Chapter Seven

It was time for Divan to step it up at work.

(Let’s see you use that gun for something, Divan!)

“Alright, Creator. I think I see the perfect subject at the desk.”


The woman looks at him with a dull stare. “What do YOU want now?”

“Just this,” he says back, then whips out his ray gun and blasts her!


Numbers and equations drift around her head.

(Cool effect, Divan!)

“Thanks, I try,” Divan says with a smug smirk.


She plugs her fingers in her ears then blows a kiss at Divan!


He waves, all charming like.


(Um, Divan? You have a wife and kids at home. Get control of yourself!)

“I have the power!” he cries, lifting his hands in the air.

(Huh boy. I’ve created a monster!)


Well, at least he got a promotion…

And then he starts blasting every female in his office.

(DIVAN! Stop! This is sexual harassment!)

But he doesn’t listen. Sigh.


Meanwhile, the chip off the old block (namely, Hunter) is asking his mom about his homework.

“So, how does this sound, Mommy, for the opening of my essay, How I Will Rule the World One Day? Ahem…Dear pitiful, lowly teacher. I, Hunter the Immortal, will allow you to view the genius behind my ultimate rise to power of the future world. Hence, by permitting you access to the abundance of my brain, I will need you to sign this contract, allowing me full access to your computer with regards to homework answers, tests, and my fellow students’ parents’ credit card and/or social security numbers.” He flashes her his million simoleon grin. “Great, huh?”


His mother is speechless.


He hops off the couch and peers up at her. “Guess that answers my question! Brilliant is too low of a word for this masterpiece. Bet you’re thanking the Creator for the chance to be the mother of such magnificence.”


Instantly, Kaila races to the computer to look up as many child psychologist’s phone numbers as she could.

(Can’t say that I blame her one bit!)

But gets bored and decides to play Ultimate Soccer. Family first, huh, Kaila?


Next, she watches one of her many soap operas. This episode is of a poor wretched lunatic in a psychiatric ward. They were zapping him silly. Kaila can almost see Hunter as the lead character. It makes her shudder.


She shakes her head. “What am I thinking,” she laughs. “Hunter is just going through a phase. He’ll grow out of it.”

(We can only hope!)


In the meantime, his scientific father is working away in the lab.


“No, Krod, not there! The mind control unit goes on the INSIDE! Do I have to come over there and do it myself?”


(Mind control? What are you up to, Divan?)

Divan winces. “Get out of my head, Creator. I don’t have time for your plum. I’m knee deep in this project and if I don’t get it accomplished, I’ll never rise to power… I mean get a promotion.”


(Have you been talking to your son?)

“No comment.”

(You know I won’t allow world domination. Right?)

But he ignores me and works until he drags himself home.

Once he arrives, there’s a notification that Hunter aged up!


And the boy got the serial romantic trait just like his good old dad. Thank goodness he didn’t get the evil trait like he wished. Just the goofy trait. Not sure which will be worse. Hmm…

But his family forgot his birthday. How sad!


Here he is fresh out of CAS. He is a great combination of Kaila and Divan.


He spends the rest of the morning in bed. I decide his room is too babyish for him.


After I put down a nice teen room, Hunter heads directly to troll the forums. Yeesh! Why is this boy determined to be evil?

Unfortunately, he leaves all his laundry on the floor. Sigh.


And that’s where he stays for the rest of the night. Typical teen.


He mutters to himself, “I wonder if there’s a super villain costume on sale?”

(Oh dear. It’s worse than I thought…)

So, he spends the rest of his time learning to hack.


(Am I surprised? Um…no.)

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