Chapter 3.11

(Good morning, Zolnax. You look happy today!)

Zolnax swirls his coffee with a serene smile on his face. “I’m not happy, Creator…just…clear on who I need to send home.”

(Really? Then you better tell her now. You know you don’t have to wait for the rose ceremony.)

With a sigh and a quick nod, Zollie walks into his room and changes for the day, then finds the girls gathered in the kitchen eating breakfast.

(I wonder who he’s going to choose to go home? 👀)

He eyes one of the girls and says, “May I speak to you for a moment?”

Keisha cocks her head. “Who me?”

Taking her out into the foyer, Zolnax says, “Keisha, you’ve been so interesting and a little…er…strange but I liked that very much. Unfortunately, after last night, I felt we didn’t connect on a level I need in a wife. Will you accept this present as a parting gift?”

(Awww…that’s sweet of you, Zollie! You amaze me all the time. Are you sure you’re an evil sim?)

Keisha pulls out a death flower.

(I take it back. 😑 )

Keisha puts the flower in her pocket and looks down. “Was it my imaginary friends? I get it.” She sighs. “If they aren’t welcome then I definitely have to leave.”

Zolnax scoops her into a hug, whispering, “I know you’ll find that special someone out there for you, Keisha.”

With that, the weirdest girl I’ve ever encountered leaves the bachelor mansion.

I must say, I’ll miss her antics!

Zolnax looks at the remaining five girls: Ariana, June, Tonya, Jena and London.

“Creator, there’s two girls I’m very confused about and I’m not sure what to do.”

(Why don’t you take them out for a date? That’ll give you more time so you can make up your mind.)

“Brilliant idea, Creator! Let’s do it!”

Dressing them for a Victorian Park, the snow floats down, wrapping the area like a blanket.

“Whoa,” Ariana marvels. “I’ve never seen snow before.”

Zolnax glares at me. “Creator, it’s cold and damp. How am I supposed to get cozy with them alone?”

(Are you kidding me? Make a COZY fire and tell stories. Yeesh! Do I have to think of everything?)

Jena agrees with Zolnax. “What is this freezing fluff? I’m dressed for an antebellum ball. Not a snowball fight.”

(Spoiled much? 😝)

As they sit under the beautiful awning, Zolnax regales the ladies with a story about a beautiful fairy who turns into an demonic dragon.

Jena throws Zolnax a smirk. “Does the dragon steal the villagers’ gold and burn their houses down?”

Zolnax bounces out of his seat and whispers, “How did you guess?”

(***Smacks head***)

Happy with Jena’s response, he chooses her first to spend some time with in one of the village houses.

“This is sure an upgrade,” Jena says as she eyes the antique decor.

The two chat for a while with Zolnax sharing how he plans to take over the world, subtlety. “And the moronic underlings won’t even know I’m in charge. It’ll be AMAZING!”

Jena laughs with him.

(Omg…I’m shocked he’s not sure about her. Jena seems perfect! Unfortunately. 😩)

Their stomachs gurgle almost at once so the two grab a plate of noodles that a chef has prepared for them.

“Darling, I’m so happy you’re here with me,” Zolnax says.

Jena whips around, shooting darts at him with her eyes. “How DARE you think I’d be happy to know you’re confused about your feelings.”

He pulls back. “I…er…just wasn’t sure if you liked me very much. You seem distant, especially after last night.”

“How do you think I felt when you chose EVERY other woman to talk on the group date last night then left me to WAIT for the mere scraps you threw me at the end? No. I’m NOT happy.”

(EEK! Well, Jena, yelling at him probably won’t do you any favors! 😳)


Next, it’s Ariana’s turn and instantly, Zolnax showers her with his affection. “You look absolutely gorgeous tonight, my dear.”

Ariana agrees. “We look good together, don’t we, Zollie?”

Then they watch superhero movies together.

“Why do all the supervillains lose in these movies?” Zolnax asks, shielding his eyes.

