Chapter 2.13

Hunter chats up one of his beautiful neighbors.

(Uh oh. Hunter, your wife might be preggers, do you REALLY have to do this now?)

He looks up at me and says, “Why yes, Creator. It’s my life’s aspiration, after all.”

(**wipes face** When does Zolnax age up because if I have to keep following you, I’m ready to pound. Your face.)

I didn’t hear what Hunter said to this woman but she gives him a sultry look and says, “Wanna see something…hot?”

Hunter can’t believe his luck. “Hot is my middle name, baby.”

(Can I barf? 🤢)

“Then follow me,” she retorts.

Hunter wiggles his eyebrows. “I’ll follow you to the moon and back.”

This woman’s name is L. Faba. She’s a spellcaster. And she’s mean and dastardly. I guess she fits him.

(Uh…Hunter? Why are you following some strange woman in the middle of nowhere?)

He gets a skeezy smile on his face. “Because she’s a sexy woman. Why else?”

(Why oh why didn’t I delete that aspiration? But he rolled it so… 🤷‍♀️)

Hunter runs up to a strange archway as L. Faba walks near to him.

On the other side, Hunter says, “You’ve been holding out on me, Creator! This new world is so cool!”

(So, Hunter…do you want to be a spellcaster and then I can change your aspiration? Please oh please oh please????)

Hunter flips his arms. “And miss out on kissing hot babes? Never!”

He then instantly flirts with L. Faba.


She spirits them to a swanky restaurant.

(Guess there’s perks to dating a witch.)

She says in a husky voice, “We’re all done with dinner. What do you want to do now, handsome?”

(Handsome? Seriously? Oh, good God, Hunter, she just wants your money. Go back to your family. NOW!)

Ignoring me, he stares intensely at her and says, “I want to kiss you so hard it leaves a permanent Hunter the Incredible tattoo.”

(***smh*** That’s not how you woo a woman, Hunter.)

But for some reason, that does the trick and next thing you know he’s kissing her right in the middle of dinner!

And because it’s Winterfest season, L. Faba goes for round two with the mistletoe.


After all that smooching, Hunter drags himself away with a smile on his face.

(Finally. I thought you’d never leave.)

“Best. Night. Ever.” He stumbles around until I click him home.

It didn’t take long, Medusa has definitely got a big bun in that oven. And she seems very happy.

(What’s so wonderful? Usually being as big as a house makes sims upset. Pregnancy is no joke.)

It’s Zolnax’s birthday!

(Woo hoo! We’re getting close to me dumping Hunter and moving on with someone a bit more sane!)

And then he rolls this.


Hunter schmoozes with his wife as if he’s done nothing wrong for the past twelve hours.

But look at Zolnax. At least he got his grandfather’s looks.

“Now remember, son, we evil sims must carry out the duty of keeping superheroes in business. I gave up my aspiration of taking over the world for something a bit more…um…fun, but it’s up to you to take up the treacherous treasonous torch, if you know what I mean.”

(Oh no you don’t, Hunter. Just because he rolled the evil trait, does NOT mean he’ll try to be an evil villain like you once were. He’s smarter than you!)

“Sure, Dad. Already got my villain name. Zolnax the Iniquitous. How does that sound?”

(AWFUL!!!! Do NOT follow in your stupid, idiotic dad’s footsteps!!!!)

(But he can’t hear me. 😭)

Hunter is so proud. Things are working out for him. He’s so rich he can woo any woman in town. His wife is happy because she’s pregnant with another evil despot and she has all she wants in the world. AND his son is taking up where he left off in taking over the world. What more could any evil sim want?

“My beautiful cowplant, let us toast to all of our blessings.”

“Yes,” she says, with her nonalcoholic beverage. “May you reap whatever you sow, my dearest, dimwitted, ignoramus husband.”

(Hee hee! I think Medusa is onto you, Hunter!)

(And look! Her curse just popped up. Bahahahahahaaaa!)

(How are you going to get out of this one? Hmmmm????)

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2.13

  1. It’s weird seeing Medusa happy. I guess the money helped. And Zolnax rolled the evil trait! Well, he didn’t have much choice. Look who his parents are! But dang. He did get good genes as far as looks even though he’s evil. He’s cute! But maybe he’s smarter than his dad and grandfather.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m crossing my fingers that he’s smarter (well, it can’t be too tough to be smarter than either one of them, so I think he might be!!!) 😀

      Medusa is SOOOO happy! She’s usually stomping around. Must be that pregnancy upsets her which in turn makes evil sims happy when others (including themselves) are sad. They’re a strange breed. 😉 I kind of like it because I never play with evil sims so having Hunter and Medusa (and now Zolnax) really is interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah…MCCC has people outside of the family you’re playing get pregnant. But I think if you did have your sim cheat, it would notify you of the child anyway.


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