Chapter 2.1

(What are you grinning about, Divan?)

“Don’t you know, Creator? Today is the day!”

(I know…but you’d think you’d be a little upset that you won’t hear my voice ever again. I know you’ll miss me. Say it…come on…you’re going to miss me aren’t you?)


(Well, I will miss you. How about that?)

“Of course you’ll miss me. I’m funny, charming, and dashingly handsome. I feel for you, Creator, I really do. And Hunter won’t be as easily led around as I was.”

(You weren’t easy.)

“Yeah, but you had fun. That’s why you’re going to miss me. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a party to order.”


Divan walks to his room to change out of his work clothes.

All of Hunter’s friends assemble at the Big Bum Bar and Grill. It looks like something Hunter would pick. Red cheesy décor, tons of make out booths, and hot tubs in the back.

“Are you here to congratulate me, brother?” Hunter asks as Levi marches toward the back.

“No, I want to get a drink. Oh, and by the way, none of your henchman showed up for your party. Only your enemy.”

“Buzzkill decided to see my rise to power? Awesome. Cannot wait to gloat in his face.”

Scanning the tables, Hunter spots Buzz Landgraab all by himself, waiting on the festivities. Hunter sits with him. “Hello, Buzzard. Come to watch me fly over you in super strength and ultimate brainiac villainy?”

“Hello, Rodent. Just wanted to see what happens when a rodent turns into a bigger rodent.” He snaps his fingers. “Oh yeah…he just makes a bigger splat on the pavement. By the way, I see you found some clothing. The chicks had a big laugh at…ahem…your small package.”

Hunter laughs, putting his head back. “Oh, Buzzard, you always were the class clown. I’d love to stay here and giggle some more at your lame jokes but I believe I’ve got some growing up to do. Know what that means, Buzzkill? I get to play tonsil hockey with REAL women. Not girls. See you around!”

Hunter picks through the crowd and spies Divan waving him over to the cake he’s just made.

Finally, with a super huge breath, Hunter blows out the candles.

(My stomach is twitching! I finally get to tell him what I think!!!!)

“How’s that, Buzzkill? I’m a real man now.”

Flinging his head side to side, Buzz shrugs. “The only man I see here is your pops.”

“Oh,” Buzz goes on, “and I just got a text from Cassandra Goth. Remember that babe you THOUGHT was interested in you? She texted a bunch of barfing emojis when I sent her a pic of you blowing out the candles.”

Hunter shakes his head. “Silly boy. I have no time for your kindergarten antics. I’ve got an appointment with a truly wicked villain, and he’s going to teach me everything he knows.”

“Who’s that? Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?”

Hunter pokes at a hangnail. “No…his name is Mr. Sausages.”

“What? You’re lying. Mr. Sausages would NEVER talk to dimwit like you.”

Hunter shows him a text Mr. Sausages sent only a few minutes ago.

Putting his hands on his head, Buzz moans, “I’ve got a headache.”

“Ha, ha…cheer up, Buzzard. I’ll tell him we’re old friends. Maybe he won’t kill you at first. Oh…who am I kidding? Of course he’s going to kill you! Now, if you don’t mind, I have a party to have fun at.”

(You aren’t REALLY going to have that poor boy killed, are you???)

Hunter gasps, looking around wildly.

(Up here, Dimwit. Hey, I think Buzzkill was onto something. That’s a great name for you!)

“W-Who…” He takes a few staggered breaths. “Who…Whooo…”

(**puts hands on hips** Are you an owl now?)

“W-Who said that?”

Divan looks at me with his cheesy grin.

(**glares** Laugh it up, Divan, but I think I’m going to have fun with this.)

Divan chuckles. “And what’s so wonderful is that I can tell, Creator, that you are talking by poor Hunter’s bewildered expression, but I CAN’T HEAR A WORD YOU ARE SAYING!!! HALLELUIA!!!”

He wanders over to Hunter. “Hey, buddy, can I talk to you about something? I meant to discuss it with you before IT happened…but…”

(He was too lazy to mention me. AND I’M NOT AN IT!!!)

Hunter puts his fingers in his ears.

(**rolls eyes** That won’t help.)

“Son, that won’t help. Let me do a bit of explaining.”

Divan sits down and waves his hands toward me. “You see that up there? It’s sort of a wavy cloud looking thingie?”


“Well, you’ve never seen it before. Right?”

Scratching his chin, Hunter says, “Now that you mention it…”

“Believe me. You’ve never seen it. Well, that’s our Creator. She made us.”

“She…made us?”

“Yeah…well, she made me, but me and Mom made you…”

Rolling his eyes, Hunter says, “Is this going to be another embarrassing woo hoo talk, Dad, because let me tell you, I’m way passed that.”

“No, now listen! Her name is Creator and she gets her jollies by following around the heir to our family. It’s known as a legacy and…”

(HEY! I do not! That’s the rules to this world I decided to create. You better stop painting a bad picture of me or else!)

“Whoa, Dad. Stop! It’s talking again and making my head hurt!”

“Really? What is IT saying?”

(Tell Divan he’d better say nice things about me or I will let him sleep in his own urine and NOT have you clean it up.)

Hunter laughs. “You will? Really? Wow.”

“What is she saying?”

An evil grin swishes over Hunter’s face. “She says you’re a real jerk and she hates you. Do you have any other bad things to say about her?”

(**smacks head**)

“Oh boy, do I!”

***fifteen sim hours later***

“And you feel like you’re going to scream!”

Divan gets out of his chair. “Sorry to lay it all on you like that, but someone has to take on the legacy.”

Hunter shrugs. “Well, she doesn’t seem so bad, so it’s all good. No worries.”

(Glad you’re taking it so well, Hunter! I think we’ll have fun.)

Hunter shakes his head like a dog shaking off water.

(You can’t get rid of me…heheheeeee!)

“Nice chat, son. If you need any help, just let me know.”

“Sure, Dad, and thanks.”

(Awww…that’s sweet…maybe I was wrong about you, Hunter.)

Hunter points at me and orders, “I want a criminal hideout complete with wet bar, lavish office, punishment room, storage warehouse, pool, hot tub and grand master bedroom and bath.”

(**eyes narrow** Oh REALLY? And what if I don’t do what you say?)

Hunter smiles sweetly. “Then I’ll find a way to make your life miserable. And don’t think I won’t!”

(Oh, Hunter, dear…you have no idea who you are fooling with, but just for grins and since you are bent on your evil ways, I’ll give you what you wish as long as you can afford it. I can’t make money pop out of nowhere. But you have to promise you’ll never kill anyone. Deal?)

Hunter mulls this proposition over for quite some time but then finally says, “Deal.”

(Sigh…this might be harder than I thought.)

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