Chapter One

Divan Rex is your typical gifted sim with the typical dramatic past. Raised by his doctor (and philandering) father, Duke Rex in Oasis Springs, Divan was plopped in a boarding school and left to his own devices.

As dashingly handsome as his father, and gifted, he gravitated toward the ladies (or did they gravitate to him?) Happy go lucky with an adventurous spirit, Divan didn’t let his home life get him down (because he had no idea what had happened to his mother. She could have been one out of five women, but his father would never tell him who she was.) He met a beautiful girl his senior year, Kaila Cooper, and ran away with her before they graduated. Afterwards, he earned his pilot’s license and flew around the world. The two lovebirds were going to get married, but Divan couldn’t keep the ladies from sticking to him like flies on stink, so he gave in to these temptations and lost Kaila forever. He wishes he could get her back, but knows it is hopeless.

So, he decided to move out of town, away from bad memories and start fresh in Newcrest.

Running downtown, Divan whistles to himself as he jogs up the street. He feels he has everything. Well, almost everything. Um, well, he actually doesn’t have anything except all the skills in the world, 30 changes of clothes, and a green needs meter. That’s all a sim wants…right?


(I think you need a home, Divan. And a job. Let’s work on that, please, because once you get a family…it’s going to be hard to watch.)

“Okay, Person-who-I-can’t-see-but-stalkerly-knows-everything-about-me-and-I-can-hear-every-word-inside-my-head,” Divan whispers, loudly. “I get it. I’m not plum. Just let me think…” he ponders, rubbing the cute adorable stubble on his chin. Raising his finger in the air, he shouts, “I’ve got it! I’m a genius, so I think I should become a scientist.”

(Good idea! Then I won’t have to watch your family pee themselves all day! Wee!)

“What family?” he asks, shrugging.


So with $20,000 simoleons burning a large sized hole in his sims sized pocket, he finds a starter home just for an astronaut…I mean scientist. Yeah. (Shh…don’t tell him it looks like a giant rocketship from above. He’ll never know!)


Divan settles onto his couch and turns on the t.v. “I’m so smart for picking out this sci fi place,” Divan says to no one in particular since he is very alone.


(Does that ring a bell for you, Divan? Alone? You need a partner! A new love!
And you can’t do it sitting here admiring your new, very small place.)

“But I love it here…let me just play a few video games at least.”

(Urgh! Sims…they cannot NOT play on the computer. You take them to a new place and look away for even a second and wham! They’re on the computer in the basement.)


(Fifteen sim hours later…)


(Okay, flyboy, it’s time to go to the park to meet someone! And I have a leetle surprise for you!)

“Fine,” Divan says, rising up from the computer. “But this place better have a total immersion, 3D gaming system or you’re going to see orange.”

(It’s a park. P A R K! It has birds and trees and a few chess sets.)

***Divan glares***

(Okay, I’ll make sure it has some interesting stuff in it. Now go!)
When he arrives, the poor boy is red hot hungry, so he eats from one of the buffets in the park that miraculously has a whole plethora of his favorite dishes all steamy hot for him and ready to eat.

“Mmm…almond macaroons…” Crunch, crunch…


Time is ticking down and the sim I want him to meet is about to leave!

So, he finally decides to go upstairs to the dance floor and get his groove on.

(I’m wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans, hoping things go well!)

Once he arrives, he stammers, “Wh-Wha…What the…is that really YOU?”


(Yep. None other than Kaila Cooper in the pixels. Your old flame. Now let’s see if you can grovel long and hard enough to win her over, Divan!)

“Yes, it’s me, Divan. Hi, “ Kaila says with a smile. “How’ve you been?”

Unfortunately, Kaila is too nice to him and Divan decides to put on the cheese…I mean…charm. “Well, I’m doing great. I’m a scientist, you know. And I live in the most amazing place. You should stop by. We could talk about…old times.” He arches one eyebrow and puts on his best smoldering look.


Without thinking (because that’s what you’d hope from the hero of your story), he blasts rose petals at her, hoping to use his enchantments and magically erase all the heartache and treachery he’s put her through while they lived together almost eight years ago.


And it works!

Divan’s eyes widen in disbelief. So he asks her out.


“You wouldn’t want to go out with me to the Fairy Temple tomorrow night, would you?”


She smirks. “Not even if a Sixamian pointed a freeze ray at me and threatened to turn me blue.”

(Ugh. ***smacks head***)


Poor dejected Divan goes downstairs, almost mortified and definitely embarrassed.

“Uh…Creator? What IS all this 🌺🌺🌺🌺?”


(Never you mind what it is. Just gather up the fruits and sell them if you want to live in more than a tiny spacecraft all your life.)


(Just do it!)

Unfortunately, instead of working like I asked, he finds the gaming system in the back of the park and plays R.E.F.U.G.E.


And I must say, he looks plum good doing it.


(OMG…what is happening to that poor lady behind you, Divan? She’s about to catch on fire!!)


“Can’t stop. Zombies attacking.”

(Luckily for your conscience, she blew herself out. Good night, Divan.)

But he didn’t hear me.

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    1. Oh my! You’re in for a wild ride. I went off their traits for the story and let’s just say my characters are NOT normal. 😅

      Hope you enjoy it! ❤

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