Chapter 3.6

Zolnax has noticed tension still in the houses because of a certain catfight between Princess and Ariana.

And since the one on one speed date did nothing to fix things…(except for some awkward staring contests)…

Zollie decides to bring the ladies out for a true date.

So it’s off to the rollerskating cafe!

Princess’ feet fail her!

But she’s a lot swifter on wheels than Ariana!

She trips and slams to the ground on her back.


(But maybe this is a good idea because Zollie is there to help her up!)

After some truly awful skating by everyone, Zolnax brings the girls to a table.

“Let me be frank, ladies,” he starts. “I realize the name thing is an issue so there’s only one thing left to do. After tonight, only one of you will be staying.”

First girl is Princess and he grabs her hand, leading her outside so they can talk.

“Tell me straight up, Princess. Do you like the idea of being my partner in crime for the rest of your life?”

(Partner in crime. Hee hee! Oh, Zolnax you do crack me up! 😹)

Her face falls. “You mean, crime CRIME or were you just using a euphemism?”

“Sweetheart, my goal is to take over the world for its own good. I’ll enact benign legislation, force people to vote for the most ignorant useless things as well as take all their rights and give them to me since I’m a genius and they’re beneath me. Does this sound good to you?”

Princess smiles dreamily and says, “I’m not sure what all that means but if you say so, I’m with you.”

(Hmm…I wonder if she knows what she’s getting into! ***shakes head***)

Next, it’s Ariana’s turn.

Zolnax holds her hand and they both smile as they walk in the moonlight.

Zollie turns to her and says, “Darling, do you wish to be my partner in crime and help me put the hapless clods that call themselves citizens under my feet to rule for all the days of our lives?”

Ariana arches an eyebrow. “With me at your side, how could you lose? My dark magic is at your service. With your brains and my power, we would be unstoppable.”

(***Hits head on desk*** Don’t encourage him so much, Ariana!!! UGH! )

Zolnax’s heart is settled. He knows who needs to go home.

Taking Princess out on the patio, Zolnax says, “Princess…I’m sorry to tell you this, but I believe you’re a sweet girl. A bit too sweet for me. I know you’ll meet a handsome prince who’ll treat you with the respect you deserve.”

Princess gasps. “You mean…I’m going home?”

(Look at the bright side, Aliana, at least you wouldn’t be saddled to a guy who’s destiny is world domination and crime!)

But the poor girl can’t hear me as tears prick her eyes.

Zollie wraps his arms around her and whispers, “I’m truly sorry. I loved getting to know you.”

(Aww…that was sweet, Zollie! Maybe you do have a good heart underneath all that black.)

After a kind embrace, Princess says a heartfelt good bye and walks to the ferry where she’ll jet home to Sulani.

(***Wipes eyes*** I’ll miss her! Not sure if you did the right thing there, Zollie. 😭)

(And why are you smiling??? 😡 You just sent home a girl in tears.)

“I don’t know, Creator. Seeing someone’s misery just gives me the swirlies in my soul.”

(***Slaps head*** Ugh. And to think I have to suffer yet another generation of this evil stupidity…well, at least he’s not stupid. But still. 😑)

And now there are only seven ladies left. So I swish them to a new home where they will live together 24-7.

Zolnax looks up at me. “Wow, Creator! You outdid yourself this time!”

(Thank you, Zollie. It did turn out well!)

Ariana’s already glowing eyes GLOW even more. “I’ve never seen anything so grand in my life!”

Keisha puts her hands on her hips and says, “Is that a temple where I can go ‘ohm’?”

(Keisha… 👀)

Jada’s face isn’t sporting its usual frown. “Oh, I can get used to this.”

(Well, Zollie isn’t rich yet, Jada, but I’m sure he’ll love your gold digger sentiments. 😜)

June smirks and says in her warbly voice, “My many hearts are palpitating, my favorite human admirer! This establishment makes my protoplasm yearn for woo hoo.”

(What doesn’t, June? 🙄 She’s the horniest alien I’ve ever met. 💆)

And so what is getting the ladies and Zolnax all hot and bothered? It’s this AWESOME bachelor mansion! (Made by the designer Rabooski just for this story! You should check it out!)

In the foyer are new artistic rendition pics of the girls.

From left to right top: Ariana, June, Jada, Tonya. Bottom row: Jena, Keisha and London.

Well, that’s how I see them. 😜

And the artist’s rendition of Zolnax!

(Um…sorry, Zollie, but you’re not THAT hot! 😝)

“Seriously, Creator? It’s MY spitting image.” He winks at me.

(I don’t know why, but his unfailing narcissism is endearing for some reason. 🤦‍♀️)

Everyone goes inside, each to their own rooms. Except for one girl.

Who wants some alone time with her man.

(Very tricky, Keisha. You might be weird, but you understand how this game works. 🤣)

So sorry MonaSolstraale but your sweet Princess was too sweet for Zollie. But hopefully, she’ll marry someone who’ll fit her better. I’ll make sure of it in my game and we’re sure to see her again!

And I want to say a hearty THANK YOU to designer RABOOSKI for the new digs! If you get a chance, please download and favorite this great build! THE BACHELOR

7 thoughts on “Chapter 3.6

    1. I was shocked when I went through it! She apologized for not having enough paintings in it because it was too large a file! I thought it was perfect!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. If only Princess knew how she dodged a bullet there.
    There’s a pic of Zol that I just love (7-37-42 something). It looks like he has a halo around his head. He probably wouldn’t like that tho hehe. I like the “realistic” portrait of him too.
    Sweet new digs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hee hee! Princess sure did dodge a bullet!!!

      Ohh…I’ll have to look back to find that pic. Zolnax wouldn’t like it at all. 😂

      Loving the mansion. So fun to play in!! (And that look on the realistic photo really fits Zolnax. 😝)

      Liked by 1 person

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