Chapter 2.7

While Hunter is off to that waxing gig, Zolnax is left to his own evil devices. (His mother, Medusa, is nowhere in sight!)

(That should scare me but I wonder why it doesn’t?)

He hears a knock at the door and goes to answer it.

It’s a nosy neighbor.

(***eye roll***)

Zolnax waves his arm toward the lady. “Ah, a beautiful damsel in distress. How may I be of service?”

Eyebrow arching, it’s obvious she’s not used to hearing an eight year old talk as if he’s a five hundred year old vampire. “Say what?”

(I’d tell her he’s the spawn of two evil creatures and not to pay him any mind, but she can’t hear me.)

“You need a back massage? Nail clip? I can offer many assorted services for the right price.” He throws a cheesy Divan Rex™ grin.

The woman isn’t buying it.

(Thank GOD!)

“Are your parents home? No? Well, I’ll be gone then.”

The woman hightails it back to her house, getting all the info she’d wanted in the first place (that the new neighbors are nuts! Great neighborly gossip!)

Clueless, little Zolnax thinks he did well with her and makes his way back to his lair, I mean, living room. He thinks of all the ways this woman is going to throw money at him.

(I was afraid of that. He’s the perfect cross between Divan and Hunter. Yep.)


In his laboratory, Zolnax swishes together some weird looking liquid.

(What the heck is he concocting? I take it back. I AM scared. He might burn the house down!)

But instead of flames, the potion just sprays putrid smelling smoke.

(Whew. 😅)

Time flies until a notification rings.

(Uh oh.)

(Hunter…what did I tell you about needing skills?)

He looks up at me and yells, “Don’t, Creator. I don’t need any I-told-you-so’s. The woman threw all her wax at me when I scratched her stupid jetski and screamed at me to leave. It was a nightmare, so I’m going to my room to cry. I’ll never make a million simoleons this way. I’m doomed to sleep on the couch for all eternity.”

Just then, ANOTHER nosy neighbor steps up to the house with an awful looking fruitcake.


(What is it with Glimmerbrook and all the nosy neighbors. It’s like…creeeeeepy.)

The woman waves and says, “Hi, I’m Grace Anansi. I live next door. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

“Ah…a woman…who isn’t throwing things at me…maybe THIS is the one who can help me with my aspiration,” Hunter says in his head.

(Oh no. You’re not thinking about propositioning her, Hunter. You’re MARRIED!)

“Yes, to an evil witch. You said so yourself, Creator,” he mumbles. Then he turns to the lady and says, “Hello, there. I’m Hunter the Invincible, I mean, Hunter Rex. It’s so nice of you to come by with that piece of wooden sponge. How thoughtful.”

“Oh, it’s just fruitcake. I hope you like it.”

He wiggles his fingers. “Well, I think I…like you!”

(Ew….Hunter…that’s the worst line. She won’t go for it. You might as well dig a hole cuz you’re about to get shot down.)

She throws a sultry look and says, “I think I like you, too.”

(***smacks head***)


(Okay, I can’t stand by and watch Hunter’s demise (because yeah, even though Medusa hates him, she’d hate him cheating on her WORSE!)

So, it’s time to follow Zolnax to school!

(This should be pretty interesting!)

It’s introduction day and all the cute kids are gathered together to learn at one place (what a clever idea! 😝 I wonder what Zolnax will do.)

(Aww…look at him walking through the doors like he wants to get busy learning! I’m so proud! Maybe there’s hope for the next generation after all!)

Spoke too soon. He makes a bee line for the playground.


And as all the students take their spots at their desks, Zolnax is evil laughing on the monkey bars.

(Get to class, you truant! ***hits head on desk***)

Many sim hours later, the teacher is looking for her missing student.

“Zolnax? Zolnax Rex? Where is he?” the teacher asks no one in particular.

He’s now in the kitchen scarfing down a plate of tacos.

(What a slob! Oh yeah. He has the slob trait. 😭)

The cafeteria lady bristles at all the chomping and gross food noises. She knows she’s going to have to mop that floor. Again.

Next, it’s library time where all the students pick out a fun book to read.

(Zolnax? Don’t you want to read a book? I thought you were a genius kind of kid!)

I find him out on the playground.


(Eek! Nightmares of Divan on the dance floor picking up ladies frighten me. I’m determined this kid will do better! But I can’t control him. 😐)

That cheesy grin swoops on his face.

(Ugh. What is this little monster up to now?)

To my surprise, he’s in the library, talking to another kid!

(Something REAL kids do! Oh, there’s hope!)

“You look very handsome for a kid our age,” Zolnax says. “Your hair is the most fetching color and you style it in a most impressive way. Would you like to become one of my lackeys?”

(***Smacks head***)

The kid says, “Sure! What do I gotta do?”

“Shh!” another boy whispers. “This is a library. No talking.”

Zolnax mumbles all sorts of commands to his new friend. Then the other children gag over Zolnax’s rancid smell.

(I told him he needed a shower but he can’t hear me!!! 😖 Unlike Hunter and Divan, Zolnax is a slob and LIKES to smell bad. Look at his face!)

The school bell rings and it’s time to go home.

All in all, Zolnax thinks this is a most productive day. He played around, ate until his stomach hurt, acquired a new toady, and stunk out the place.

(Too bad you’re going to end up with a D and I’m going to have to hear the principal calling. All. The. Time. 🙄)

He can’t wait to get home to tell his dad about all the wonderful things that went on.

(Unfortunately, I think Hunter WILL be pleased. Ugh.)

4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.7

  1. Zolnax is too funny. His red suit is perfect for an evil child sim! He do have the Divan grin down. Poor Hunter though. I wonder what he was up to while his evil spawn was at school. Still hitting on the neighbors?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunter doesn’t seem soo…evil anymore…maybe he has lost some hope for himself and his big dream. Zolnax, though, knows who he wants to be. Oh gosh…they are all going to be evil. lol


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