Chapter 3.8

It’s almost dinner time on the night before the rose ceremony, and Zolnax is chatting with Ariana.

“What do you think the name of our first child should be?” Zolnax asks.

Ariana answers, “If it’s a boy, Vlad, after the famous evil vampire. And if it’s a girl, Ariana Jr., of course.”

Zolnax’s face looks like a love sick puppy. “You’re incredibly narcissistic. I love that.”

(Oooof course you do. ***slaps palm on face*** Zolnax! Shouldn’t YOU be the only narcissist in the room? How can there be two of you?)

He dreamily says in his head, “I admire her, Creator. Just being in the same room with such a huge ego is a breath of fresh air.”

It’s a breath of something, alright. She’s actually flirting.

With no one in particular.


After a great day, Zolnax is in such an awesome mood, he decides to soak in the tub.

“Creator. I think I’m in love.”

(You are??? Do you want to call this whole thing off and tell Ariana your desperate adoration of her?)

“No, Creator. I think I’m in love with ALL of them.”

(***Hits head on desk***)

Then he splashes and sings and whoops for an hour.

At least his feet are clean! 😝

After his bath, Zolnax brings his dinner into the dining room and waits.

Are none of the girls going to eat with him???

Then I notice Ariana walking down the stairs in her trampy neglige.

(Oh no you don’t…you can’t have an unfair advantage over the others with that voluptuous body!)

(***Waves magic fingers***)

There. That’s better.

And then I find the girls chatting with the chef and eating in the kitchen, leaving Zollie all by himself.


Finally, they stroll one by one into the dining area.

Zolnax corners June. “So, you’d name our child Zaxis and Sizam? What do those names even mean?”

June answers in her warbly voice, “They are two terrifying creatures who reside on my home sphere, of course. I would greatly yearn for you to assimilate with them one day, my favorite human admirer.”

(Assimilate? Every word out of June’s mouth makes me want to scream! 😱 Run! Don’t walk away, Zollie!)

But he ignores me and asks Keisha the same thing.

She says, “Brazen for a boy and Envy for a girl.”

(You know, that actually makes a lot of sense because of her mood swings. Probably the most sense Keisha has made EVER!)

Glancing around, I notice a few girls not attending dinner.

London is sleeping peacefully without a care in the world.

And so is Jena.

Obviously, she can sleep right before the rose ceremony since she already has her rose.

It’s now morning with the birds chirping and the sun peeking over the horizon.

(Are you ready to do this, Zolnax?)

Zolnax glares. “You know I’m never ready. I love all of them. How can I choose?”

(I’m sorry, Zolnax, but this is the only way to find your true love. They are all gorgeous and seem perfect for you in their own ways but search your heart and give roses to the ones you most connect with. Good luck!)

Not surprisingly, Zolnax offers the first rose to June.

“The vicious creatures that might be the names of our children intrigues me. Will you accept this rose?”

She does, of course.

Next, he gives the rose to Ariana.

(Hmm…I do see a pattern. Give roses to the most beastly girls here! Ahhhhh! 😱)

And then he whips out a rose to Tonya.

“I see a sparkle of dark witchcraft in you, Tonya. Will you accept this rose?”

Tonya laughs. “Oh, honey, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

(What’s that supposed to mean? Eeek! Tonya looks like the most sane one. I guess I was wrong. 😭)

Jena rolls her eyes to see her rival get a rose. “I thought I put an end to that spider spinning her web around my boyfriend!”

(Guess not, Jena! The battle lives on!)

Next, Zolnax moves over to London. “Darling, I love our conversations on the art of thievery and am very impressed. Will you accept this rose?”

(Art of thievery? Oh noooooo! 😵)

And now it’s between two women. The very strange yet lovely, Keisha McCarthy or the really normal, down to earth, Jada Winslow.

Who will win Zolnax’s affections?

The strange one, of course!

(***Hits head on desk***)

Keisha snorts, “Thanks for this thing that always pricks my fingers, Zol. I appreciate it.”

(It’s a symbol of his growing love, Keisha. Why do I get the feeling she doesn’t even know what’s going on??? 🤔)

Since Jena already received her rose, Zolnax gives her a warm hug.

“I haven’t forgotten you, sweetheart,” he whispers in her ear.

“For your sake, you better not,” she says back.

(Was that a threat???? 👀)

Now for the hard part.

Zolnax faces Jada and stammers, “So…I…er…”

Jada shakes her head and says, “No worries, Zolnax. I knew we weren’t a match when I smelled your stinky dogs.”

“You’re okay with it then?” Zolnax asks.

“Of course. With the slobby way you scarf down food and your unhealthy bathing habits. Like naw, Zollie. It just isn’t a match.”

He smiles and says, “Thanks for that.”

He envelops Jada in a hug and whispers, “I’ll miss you.”

Behind his back, Jena twiddles her fingers at Jada. “Buh-byeeeeee!”

With a broad grin, Jada skips away from the bachelor mansion, thankful that she didn’t get in too deep.

And with that, the last sensible girl leaves. Never to return.

(NOOOOOO! 😭😭😭😭)


Sorry, Queenarella. When Jada gave Zolnax that foot rub, their relationship took a huge hit. She was doing great before that. Everything is on auto so I thought she did a great thing by offering a foot massage. Guess his feet just stunk too badly and it was a deal breaker.

Thanks for submitting her. She was a fun sim with loads of personality!

8 thoughts on “Chapter 3.8

  1. I’m shocked London is still around! We haven’t seen much of her. But I guess Jada’s foot rub didn’t sit well with Zolnax and probably saved her thieving self! Lol. She needs to stop stealing and get her head in the game!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL!

      You’ll see more of London later. Promise. 😉

      A lot of the interactions get cut in the editing because I don’t want these chapters to be too long and if they aren’t interesting, I don’t show it. But yeah, London must have felt her position was strong and went to sleep!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes…all contenders who are left have some darkness to them that Zolnax is attracted to! Tonya’s has been subtle up to this point. 😈


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