Chapter Fourteen

After such a hideous day at school, Hunter is ready to sit down to a good meal. Blackened tilapia is waiting for him and he wanders outside to get a bit of fresh air.

Suddenly, a horrific odor assaults his nostrils. “What in Creator’s name is that awful smell?”

“What smell?” Lindsey asks, taking a bite of her fish. “I don’t smell anything.”

“Egad, child! That fish is spoiled! Get it out of here!” Hunter waves his hand over the green mist.

“Ugh. I don’t feel so good.” She throws up all over Hunter.

(Why am I smiling at this scene? I’m not a very good Creator…)

Divan tries to make up for the spoiled fish by whipping up some lobster thermidore and what do my wandering eyes see? Hunter actually DOING his homework!

(Divan! Here’s your chance! Get on that!)

“Got it, Creator.” He marches up to Divan. “Now that’s what you should have been doing this whole time. Do you realize you have a D in high school?”

“Unfortunately, I do,” Hunter moans. “That bore Buzzkill Landgraab made sure of that. Now I have to do homework the old fashioned way.”

Divan dives into his delicious dinner. “Well, son, that’s the way most kids get around in high school.”

“Not me. I’m different. I’m…”

Divan growls, “You’re about to fail so I suggest you stop moaning and start writing.”

(Way to go, Divan! Get that kid into shape! Now I’m not as worried about him!)

“See, Creator? I’m not a bumbling baboon like you called me the other day! I’ve got this fam thing.”

(I guess you do, Divan! I’m proud of…wha????)

“What’s wrong, Creator?”

(What are your “slaves” WEARING???)

“What…they’re just a little hot while they’re in my garden. The least I could do was give them matching outfits.”

(***GLARE*** ***crossing arms*** I don’t think wearing a skimpy outfit like that classifies as a “matching outfit”. It’’s…criminal!)

“But see their smiling faces, Creator? They LIKE the outfits I gave them.”

(No they don’t. They’re just mesmerized by your good looks. Change them now before I do something incredibly embarrassing to you. And don’t think I won’t.)

Divan clicks away at his computer. “There. All changed. Now are you happy?”

Suddenly, the garden slave’s outfits change.

(***hands on hips*** I don’t think that constitutes a change!)

“Aw, Creator, you wound me. Those are original Hawaiian island attire, which goes well with my garden. Anyone knows that.”

(You may have Kaila buying your cheesy lies, but I’m not that gullible. You leave me no choice.) ***Clickety clackity clack*** (There. Now go help out your poor slaves in the garden. And get some men in your club, too! That’s an order!)

Divan smiles wickedly not realizing what I’ve done. “Fine, Creator. But I won’t let you take my fun away. I will be relishing my slaves all morning.”

(You do that…)

When one of the guys show up, I feel a little twinge of guilt at what he’s wearing. But damn it. Divan deserves looking like the messed up clown that he is.

“See you later, Creator!”

(Have fun, Divan. Don’t work too hard.)

After the slaves make the garden sparkle, Hunter gets a call to go to a club.

(Divan! You better go with Hunter to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble.)

“Really, Creator? I was about to snuggle with my Cuddle Muffins, taking in a new movie about some college kids—it’s gonna be Streakers, WooHoo, and feuding mascots. Totally is going to get a Freezer Bunny award!”

(Ugh. And Kaila really wants to stay married to you?)

“Look at that face she gave me only moments ago.”

(Sheesh…she’s dimmer than I thought. Alright, well, Divan the brain cell killing movie will have to wait. Hunter cannot be left out alone.)

Grumbling, he goes outside to head to the club. “You’re no fun, Creator.”

After only one second inside, Divan starts to dance.

(What were you saying about me, Divan?)

But he can’t hear me. The club music is too loud. Ugh.

After only five minutes, everyone is out on the dance floor with Divan at the center. Hunter can’t even be found. Uh oh. I wonder what that boy is up to.

(Divan, go find Hunter! I’m sure he’s hot-wiring the ATM machines again. Please!)

“In a minute, Creator. Can’t you see I’m in a dance off?”

(Dance off later. This is important.)

“All right, but you’re worried for nothing.” Instead of listening to me and finding Hunter, Divan collapses on the couch next to a recently aged up Vicki.

Oh no…if Vicki is an elder, that means it’s only a little while until it’s Divan’s turn. For some reason, this makes me sad.

Once the adults have passed out, Hunter appears all alone on the dance floor.

(Whew! No one trapped in a closet this time. Hunter seems to be doing normal teenaged things. Yay!)

Oh…I spoke too soon. He’s hitting on a woman twice his age.

“Hey, babe. You and me and the closet makes three.”

(Yuck. I can’t believe he stole that line from his dad.)

Meanwhile as Hunter is hitting on everything except the d j booth, both Levi and Lindsey age up!

Uh oh…we may have to keep an eye on Lindsey.

Here’s Levi, looking much like his dad.

And Lindsey. Not sure who she resembles. I think she’s a good mix of both.

And today, I’ll leave you with what Divan likes to call the Bunny Mash. It’s a brand new dance move!

(Twisted, Divan. Very twisted.)

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3 thoughts on “Chapter Fourteen

  1. It’s a good thing Divan is so handsome. And I had to laugh at the outfits for the garden slaves! Divan definitely has some nice abs though! And then Hunter with that red suit on doing his homework cracked me up. Levi is cute too and so is Lindsey. Good genetics as far as looks are concerned. Common sense …. not so much.


  2. Oh god, that… uh… “new dance move”… um… the… Bunny mash, Divan calls it? Huh. Lindsey and Levi are cute, I bet they’ll be beautiful and handsome as adults. Oh boy… I liked the monarch butterfly look with the gardening slaves. Is that bad? XD It kinda fit, as it was gardening and butterflies… Poor Hunter. Hopefully thinks will look up for him soon? Probably not, but here’s to hoping.


  3. Well, Hunter’s grade hacking didn’t work, so it’s back to real homework. And Divan looked like he was having a great time at the club, not even bothering to look for Hunter. Levi & Lindsey aged up so cute, but Lindsey’s traits – how did that happen? Oh gee, Hunter might recruit her.

    Liked by 1 person

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