(Because, Zolnax, evil supervillains are BAD!!!! 🙄)

But then the movie shifts as the supervillain hits the detonation button, blowing up a skyscraper.

“Ha ha! I KNEW we’d get a happy ending.”

Ariana’s mouth is too full to respond.

After the two chatted for a while, it was time to go.

(I wonder how he’s going to choose? Will he keep them both? Send one home? Send BOTH home??? 🤔)

Zolnax smiles and says, “So, Ariana, we’ve had such a wonderful time together. You like to kick defenseless stuffed animals and so do I. You feel at home in a foggy cave lit with crimson lamps just like me. You think solving the world’s problems will make people bow down to you and so do I. That said…”

“Yes…?” Ariana flutters her eyelashes.

(***Folds arms*** Zolnax, get to the point. We’re all sweating over here. SPIT IT OUT! 🙃)

“You see, it’s like we’re the same person, Ariana. I need someone even more despicable and diabolical than me. I hope that makes sense, my dear.”

(***Hits head on desk***)

Ariana simply gives him a side glance and says, “It makes perfect sense.”

(Wow. She took that better than I’d expected. ***blinks***)

“Oh I knew you’d understand!” Zolnax wraps his arms around her.

And so, the wickedly beautiful Ariana leaves the challenge.

I must say, I’m so surprised by this outcome!!! But at least she took it well.

Ariana trudges throw the snow then suddenly stops. She throws her arms in the air, hollering, “ZOLNAX! I’ll make you pay for that decision as long as you live!”

(Oh my! Well, at least there’s one girl who cares about getting the boot. Now Zolnax has a new enemy! 😵)

Zolnax walks inside to find Jena waiting for him.

“You know you look sexy when you’re crushing someone’s feelings,” she says in a sultry tone.

“God, I think I’m falling in love with you,” Zolnax says.

(NOOOOOOO!!!! 😭)

Note: In game, Jena and Ariana had the lowest scores but were tied, so I had him do the two on one date. Jena was first and shot up instantly. Then she refused an autonomous flirt and I thought her goose was cooked. But Ariana’s time didn’t do much to help her as I think them having a good time hurt how he felt about her. Evil sims are hard to figure out! UGH.

Sorry, VanPelt! I hate to see Ariana go. I thought she’d make a perfect mate for Zolnax but he sure does have his preferences!

Also, Keisha was so low after the last date and with Ariana’s and Jena’s tie, it was too early for the rose ceremony but I felt we needed to speed this up a bit. I loved Keisha, too! She was so funny! Sorry afai1261! She will be missed!

And now we’re in a tight race with the final four!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 3.11

  1. Oh wow. Getting down to the wire! I like it being sped up a little. But if they were so close I think it was a good thing to do. Interesting how their relationships go up and down so unpredictability.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With my screenshotting, it’s SLOW! 😉

      So yeah…we needed to get to it so the real story can begin!

      I’m really shocked sometimes! But I put it on autonomous and they go about their business. I have Zollie give the same two interactions with each to keep it fair. And then they can do as they please.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stupid Tumblr hid both of the new updates from me, buried WAY down the list. I think it hates the auto-wordpress thing.

    Anyway, I’m glad Jena is still left. Sorry to see the other two go, but not everyone can win! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! Only one girl can win this!

      Didn’t know tumblr can hide things. Since it’s an auto post it’s probably not noticeable. I have another one coming out today hopefully! 🤣❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well… okay… I liked Ariana, probably due to the vampire-like stuff… I’m a sucker for the occult, and the red hair would’ve been a nice change, but it’s Zolnax’s choice so… :/

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t feel that Zollie really connected with Keisha. But so very sad to see Ariana head home. And I think she put a curse on him or something when she left. I thought that Jena was in trouble, but she is still in it. If she can just keep her jealousy under wraps, she will have a chance. Jena and Zollie are obviously smitten with each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Zolnax didnt chase after Keisha. I think the erratic trait hurt her.

      Jena got lucky. He always likes being with her. It was clear he only had friendship feelings for Ariana.

      Liked by 1 person

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