Chapter 3.10

It’s the following day and Zolnax meets up with his next solo date.

“Are you ready, darling?” he asks, grinning.

June giggles in her warbly voice, “Hee hee! My nanonads are quivering with ebullience, my favorite human admirer. I must change into alluring accoutraments.”

(Better not be too alluring, June. This IS a PG-13 story. 👀)

Thankfully, she’s normally dressed (well, as normal as June can get) and Zolnax likes what he sees.

“You look gorgeous tonight, sweetheart. Purple is definitely your color.”

“OooOOoo…your visage is perfectly symmetrical and superlatively well-formed this eventide, my favorite human admirer.”

Without another word, Zolnax takes June up to the dance floor of the alien wedding park.

(Is this where they’ll be married if she’s the one? 👀)

There’s even a spacecraft that looks like it crashed in the side of the mountain on the lot. Hmm…could these aliens who crashed it be June’s relatives?

But that question can’t be answered now. The two love birds are shaking their butts in the middle of the night with creepy lights flashing all around them.

(And it looks like alien space craft in the distance hovering. Omg…Zollie, if you choose her, you better watch yourself! They look ready to pounce! 😵)

Speaking of weirdness, back at the bachelor mansion, someone is running around nude.

(***Smacks head***)

I guess Keisha thinks it’s a great opportunity to get clean. 🤦‍♀️

London notices and marches out to her. “What in the hell are you doing, Keisha? Don’t you know Zolnax might come home any minute from his date? Get some clothes on, for heaven’s sake.”

(I don’t think Keisha will mind if Zollie sees. 😏)


The following night, the rest of the girls go to this cool bar for a group date.

“I hope Zolnax chooses me to talk to first,” Keisha says as she enters the bar.

Jena laughs. “In your dreams, cupcake. Everyone knows I’m his favorite.”

Tonya just smiles, thinking it’s her.

But everyone is wrong. He chooses Ariana to chat with upstairs in the restaurant area.

“Your eyes look especially wicked tonight, my sweet darling,” Zolnax coos, waving his fingers.

Ariana giggles shyly and says, “They’re glowing just for you!”

Oookaaayeee…it’s getting a little mushy and embarrassing. Let’s see what else is going on around here.

Tonya is making mac and cheese for dinner since the restaurant can’t seem to hire a decent chef.

Then Jena waltzes in. “Oh, puh-leeze. I know what you’re doing. Trying to spy on Zolnax when he’s having his alone time with Ariana. You’re sooo transparent and desperate.”

(Uhhh…Jena…why are YOU up here then? Very convenient to point fingers at others. 🤔)

After Tonya is done making the meal, Zolnax retrieves a dish and Jena just can’t help herself. “I’ll be downstairs in the first seat right next to the stairwell, hot stuff. Don’t make me wait long.”

(He KNOWS you want him, Jena. 😝)

But he chooses Tonya to talk to next.

“This pasta dish is amazing! You’re such a great cook, sweetheart.”

Tonya gives him a stare and says, “I can cook more than that in the bedroom.”

Ooookay, I’m outta here! 😅

And I’m glad I left because there’s a huge catfight brewing with ten guesses who’s in the middle of it.

Jena looks like she just sat on a bee hive. “Why the HELL did you parade around nude, Keisha? You know that’s against the girl code!”

Wounded, Keisha explains, “I was dirty and the rain needed someone to wash.”

(That’s the weirdest explanation ever! But it makes sense for Keisha! 😜)

Next up is Keisha’s time with Zolnax.

Keisha surveys the room. “Hey! My imaginary friends might like this place. Can I invite them sometime, Zollie?”

“Oh, Keisha, I love your humor. You’re so cute!” Zolnax blows her a kiss.

Keisha pulls back, looking confused. “Hee hee…what humor, Zollie?”

(Huh boy…💆 If she wins, she’ll be nude half the time and not know where she is. But if it works for him? 🤷‍♀️)

Back downstairs, Jena is fuming.

“How dare he make me wait last? Aren’t I his favorite?”

(Ariana isn’t upset by this development! 🤣)

Finally, Zolnax walks downstairs toward Jena. “Hello, beautiful. Did you miss me?”

“Did Bonnie miss Clyde when he drove out to buy a gun?” Jena throws him a snarky look.

Zolnax instantly goes into his evil laugh and Jena joins him.

(These two are made for each other. 🙄)

Zolnax looks up at me. “Oh, Creator. Jena…she sure is something else.”

(Something else is right. More like overobsessed overbearing overclinging girlfriend. Are you SURE you like her? I just see it turning out like your mom and dad and let me say that’s not good! 😱)

“I’m not totally sure she’s the one yet, but she’s giving me a side of her that I really like right now.”

(A side of her…huh?)

(***Slaps head*** Should have known. )

(Men. 😑)

11 thoughts on “Chapter 3.10

    1. Yup. Only weirdos left, I’m afraid…but we wouldn’t have it any other way around here!

      And yeah…whoever he ends up with…they’ll deserve it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, it’s amazing how they’ve turned out. We have London, the thief, June the woohoo loving alien, Keisha the clueless weirdo, Tonya the mysterious witch, Ariana, the spinechilling mistress of the dark, and Jena, the overly attatched psycho girlfriend. It couldn’t be better for Zolnax!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Keisha has the erratic trait! 😆😆😆

      Glad you like June’s dialogue…it can be tricky to write but it’s fun!!


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