Chapter Four

As we peek into the goings on in this burgeoning family, we see that Brianna gets right to work, cooking macaroni and cheese since her parents are no where to be found.

And right afterwards, she uses the treadmill I put in the basement.

(I think I like this teen already!)

When Divan arrives home, he whispers sweetly to his wife, making her giggle.

But as she gets a bite to eat, an intense pain seizes her.

(Uh oh, Divan! It’s baby time!)

Shockingly, Divan doesn’t even react. It must be the scientist in him. He just winks at all the nurses as he watches his wife get poked and prodded by a strange robot machine.

(Or is he flirting with that nurse? Stop it, Divan! You just had a baby. Pay attention to your wife and child!)

After what felt like days (three sim days to be exact), their baby boy, Hunter, ages up.

(Doesn’t he look exactly like his dad?)

And since there is only two bedrooms in the tiny house, they decide to move. Thank goodness Divan listened to me and planted that cash crop of plants.

They all arrive at the new digs. Brianna is especially happy. “Think of all the boys I can invite over!” she whispers.

(Divan! You need to keep your daughter under guard!)

But he ignores me. He’s wearing his undies out in public. Nuff said!

Divan happily cooks in his gourmet kitchen even though his family doesn’t take notice. Hunter grabs a bowl of cereal anyway.

This living room is large enough for the whole family to enjoy a meal and watch tv.

(I personally don’t think this is a healthy way to live, but yeah. No one cares for my opinion in this household.)

After dinner, Divan decides it’s time for some loving and Kaila is very receptive.

(Divan, you do know what happens when you woo hoo, right?)

Kaila feels a little sick. Is that from pregnancy? Nope. It’s a disgusting toilet.

(Thank you for cleaning! These neat sims are the best!)

Hunter is a little cutie pie who plays on the computer….

And washes the dishes.

And yay! Divan comes home with a promotion. And none too soon. They need the extra cash for this palace they decided to move into.

After cleaning the toilet, Kaila finds out that yes! She is going to have another baby.

(Did you hear that, Divan? And your cash crop is failing. Better get out there and work!)

“Nag, nag, nag, Creator. Can’t you see that’s what I’m doing? I know you don’t care that I worked an entire shift at the plant and am plum tired. Noooo.”

(Stop whining and work. You can sleep later.)

With all the excitement of the new baby, Hunter has totally forgotten he has his own bed.



Total failure. UGH!

But Kaila doesn’t seem to mind that her little boy is drooling on her floor. She decides she needs to keep her shape even though she’s blowing up like a balloon.

Brianna joins her.

So glad this family has their priorities straight.

1. Work out.
2. Get smelly
3. Never take a shower
4. Get tired
5. Have green smoke and mud blotting their bodies as they drool on the floor.

Oh the fun!

“Gosh, mom,” Brianna says, “I’m so tired. Have you heard of this invention? It’s called a bed!”

“I think that’s only for woo hoo, dear.”

Later, when Divan gets frisky, Kaila feels an overpowering sensation to puke.

(Not a good sign of your romance skillz, Div, if you ask me.)

Divan looks up at me, “Who asked you?”


Before Divan has to leave work, he fixes the computer, leaving a mess on the floor because he doesn’t have time to pick it up or he’ll be late.

When Hunter enters the room, no one decides to clean the mess. In fact, Hunter splashes in it, laughing with glee while his sister is blissfully unaware as she plays her game.

When Kaila gets home from work, she asks, “Who made all this mess?”

That’s when the teenager comes to life and points at Hunter.

Furious, Kaila asks, “What do you have to say for yourself, young man?”

“Gosh, Mommy, I was just looking for parts to help Daddy with the next repairs.” He gives her that “Divan Rex” cheesy smile.

Kaila bends down to hug him. “Aww…that’s momma’s little helper!”

(No…that’s momma’s little plum! Don’t listen to him! He’s just like his father!)

But unlike Divan, Kaila can’t hear me and she’s been suckered yet again. Poor woman.

Feeling a bit guilty for his fib, Hunter decides to clean the whole house.

When Divan comes home from work, he’s excited about the new baby, so he makes a Divan special.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t watching and Brianna took a few swigs too many of this libation and well…



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