie! Look out back. Tonya has been swimming and now she’s knitting a pair of socks. 🤦‍♀️)


It’s the following day and it’s time for Jena’s date.

“Creator, all these dates are making me confused. Are you SURE I can’t marry them all? Tonya can make a few knock out potions and other henchmen necessities, Jena can manage the minions, and June can use her alien telepathy abilities to force people to give me money.”

(For the last time, Zolnax, you can’t have more than one wife! And if your future wife hears that you wanted many of them, how do you think she’ll feel? Wait…don’t answer that. I know you don’t care. 🙄)

I whisk Jena and Zolnax to a beautiful romantic restaurant.

He waves and says, “You look absolutely stunning this evening, dear.”

Instead of thanking him, Jena moans, “Let’s stop talking and get inside. The rain will ruin my hair!”

The two dash inside where Zolnax orders a table.

(My…the place is so fancy inside!)

Jena giggles and asks, “Do you care if I order the most expensive dish on the menu? You know I’m worth it.”

(Oh Jena! Better not get used to this fancy lifestyle because you’re going to be broke if you marry Zolnax! Your house will take all your money because Hunter spent it all! 🤑)

Zolnax answers with hooded eyes, “Darling, for you, money is no object.”

(I think SOMEONE is going to have a rude awakening when real life hits him. ***Shakes head***)

“Good. I might as well put my orders in up front. I expect to live in a decent sized mansion with its own hairstylist, manicurist and maid. Oh, and I don’t like butlers. They’re always hitting on me. “

Zolnax laughs. “Definitely no butlers. They’re useless.”

(Um, Zolnax, you better rob a bank because you won’t be able to even afford a maid at this rate.. And if Jena becomes your wife, I have a feeling you’ll be in debt up to your eyeballs.)


The night is over and it’s time to make the decision!

Who will get the last two roses?

(Are you ready, Zollie?)

“I think so. It’s been a hard decision, but my mind is clear about it. A part of me is excited to see the girl’s misery and the other part is sad.”

(***Hits head on desk*** Evil sims.)


The last three girls await Zolnax’s giving out the roses. No one looks confident. A first.

Oh, I take that back. Jena starts to smile when he reaches for a rose. She thinks she’s sure to get one. But poor June is not as confident.

Then Zolnax walks over to….









“Sweetheart, I had so much fun with you the other night. And you always make me smile.”

“May the landvarkens tip me over with their many claws. I’m astronomically astounded!”

(FWIW, June, so am I! I thought you did yourself in with all your pouting!)

It’s down to the last two. Who will Zolnax choose?









“I see a bright future with you, dear. I cannot wait to go on our overnight date.”

She grabs the rose and sniffs. “Nothing smells as sweet as revenge.”

(Revenge? Oh yeah…Tonya kicked her butt and now she’s being kicked to the curb. Jena is just MADE for Zolnax. 😑)

Zolnax looks over at Tonya and stammers, “L-Listen, Tonya, I’m really sorry but my Creator won’t let me have more than one wife. Honest! Otherwise, I’d totally keep you.”

She stares at him. “I can’t believe you’d pick that skank over me. I don’t understand at all.”

(I’m with you, Tonya! You’re sweet and wouldn’t push back AND you can make a mean potion. But Zolnax does have to follow his heart, so I do have to support his decision.)

And look at the “skanks” face now. She’s reveling in Tonya’s misery.

“Just one more fly to squash.”

(Yup. A little blue fly. Poor June! 😭)

Zolnax walks Tonya out. She turns to him and says, “For what it’s worth, I’m glad I know you. At least we’ll see each other because of our brother.”

“Of course,” Zolnax says. He gives her a hug and whispers, “I hope you’ll find that man of your dreams, dear.”

Unlike all the other girls, Tonya leaves with a deep slice in her heart. She actually loved Zolnax.

Sadly, she slumps away.

(Good bye, Tonya! We’ll miss you!)

Sorry MaggieMarley but Tonya didn’t spend enough time with Zolnax like the other girls did on their date. She had a really good relationship but they didn’t have much romance and that ultimately did her in.

She will be missed but we’ll be seeing her later on since I want to feature their shared brother sometime!

5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.15

  1. As soon as I read that Tonya went swimming and did some knitting, I figured she was a goner. So, it’s between Jena and June. I think they would actually both be great wives for Zolnax. They both certainly adore him, maybe June a bit more than Jena.

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