Chapter Twelve

Hunter dresses in the most dashing (almost evil looking) outfit for the New Year’s party. Plus, it looks as if he’s pasted on a devilish mustachio and goatee.


Levi notices and asks him why he’s so dressed up.

“Obviously,” Hunter says with a flourish of his fingers, “a world dominator has to impress everyone. Especially the ladies.” He waggles his eyebrows.


(***Smacks head***)

Oh no! Levi is getting ensnared in Hunter’s schemes.

Levi looks up to his brother with…awe.


“Levi, honey,” Kaila says, worrying that Hunter will unduly influence her only innocent son, “come over to momma. You shouldn’t be hanging out with teens. Hunter’s ways are…erm…different and need not to be followed.”

“Are you kidding, Mom?” Levi squeals. “Hunter says he’s going to sell me the coolest water park, The Squirting Llama, and all I have to do is hand over the contents of my piggy bank, give him the rest of my future earnings for ten years, and become his sidekick. Isn’t that a steal?”

“Oh, sweetie, I forbid you to talk to your brother again for the rest of your life.”

“Aw mom!”


And the world dominator is out to who knows where with a cheesy, evil smile on his face.


A few days pass and it’s time to go back to school. Hunter arrives early and laughs to himself. His minions approach. Even though they don’t know he’ll have them wrapped around his evil fingers in no time. He can’t wait to start his plan. High school will be…amusing.


One minion in particular, Hunter scopes out and decides he’ll approach him with his most dastardly plan and make him his main henchman. The guy looks as clueless as a llamacorn mascot.


And then he notices the LADIES! He’ll have to sidle up to them another day. Today was most imperative for him to not get sidetracked. But he’s decided he’s attracted to redheads and realizes he’s the kind of man who needs many girlfriends. But that later…heh…heh…

(Yipes. I can’t control this guy! I wonder how it will go in school with no supervision! ***bites nails***)


First things are first, though, so Hunter marches downstairs, plans weaving along in his conspiratorial mind.

(Just look at that FACE! All students should be shaking in their sneakers!)


Whew. All he does for his first evil transaction is go to the bathroom. Good. Nothing is blown up at least.

And he washes his hands like a good boy.


Things are looking up!

But I spoke too fast.

Hunter heads straight for the secretary’s office. Giving her a note that says her baby is throwing up, squirting diarrhea, and face is turning purple in daycare, she screams in fear and races out the door.

Phase one complete.

He cracks his knuckles and hovers his menacing fingers over the keyboard. The tantalizing thoughts of what is about to happen are almost too much for his wonderfully, malicious mind.


(Ack! What is he going to do?)

Almost in a robotic way, Hunter hacks through all the school’s passwords and finds the gradebook access.


But his henchman interrupts him as he’s about to access SAT scores. “What is it, Dudley?” Hunter yells. “Can’t you see a genius at work? I told you never to interrupt me!”

“Sorry, dude. Just…uh…wanted to see if you’re finished yet. Um, I’ve locked the door, but not sure if I can hold off people coming in here for long. Uh, make sure I get a B in Physics, dude. I don’t want my parents to get suspicious.”


“Are you telling me how to do my job, Dudley?”

“Er, no, man. I trust you. Just make it quick!” And he flees from the evil dude because he’s worried about Hunter’s earlier threat to make him cement galoshes and throw him in Windenburg lake if he ever messed up. But his promises of giving him his own henchman outfit, access to “his ladies”, and the key to his supervillain lair were way too much to pass up. He could deal.

(***slams head on desk***)

After only a few more taps on the keys, all of Hunter’s plans are executed. He won’t have to do this again and no one will be the wiser. To the mere dull adults, all will appear to run smoothly, but he’ll have absolute control over whatever grades, scores, etc. and thus have the power to rule the school!


Shivers crawl up Hunter’s back. “I’m good,” he whispers.


(No…You’re BAD! And I can’t WAIT to get inside your wicked little head. I will make your life miserable, Hunter. Muahahahaaaa!)

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