Chapter 2.12

Because Hunter’s a millionaire now, he gets a millionaire home (that can sit on that tiny lot. It should make Medusa happy.)

Medusa decides to throw Hunter a birthday party and who does she employ as the cook?

Grace Anansi, Hunter’s main squeeze. 😰

(Hmm…I wonder what she found on that computer. Eek!)

Poor Grace doesn’t like seeing Hunter and his happy little fam.

Plus she has to make a cake for that ignoramus (who has been taking advantage of her this whole time! 😡)

Just then, Medusa stalks into the room. “Hunter the Insignificant,” she bellows. “It would seem your cake is done.”

(Yup. She found out. **Loosens collar**)

But instead of causing a scene, she just walks by and says nothing.

The party commences with only Father Winterfest, Grace Anansi, and some weird ghost attending.

(Of course, since Hunter has no friends! 😝)

And it happens!

Hunter is an adult!

(Middle age is upon you, dude. **points finger and snickers**)

“I don’t feel any different,” Hunter says.

(You will…heh heh…)

Arching her eyebrow, Medusa grumbles, “Must I deal with an old man now? Will you snore a lot and complain about your back hurting?”

“Of course not, sweet death flower, I feel exactly the same.”

“Drat.” Then she stares at him. “You have given me only one son. I want more children to love since I cannot stand you. When will you do your duty as a husband?”

Hunter gulps then runs to the kitchen to clean his plate.

Unfortunately, his wife follows.

She points. “And another thing, who is this tramp who has been eyeing you all night? Have you been unfaithful to me?”

(Uh oh, Hunter! I knew she’d find out! You’re in trouble now. She might take every last penny you have! You better butter her up!)

“C-Cowplant, of course not! How would I ever find someone as despicable and trecherous and nefarious as you!”

(Uh…Hunter! Those adjectives aren’t exactly love sonnets.)

She flips her arms up. “Spare me your pretty words. They mean nothing to me.”

Hunter gives her his awkward smolder. “Oh really? I think that shower stall has our names written in dark hearts all over it.”

(**smacks head** You’re about as romantic as a bumbling boob, Hunter.)

Medusa stomps past him. “Very well. But I will not enjoy one bit of your hideous heinous hands. Now follow me!”

(As long as I live, I’ll never understand these two!)

As soon as they reach the bathroom, Medusa throws herself at Hunter.

(They don’t even get undressed for the shower! 👀👀👀👀)

(Guess it works for them! 🤷‍♀️ He never gets fireworks with any other woman.)

After that shower, Medusa feels very dirty (can’t say I blame her!)

And Hunter fills the room with his stench.

(Come on, Hunter, can’t you be a little romantic? You just had some great woo hoo and now you’re ruining the moment.)

“But don’t you get it, Creator? I’m your gift to the world of women. I AM great woo hoo.”

(**smacks head** Okay…just gonna say this. I cannot WAIT until Zolnax ages up because I’m getting VERY tired of you!)

But he doesn’t hear me because he falls asleep in the bathtub.


In the morning, Medusa is very satisfied with herself. She ran off that hussy Grace Anansi, got Hunter exactly where she wanted, and she’s living in the comfort she’s always dreamed about.

(I gotta hand it to her. If anyone can tame Hunter it’s her! Maybe he’ll tow the husband line after all!)

Too bad she can’t tow the line for little Zolnax. He’s about to pee himself and the place is a wreck. Bleh.

The kid stayed up all night swimming in the pool and now he’s napping only an hour before school.

(Ugh. 🤦‍♀️)

As the sun rises, Hunter has a huge grin on his face.

(What’s going on now? You haven’t been chasing anymore women are you???? **stares with judgement in eyes**)

“No, Creator! I’m just so proud of my little guy! He’s doing so well at school! A chip off the old block.”

(Aww…what’s he doing? Tasks for the teacher? Staying after school to help others? Oh wait…a chip off YOUR old block? Oh noooooo!!! 😱)

(**hits head on desk**)

Big shout out to the incredible designer RABOOSKI who created Hunter and Medusa’s home. It has some really fun surprises in the basement for any evil sims to enjoy!!!

The gallery is down online so I can’t link it, but if you put in her name, you’ll see it. Omg, it’s perfect for them! If you have evil sims, it’s a great mansion for them to enjoy. Muahahahaaaa!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.12

  1. How did I miss this adventure? Dang….I wonder if Medusa is preggers…. she seemed awfully full of herself the next morning. And Zolnax… shame on you, I had high hopes. Not sure why. Look who his parents are. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love the build. Funny about the pop-up for Zolnax – I was thinking that Hunter wouldn’t want academic punishment. He’ll probably throw a big party for his son for doing that! lol And Medusa is just too happy the next morning. Something’s up.


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