Chapter 2.14

Days pass and Zolnax is worrying about the future.

(Maybe there’s hope for this next gen after all!)

Hunter looks up at me. “See, Creator? My son is a wonderful person after all. I told you I’d have the best life. You just didn’t believe in me.”

(Jury is out. Why is he still playing with supervillain toys?)

“Because he takes after me which is the most incredible, fabtastic hunk of man on earth. He will rule the world one day. And now, Creator, I don’t have time to converse with you. I see a beauty calling for me.” Hunter strolls out the front door to meet up with another neighbor.

(Lilith Vatore? Why is she here? And Vlad? Huh boy. 🤦‍♀️)

“A sweet damsel in distress,” Hunter croons. “How may I be of service to you?”

(She’s not sweet. She’s a vampire, Hunter. She wants to suck your blood.)

She then asks him if he wants to join one of her clubs, The Good Timers.

(Just what he needs. ***smacks head on desk***)

“My…what a lovely invitation, but I must decline,” Hunter says with a sultry smirk.

Lilith shrugs then leaves (probably wondering what the heck she was doing there in the first place asking some fat old man into her club. 🤷‍♀️)

Then Hunter saunters into the can.

(Why are you so happy, Hunter? Not that I care…I don’t.)

“Because, Lilith gave me a wonderful idea!”

(Oh no…you’re not going to pull one of your father’s tricks are you with the clubs? I forbid it!)

“Too late, Creator. It’s already done. How else am I supposed to complete my serial romantic aspiration?”

(He’s got a point there. Once that’s done, maybe he’ll move onto something a little more decent.)

Next, I find Medusa happily singing in the bathtub.

(What is going on here? Am I in an alternate universe or something? Pregnancy sure does make her happy while it makes other sims crabby. So weird.)

Putting on his most dastardly dashing outfit, Hunter readies himself to meet up with his…babe cult.

First up, Mila Landgraab. “I’d heard you were meeting with your club. Could I join?”

Hunter grimaces. “Your son is my arch nemesis. Um. No.”

(That wasn’t very smooth, Hunter. She’s a woman and you’re desperate.)

“A woman who could spawn my greatest enemy will not kiss these lips. I’ve got standards.”

(Coulda fooled me. 👀)

(I mean, look at those awful outfits you’re making your ladies wear. Huh boy.)

For some reason, Nina Caliente is sad.

(She probably knows she’s doomed to kiss Hunter. 😝)

Aaaand, smack!

Hunter kisses her cheek and she lets him!

(Four down, six first kisses to go. 😖)

Then Hunter eyes a tall blonde bombshell, but before he can go for it, he’s interrupted.

One of his cult members says, “Hunter the Incredible, I think your phone is ringing.”

Hunter gets an earful from the principal.

(Oops! Zolnax is at it again!)

Hunter tells the blonde, “Sorry, honey, but my family needs me.”

(For once, I wish he’d just stay and get his kissing done with already! UGH!)

Zolnax must have really done something awful. He’s basically been suspended!

(Ahh! Hunter was never this bad as a teen! I’m counting on the baby to fill his shoes for torch holder! Anything is better than this!)

When Zolnax gets home from school, he pummels the Skelly Bear.


But Skelly is evil so he likes getting hit.

This only frustrates Zolnax more so he lets off steam by trolling teh forums.

And before Hunter can make it out of the club, he’s too tired. I find him belly up in a pool.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.14

    1. Lol! Hunter looks dead there but he was just sleeping. I love juice pot belly!! He’s getting obese. Zolnax was crazy angry when he got home from school! 😳

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What? Oh gosh! Hunter can’t be “belly up”, but thank goodness that just means he’s relaxing in the pool. He sure needs to work out. I’ve never seen that school punishment. Zolnax is not very happy.


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