Chapter Two

Divan’s first day at work is going well. He’s already made friends with the robot, Krod.

And just like that, he gets a promotion!

(Way to go, Divan!)

He shines his fingernails on his jacket. “I AM a genius, you know.”

(Yeah, and humble, I can see. But you still have another job to do that you AREN’T doing well at.)

“Aw, do you have to bring up Kaila again? You’re like a broken, annoying record.” He puts his fingers in his ears. “I wish I could pull you out of here.”

(Stop trying. You’ll never get rid of me. Well, I take that back. Once you have a kid and they grow up to YA, THEN you can get rid of me.)

Divan’s eyes pop like a blowfish. “REALLY? Well, what are you waiting for? Transport me to the nearest park and let me get my smolder going.”


(Oh! DIVAN! There’s several girls outside your house. GO!)

He scrambles outside, stops, preens his hair then sets his smolder.


“Hi,” he says in a sultry voice to the beautiful blonde woman in pink. “Are you spying on me?”

She bats her eyelashes and says, “I’m not, but should I be? You do look like you’re up to no good.”

(Yeah, it’s cheesy, but hey, he’s reeling her in like a pro bass fisherman! Keep it up, Divan!)

But then the girl does the potty dance. Huh boy.

(Divan, you better let her go to the bathroom…)

“Not now, Creator,” Divan says, “Go away! I’ve got this.”

“Got whom?” the girl asks.

“Uh, um,” Divan stammers. Then wham! He blasts rose petals at her.

***smacks head*** (When will that boy learn?)

“You, my little chickadee,” Divan says in a husky voice, reaching for her.

Her lip curls up like she smells a dead rat. “Ew, no. What ARE you doing?”

She slaps him and storms away.

He pats his burning cheek. “That didn’t go so well.”

(That, my plummy little boy, is an understatement. Now will you listen to me and stop it with that enchantment thing? The spell only lasts for two seconds and then they come to their senses.)

“Oh…all right. So, what should I do now?” Divan asks, wiping his sunglasses. I have no idea why since the sun is going down.

(I have a plan. Go to the Fairy Temple. There you can play the piano. You know girls love musicians. Maybe you’ll be like the Pied Piper and they’ll get all mesmerized by your talent. That might conceal…er…your weaknesses.)

“Weaknesses? That hurts.” But he listens and walks to the Temple. It’s a wonderful nightclub with every amenity—perfect for romance!

Divan finds the piano and tickles the ivories like a master. I could listen to him all day!

He smiles wickedly and says, “I heard that.”

(Shut up and play. I think someone is coming!)

Looking around, Divan sees no one and continues to play a rhapsody. As the sun sets, the items around him glow.

(Divan, although this is really nice, no one is coming. You better get downstairs. That’s where everyone is.)

So Divan settles himself at a table looking awkwardly alone until the girl in pink suddenly walks up.

“Her name is Vicki, Creator, not the-girl-in-pink.” He rolls his eyes.

(How do you know?)

“Because I watched the stars with her. You just didn’t show it because you wanted me to look bad. I thought Creators were supposed to be perfect.”

(That’s THE Creator. I’m not the One and Only. He’s perfect. I’m just a lowly, simple…oh forget it. Just deal, okay?)

“Hi, Vicki,” Divan says, feeling a little embarrassed about how things went earlier.

“Hey, Divan,” she says, smiling sheepishly. “Just wanted to let you know that I’m married, so no hard feelings about…um…what happened. Okay?”

“Uh, yeah, sure…” Divan glares up at me. “Married? You could have told me!”

(What? I didn’t know! You think I know everything? I’m not omniscient. I can’t read into every townies’ relationship panel. Sorry, dude! You’re on your own half the time here.)

Frustrated, Divan saunters up the stairs back to the piano and plays by himself until his energy meter turns red and I force him to go home.

He struck out again! And his adult birthday is only days away.

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