Chapter 3.1

Hunter drops the meat he’s about to prepare on the counter with a sad look on his face.

(Why so glum, Hunter?)

He sighs. “It’s Zolnax’s birthday and that means…”

(Dawwww…you’re going to miss me, aren’t you, Hunter?)

“Well, yes. Who’s going to shepherd me around the world, helping me meet hot chicks so I can make babies? It’s just not going to be the same.”

(Lol! You got that right. You’re going to be stuck with Medusa. FOREVER! 😜)

He winces as he slices up the main dish.

Not gonna lie, I kind of feel sorry for the dumb oaf. He’s really not that bad. Well, except for all the cheating stuff, but he is married to the worst person on the planet who came from a wishing well. I tried to warn him.


(Okay, fine, Hunter. I’ll promise to check in on you from time to time so you can have fun. Is that okay? It’s against the rules, but…Idk…you’ve touched my heart.)

Then I whisk him and his family to a mansion for Zolnax’s birthday party.

He gazes up at me. “You mean it, Creator?”

Just then, Medusa’s irritating voice interrupts. “Why are you looking so stupid, Hunter the Ignoramus? Hurry up. It’s hot out here!”

(Yes, most definitely, Hunter! I know you’ll need breaks from both Medusa and Bealzie! Yeesh!)

Next, it’s time for Zolnax to become a Young Adult!

With a sad face, Hunter says, “Son…there’s something I need to tell you…”

“That I’m going to now hear a voice in my head?”

Eyes popping in shock, Hunter whispers, “How did you know?”

Zolnax shrugs and laughs. “You’ve only been talking to Creator my whole life, Dad. Plus…Bealzie told me.”

(That Bealzie! She gives me the creeps! ***shudder***)

Hunter smiles. “Well…tell Creator she’ll be missed and…I’m glad you’re taking it so well, Zolnax. It was a shock when your grandpa told me.”

(***sniffs*** I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m really going to miss Hunter, too! 😭)

But now it’s time to start generation three! And I’ve got a fancy mansion waiting for Zolnax. It isn’t his real home. It’s the bachelor mansion! Zolnax can’t afford it. Hunter spent through his million bucks and now only has $500,000.


(Hello, Zolnax! This is your Creator speaking. I’ve got some exciting news for you! After your father’s fiasco (who is your mother), I’m not letting you choose your partner through whatever means. Meaning, I’M in charge of the choices. Not a wishing well. ***grumbles***)

A bright smile beams from Zolnax’s face. “I know, Creator. Bealzie told me all about it. I’m the bachelor and I get to choose from ten hot chicks. Can’t wait.” He winks at me.

(Ahhhhh! That Bealzie is STILL haunting me! 😱 ***shivers***)

Quickly, I pop him over to a Sulani mansion that houses the first five hotties, I mean, contestants.

Zolnax looks up at me. “Whoa…are they all mermaids, Creator?”

(Hmm…well, some may be…I’m not sure. We’ll have to get to know them!)

Quickly, Zolnax settles himself on the couch. “My…all of you are so beautiful. Please, tell me about yourselves.”

One girl waves. “I’ll go first! I’m Jena Parrish and I’m from Windenburg.”

Then everyone introduces themselves. Next to Jena is Aliana Kahananui from Sulani, and next to her is London Hastings from Willow Creek.

(Eek! London is only wearing her negligee! I’ll have to keep an eye on that one. Looks like she’s trying to seduce Zolnax already! A Medusa in the making…hmm…😬)

The redhead sitting next to Zolnax is Keisha McCarthy from Glimmerbrook and on the other side of him is Diana Royce from San Myshuno. What a great group!

Zolnax asks, “So…I wonder…what do you think your tendencies are? Are you good…or…” he wiggles his eyebrows and says in a sultry voice, “Evil.”

(***Smacks head*** Please! We don’t need anymore evil sims! 🙇‍♀️)

Jena replies first, “Well…we all have a little bit of both, don’t you think?”

Diana shakes her head. “I’m not. I have no evil qualities whatsoever. Being evil is…despicable!”

(I agree, Diana!)

Flipping her arms, Jena says, “So, you think you’re perfect?”

(Eek! First catfight!)

London sizes up Zolnax and says, “Evil is as evil does. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy. Right?”

(***Hits head on desk*** A medusa slithered through the cracks and I can’t vet her out. UGH! We’re doomed if he picks her!)

Jena breaks in, “I know that all of us have both traits. I can see it in everyone here. If people were only good, they’d be boring and if they were only evil, they’d be impossible to be around. Am I right?”

Keisha seems to awaken. “The sky is evil and the rain is good.”

(Huh? Uh oh…there’s a lot of craziness in this house. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all. Ahhhh! 😱)

“I love rain, too. So, maybe the rain is evil,” Zolnax points out.

(Uh…I’m not sure you should let the cat out of the bag that you’re evil, Zolnax. These ladies might run before you can give them the first rose.)

Zolnax smiles at me. “Don’t worry, Creator. My wife will love me for who I am. Why hide?”

(Wow. ***eyes widen*** I’m not used to dealing with a smart sim. That made perfect sense! 😵)

After everyone’s stomachs start to growl, the butler announces, “Dinner is served.”

And then I get this notification.

Looks like someone is trying to impress Zolnax.

(Why do I get the feeling all of these girls might become my worst nightmare? 😑)

When everyone takes a plate, Diana says, “I saw London steal the first plate of food. Obviously, she’s evil.”

Zolnax lifts his finger. “It isn’t stealing when you get there first, my dearest Diana.”

(Zolnax, you’re seriously ignoring Aliana. Maybe she wants to join in the conversation!)

But he totally ignores me and keeps discussing with Diana about the art of evil vs. good.

Looking into Jena’s eyes, Zolnax smirks. “I can tell you’re mostly good. Probably purer than Smother Purista.”

Jena spits glares at Zolnax. “Are you implying I’m a goody two shoes?”

He laughs and says, “If the shoe fits.”

“Ugh!” Jena growls. “I’ll show you!” Then she stomps out of the kitchen.

(ZOLNAX! Why did you insult her? She’s liable to leave the contest!)

He throws me a mischievous grin. “It’s all part of my diabolically brilliant plan, Creator. If she’s my true love, it won’t bother her because she’ll prove me wrong. If she’s not, she’ll leave.”

(***Shakes head*** Evil sims. I’ll never understand them.)


Now it’s time for Zolnax to visit House 2. It’s a tree house. If you want this (because it’s AMAZING!) go here to get it.

As soon as Zolnax enters the house, June Hallis from Sixam, pounces on him.

(My….the girls here are already in it to win it! I’m impressed!)

Except Zollie is pretty bad at ping pong.

(Well, you can’t be good at everything, Zol!)

“Yeah, but losing SUCKS!”

After June gives Zolnax lessons in humility, our bachelor asks the same question of the ladies of House 2–are they good? Or evil?

Annabeth Roland answers first. “I have a mantra–those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind. Right?”

(Sounds like she’s speaking your language, Zol!)

Another girl, Jada Winslow, says, “Listen, when someone disrespects me or someone I love, they better watch out because I’ll be up in their face about it. If that’s evil, so be it.”

It looks like the redheaded woman next to her, Ariana Brimstone, moves slightly away from Jada so she doesn’t offend.

After the ladies finish their conversation, Zolnax gets hungry and makes his way to the dining room. The girls follow.

Jada watches Zolnax eat and arches her eyebrow. “Oh, God no. Please don’t mind me. I’d just like to eat without seeing what the inside of your stomach is going to look like.”

(She has a point, Zollie. Could you eat a little…cleaner?)


“This…isth how I mgjmgm…alwayth m-eat…” Munch munch…

(And don’t talk with your mouth full. Didn’t your parents teach you any manners? Oh wait. Don’t answer that. They didn’t. 🙄)

And well, well…we have our first girl in a hot to trot mood!

June is emanating PINK!

Yup. The flirt is ON!

Sensing this, Zolnax flashes his most swanky smile. “Is it my dashing good looks or my amazing way with eating dinner that has you all hot and bothered, my dear?”

(Did I say he was smart? I take it back! 🤦‍♀️)

Instead of answering him, June turns to Jada and coos in her alien warble, “I sense an amorous aura surrounding your protoplasmic vessel. We cannot hold back from our carnal desires.”

Jada shoots back, “You get one alien inch toward me and you’ll find a fist in your face.”

(Aaaand it’s House 2’s turn for a catfight! 👀)

“I, for one, love the way you eat, Zolnax,” offers Ariana Brimstone. “It beats watching people drink blood all the time.”

“Hmm…so you’re a vampire then?” Zolnax asks.

“Nope. I just hang around creeps who like to drink blood.”

(Oooookayyyy…is it just me or are these women getting weirder and weirder? It’s not looking good for generation FOUR! So, where’s the rest of the ladies? They’ve got to be more normal than what we have so far!)

Of course…the one woman who probably has the most sanity of the group is asleep on a floatie.


She’s Tonya Anansi and Zolnax has yet to talk with her.

And poor Annabeth is exhausted, skipping out on supper and taking a nap.

But she’s not the only one who’s tired.

(Too many alien woohoo thoughts, June?)

(Zolnax, what ARE you staring at?)

“Something truly amazing, Creator. Look.”

(***Slaps face*** Should have known. Ugh. 😑)

Just wanted to say thank you to MaggieMarley, MonaSolstraaale, Queenarella, afai1261, Skeilah, haswh, Irishsong, VanPelt881, AudreyFld, and MINEZ for donating your beautiful sims. After playing the first round, it’s a contest! And these ladies are really trying hard to impress our bachelor. Since it’s an ISBI, they are on autopilot for the most part. The only interference I’ve done is make them speak to the bachelor at each party, using the same command. Then it’s up to them to find things to talk about and connect. So much fun!

The next chapter will be the first party as well as someone earns a surprise reward! And our first elimination, sadly.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1

  1. This is so much fun. And it ended with nice ending, according to Zolnax! Lordy. And poor Hunter looked so sad. Can’t blame. Medusa is terrible! I am looking forward to more.

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    1. Lol! The shenanigans are starting already.

      Yes, Hunter was surprisingly sad at my departure. Unlike Devan who couldn’t what to get rid of me. 😝

      I adore all the quirky personalities! I died when June started flirting with Jada and she wasn’t having any of it! Hee!

      And what would a chapter be without a few failures. There are a few girls who commit manage themselves, you’ll find out! But will that hurt their chances? Hmmm… 🧐

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  2. Oh cool, the bachelor challenge in Dim Sims. Well, I don’t blame the Creator for doing that after the last fiasco with Hunter. However, someone of these sims are rather…um…interesting! lol

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